Are Wrist Watches Still Trendy?

Wrist watches
If you are here, then you might have this one question in your head-

Are Wrist Watches still in trend?

This most commonly heard answer nowadays is a no. People find them obsolete. Why do you need to wear a watch when you have a cell phone in your pocket? Many people have replaced their watches with cell phones by now simply on the basis of convenience. Or if they are wearing a watch, it’s not a simple watch which just shows the time. It’s a high tech watch that counts the steps you walked, your heart rate, your oxygen level and also allows you to answer your phone, messages and whatnot. 

But are wristwatches out of trend?

The answer is no. A BIG NO. Wristwatches can never go out of trend. They are very much in and people still love wearing them exactly the way they used to do it before. Watches are a fashion statement popular both amongst men and women.

Wristwatches were first considered feminine and men used to carry a pocket watch with a fancy string or chain. Then the first world war happened and the inconvenience of taking out a pocket watch in the middle of war became the reason for the invention of men’s wristwatches. The once considered feminine thing rose to popularity and became a unisex thing.

Why Do People Still Prefer Wearing Wrist Watches?

Everyone has their own opinions on this matter, however, we believe people still prefer to wear watches for various reasons.

wrist watches

1. Convenience

Many would disagree, but believe it or not, wristwatches are very convenient. A little peek on your wrist and you know the time. Some body language experts believe, the frequent taking out of the phone to check times gives a very desperate impression to people around us. However, when you wear a watch, you can give a quick glance to your wrist and check the time without even getting noticed. 

You dont have to rely on a cell phone for the time. If your phone’s battery runs out, you dont have to ask another person for time if you have a wristwatch. 

2. The Phone Can Not Be Everywhere

You can’t take your phone everywhere. There are places it is advisable to leave the phone concealed especially attending a party, a funeral or a wedding. You also cant take your phone to the beach and certainly not underwater but you can wear a watch and good designed waterproof watches are a good option for places like these

 3. Wrist Watches Look Professional

Without a doubt, wristwatches scream professionalism. Punctuality is one of the biggest traits of professional people and when you wear a wristwatch, it gives an impression and speaks out loudly about your professionalism. It can be surprising, how much confidence and excitement a simple fashion choice can make, but nonetheless luxury watches offer the wearer a sense of control and comfort that can boost their confidence and help them to excel through even the most challenging of days. Wristwatches have the power to make a person look fashionable and sleek. 

4. Wrist Watches Are A Luxury

Wristwatches were and still are considered a luxury. A good statement watch is your little pass to look posh and a lover of luxury things. When it comes to luxury watches, it is all about the timelessness of the perfect watch, that subtly completes the overall outfit. There is something undeniably appealing about putting on the perfect watch and watching it accentuate the outfit in just the right way.

5. Wristwatches are an accessory

Whether it is a wristwatch for men or for women, they act as a good must-have accessory. No matter how outdated some people feel wristwatches are, it’s a good fashion accessory that works as a statement piece. If it’s for formals or for a party, wristwatches complete the look. With a good wristwatch in hand, you might not need any other thing on your hand to prove you are a fashionable person. 

Why Are Wrist Watches Disappearing?

As our relationship with technology is advancing, the need for watches is diminishing. 

Wrist Watches

1. Phone

Today everyone has a cell phone and time is one of the primary features of any phone. If you want to check the time, you can quickly take your phone and check the time, hence why do you need to spend extra bucks on a wristwatch. And the technology doesn’t stop there, you can check the time of any other time zone in seconds by manually calculating the time by yourself. 

2. Multifunctional watches

Multifunctional watches are quickly replacing traditional watches. We love anything which has extra features and when your wristwatch comes up with added benefits to monitor your health, it can not be ignored easily. Now your wristwatch along with time can tell you heart rate, your distance travelled, your oxygen rate etc. These extra features have reduced the popularity of traditional wristwatches.

3. Analogue time

Today if you go out and ask about the small and big hands of a clock, many people wouldn’t be able to answer correctly. Digital clocks have replaced traditional wristwatches with hands because of the convenience of watching time digitally.

So Are Wrist Watches Out of Fashion?

Wristwatches can not be completely abandoned as they still hold a lot of value than we actually believe. They are truly timeless and deserve a spot in your collection. You don’t have to buy multiples of it. Even one or two good watches in your collection are a good investment and enough to give you one of the best experiences.

The brands like Seiko, Daniel Wellington and Swarovski have some great watches for your collection.