An Ultimate Guide To The Face Massaging Tools

how to use a face massaging tool

We all have heard that face massaging is a good practice. If you ever had facials, then you must be knowing what we are walking about. Face massages are one the most relaxing as well beneficiary things we can offer our face after putting it through the layers of products, pollution and not to forget, the sun. Our face deserves a little pampering and we do so with facials every now and then. It is a good way of self-care and we support everything which makes us feel special. But why do you have to wait for your facial appointment to feel special?

Well, face massaging tools are now available to give you a facial like experience at home. They have taken the DIY face massaging game up to another level. In short, it is a luxury combined with benefits. These tools look and give such a luxurious vibe that many people want to try their hands on them. The small size and their benefits are the icings on the cake. They have slowly and gradually incorporated their way into the daily skincare routine of many people. So, if you are contemplating buying a face massager or you are exploring your options, this article is for you because we value every hard-earned penny of yours. 

What are Face Massaging Tools?

face massaging tools
Face massaging tools

Whether it is a skincare influencer or celebrity sharing their skincare routine, we have seen face massaging tools making regular and frequent appearances here and there. Many celebs and influencers have sworn by it making it a big and familiar trend. 

Face tools are simple tools designed to give your face a soothing massage that would not only destress you but could also help in reducing the puffiness on your face. They help penetrate the product better into the skin and feels great on the skin. They have made their way into almost everyone’s routine for their benefit. Almost everyone could use them without any exception of skin types and textures. 

Face tools are most commonly made up of either jade or rose quartz. There are some modified versions too which use the technology to give desired results. There are plenty of options now available in the market to choose from depending upon your skin needs.

The Benefits of Facial Massages

1. Reduces puffiness of the face- If you wake up with a puffy face then facial massages should be on your list of to-do things every morning. Therefore, a good massage helps reduce puffiness by aiding proper lymphatic drainage.

3. Reduces stress- Massages, in general, are a great way of releasing any tension or stress. By doing a facial massage, you can feel the level of stress dropping instantly as the muscles of your face are relaxed.

4. Anti-ageing benefits- Regular massage helps in tightening the skin. This in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by ageing.

5. Better absorption of products- Massaging your face helps better absorption of your skincare products like serum and oils. When a product penetrates better, it gives better effectiveness and results.

6. Sculpts the face- It is a common belief that a regular massage of the face, gives a more sculpted look. 

How To Use the Face Tools In a Right Way

Step 1- Cleaning

Firstly, cleanse your face well with an exfoliator or face wash of your choice.

Step 2- Moisturizing

Now, apply facial oil, serum, or moisturizer onto your face to get enough lubrication. 

Step 3- Using A Tool

Always, start from the base of your neck and roll upward. For best results, roll up, not back and forth.

Roll upwards from your jawline to your ear on both sides using very gentle pressure. Now, roll from your forehead up toward your hairline, only in the upward direction. And lastly roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which may feel relieving if you have a headache.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

1. Make sure you have enough lubrication on your face. This will help the tool glide onto your skin easily. Without it, the massager or the tool could tug on your skin which could cause damage.

2. Always start from the base and roll-up. This is the best technique to get firmer skin.

3. Remember, always clean your massager after use.

The Best Face Massaging Tool Worth The Investment

1. Gua Sha

face massaging tool gua sha
Gua Sha

If you are looking for something which will help you to get a perfect jawline with the added benefits of providing you with firmer, smoother skin, then look no further, Gua Sha is something you need in your skincare routine ASAP. It is designed to target the right pressure points to give you the jawline of your dream. It also relaxes and rejuvenates the skin in just a few minutes.

Gua Sha is very easy to use once you know the technique. Moreover, you can carry them anywhere you go!

2. Jade Roller

Jade Roller
Jade Roller

If you want to gently massage your face and get rid of all the stress, then Jade Roller is for you. It is designed with one larger roller on one side which is used on the face in upwards and outwards motions and one smaller roller on the other side which is meant to target more specific areas on the face, like the under-eye or the side of the nose.

It gives firmer skin and feels very relaxing. For extra benefits, keep it in a fridge before every use. Cold Jade Roller helps in targeting any kind of puffiness of your face.

3. Ice Globes

nykaa ice globes
Image Courtesy Nykaa

Just like the name suggests, these are two globes like looking massagers to give your skin a cooling effect. Just like ice, they work in a similar way but are not messy as ice. They help in depuffing, tightening and brightening the skin while also relaxing the facial muscles. Additionally, they also help in effectively reducing acne, dark circles, soothing sunburn, and irritated skin. Just keep them in the fridge and you are good to go.

To reduce the appearance of pores, use it before you do your makeup and you’ll notice the difference.

4. Collagen Roller

Collagen Roller

People often complain about their skin’s reduced capacity to produce collagen. The cosmetic industry and beauty scientists understood this demand and came up with a collagen roller. It prevents skin sagging and tightens the skin by aiding better blood circulation and absorption of skincare products. It also effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while ensuring a relaxing facial massage.

5. Derma Roller

Image Courtesy- Stacked Skincare

The use of a derma roller is quite controversial but it can’t be ignored. The micro-needling technology which is used to make derma roller pricks the skin gently and promotes skin regeneration and collagen production.

Derma rollers can be very tricky to use therefore should be used with caution. A right amount of pressure is a must. If not done properly, it could cause serious damage to the skin.

6. Ranavat Kansa Wand Facial Massaging Tool

ranavat kansa
Image Courtesy Ranavat

This is an ayurvedic massaging tool made by the brand Ranavat and has many benefits. It is made up of  Kansa (copper and tin) that is believed to help balance the skin’s pH. It is used for depuffing skin and relaxation. s per the claims, the material Kansa helps increase the skin’s ability to heal.

Using this Kansa Wand on the face feels great and relaxing which helps in calming the stress.

Our Final Thoughts-

Without a doubt, face massaging tools are beneficial for the skin. If you add them to your daily routine, it will definitely give you the results. They also look very posh and luxurious to have one in your cabinet too. It is a good investment however, we feel they are not a necessity. You can try alternative methods such as DIY face massages or face yoga which will eventually give the same result.

So if you want to make the investment, you should check your requirements and purchase the product you need. On the other hand, if you feel it’s not the right time or the product for you, you could try out the DIY activities.