How To Make A Perfect Skincare Routine

A perfect skincare routine

Skincare can be considered as a part of self-care. It is a little ‘me-time’ moment where you enjoy and feel happy after being you. It is a time you dedicate yourself to celebrating yourself and we are all about celebrating you. A skin care routine is your personal thing. It is specially curated by you, to suit you, to focus on you and your needs so that you could enjoy and reap benefits from it.

Everyone has a special skin care routine, they chose to make with the products they like and steps they feel are convenient. It is very personal and well-curated by individuals. It is also a great way to fulfil your skin requirements. 

Many genetic factors play out on your skin. Great skin is not merely good genetics but it is a combination of genetics and a good skincare routine. No matter what age you are, you need a skincare routine even if it is the simplest one.  Our facial skin is one of the most sensitive and most exposed parts of the body. It has to go through sun, pollution, layers of makeup and whatnot. Special attention is needed for your facial skin and we are here to help you out with it.

Why Skincare Routine Is Important

The biggest question comes why do we need a skincare routine. Everyone washes their face in the shower and apply a good moisturizer, then what is this hype about?

Well, it is not the hype. Trust us on that.

And certainly, it isn’t only about washing and moisturizing your face. It is much more than that. A skincare routine helps you understand your skin requirement more. The cells on your skin are continuously multiplied, a proper skincare routine will help you in getting rid of the dead cells. This will allow your skin to look radiant and glowy on its own. It can prevent acne, blackheads and whiteheads from appearing on your skin.

With ageing, our skin changes and it is possible we might get wrinkles all over our face. A skincare routine helps to tighten your skin making it feel softer and tighter.

A skincare routine helps in improving the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person.

Good skin gives confidence and is a positive sign of good mental health.

Types Of Routine

There are two types of skincare routine which we need to follow-

1. AM/MORNING Skin Care Routine

It is the care of the skin we do in the morning. Before we start our day or head out for work, following some steps will help your skin look better. It even gives a better application of makeup by providing a good canvas for your products to layer on. This is an important part because throughout the day are skin is exposed to a lot of harshnesses. A good AM skincare routine will help minimize the damage caused to our skin due to these.

2. PM/NIGHT Skin Care Routine

The night is the time for your skin to repair itself. A good PM routine helps your skin repair itself from everything it has been through throughout the day. It is the time when you have to allow your skin to breathe so that it rejuvenates itself. A good night’s skincare routine promotes good skin and prevents acne, blackhead and whiteheads on the face.

How To Make A Skin-care Routine

Know your skin type

Before you get into skincare, you need to know your skin. You have to find out if your skin is oily, dry or is a combination type. This will help you a lot in buying the products because skincare is all about giving your skin what it needs. 

While making your skincare routine, you don’t have to necessarily make it 7 steps or 9 steps. You can have as many steps as you want until you are following the essential ones and following them in the right order.

Yes, you read that right, the right order is important!




Wash your face with the face wash of your choice. The benefit of facial cleansing is removing oil, dirt, and other unwanted elements on our faces. It also helps boost hydration. Regular facial cleansing is an important factor in maintaining proper hydration on the face. 


Use a good toner. Toners provide a healthy layer to better absorb the rest of your skincare products.  


It is now serum time. Serums are a good way of giving your skin vital nutrients directly. They have concentrated active ingredients which your skin needs. It has high penetrating power which makes them more efficient. You can also use a face massaging tool to promote better absorption of these.


Under your eyes, you could use a specialized eye cream which is especially meant for the delicate skin under the eye. However, this isn’t a compulsion. You can skip it and use the same moisturizer you are using for the entire face under your eyes.


Next in the game should be a moisturizer. Use a good moisturizer of your choice in ample amounts. It will give you skin good hydration leaving your skin soft and bouncy.  Moisturizers can sometimes have an SPF, which helps protect them from the sun.


Never forget the sunscreen. A sunscreen with a good amount of SPF help block the harmful UV rays of the sun which could cause sunburns or even cancers in high exposures. On the other side, it could also help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Now your skin is already. If you like applying makeup, you can go ahead from here and if you don’t then you are good to step out.


Night Skin Care Routine


Cleansing plays a vital role in night time skincare routine. If you wear makeup, you should take every bit of that make-up out first using micellar water or any makeup remover of choice. Then, wash your face with a face wash of your choice. Double cleansing is ideal to get rid of any leftover makeup on your face.


Whether it is a day or a night routine, you need a good toner for your face. Toners don’t help in removing makeup which is common disbelief but they act as a base for your skincare product to layer on.


Just like the morning skincare routine, it’s time for a serum. Nighttime skincare is essential because this is the time for your skin to heal and repair itself. Give yourself a good and gentle massage with your hands or a face massaging tool like gua sha or jade roller to feel relaxed.


Use a good eye cream under your eyes. They help prevent dark circles and using them at night, will prevent puffiness under your eyes.


The last and final step is a good night moisturizer. Night moisturizing creams have many skin-repairing ingredients which are beneficial for the skin.

Addition Steps

There are a few more steps you can incorporate into your skincare routine. They are optional.

1. Face Exfoliating

Exfoliation is good when you want to get rid of the dead skin on your face. It should be included in the skincare routine because it makes your skin brighter and radiant.

2. Face Masks

Face Masks clear the skin of any impurities. It helps in reducing the size of the pores, removes excessive oils and promoted hydration on the face.

3. Face Sheets

Face sheets help promote the hydration, brightening, skin tightening and glow of the skin. It is target-specific and comes in many options to chose from.

Our Final Thought

A good skincare ritual is a good practice. Practice a good routine with the products you like and leave it to do wonders on your skin.