Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Bags

Vegan bags are real and we are not talking about paper bags or cotton bags. We are talking about super fashionable and trendy vegan bags in many different colours.

If you want a good luxurious bag for yourself without causing any threat to the environment or to the other co-existing species, then vegan bags are going to be your thing.

We have been talking a lot about the environment, vegetarianism, animal explosion but it is all hollow and vague talks until we do something about it. A small change in the lifestyle makes a big difference. A sustainable lifestyle is all about making a choice that is not just good for us but also for the environment. 

Vegan diets have been quite popular amongst people and with the rise in going vegan and being more sustainable, people are inclined towards the products which support the lifestyle. And in this process, vegan bags are slowly and gradually becoming popular.

Vegan bags are completely ethical and made to keep environmental concerns in mind. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty about having a bag that could have been made by killing an animal or by causing a lot of harm to the environment. They are good bags not only for the people supporting the cause but for everyone in general.

There is a lot of what and how about vegan bags. People are not sure if it is right buy not. We have tried to give you detailed information about vegan bags in this article so that if you are thinking about buying one, you could make up your mind.

What Are Vegan Bags?

vegan bags

Bags are usually made up of leather which is made up of animal skin. However, vegan bags are against this and produce leather from various other sources. Vegan leather has many properties but most importantly they are highly biodegradable. Some raw materials used for making leather are-

1. Cactus- A Nopal cactus plant is used to produce leather which is an organic and sustainable choice. 

2. Bamboo- Some companies like to make their leather from the bamboo plant. Bamboo has strong fibres, so it is quite a popular choice. Besides, the bamboo plant grows incredibly fast, so this is one of the best sustainable options.

3. Fruit waste- The thing we throw away thinking it isn’t of any use can turn into leather. For example- fruit waste. Have you ever thought that leather could be made from pineapple or banana fibres? Well, that is true. Some vegan leather is made up of fruit waste such as banana and pineapple fibres, apple skin and grape skin.

4. Mushroom leather- Yes, mushroom leather is also a thing. MuSkin, is leather made up of mushrooms and some companies prefer to have their leather made out of mushrooms which in turn makes your bags.

5. Timber- Another choice is using tree bark of timber to make vegan leather.

Benefits Of Using Vegan Bags

1. Animal-Friendly

As discussed, vegan bags are made up of vegan leather which is produced from various sustainable alternatives. It is important for us to prioritize the welfare of all living creatures on this planet and understand the importance of co-existence. We can’t kill an animal for our selfish needs. The use of vegan leather is an excellent way to start reducing our environmental impact.

2. Non- Toxic Tanning Process

Manufacturing authentic leather involves the tanning process. In this process, strong chemicals are used to transform the animal skin into leather, which also gives leather protection and preservation. It is a very toxic process. It is harmful to both the human involved in making as well as the environment. The chemical used is very harmful and cause skin reactions, allergies, the sensation of the burning eye and even cancer in the long run. On the other hand, when these chemicals are released in nature heavily impacts the environment by way of deforestation, and water pollution. 

3. Environmental Impact

Veganism is concerned not only with the ethical treatment of animals but also with environmental protection. In order to make leather, a quite long extensive process is followed by the manufacturers. This process involves the use of a harmful chemical that is harmful to the environment. Vegan leather, on the other hand, combines textiles and polyurethane to create a more authentic leather feel that is less damaging to the planet.

4. Durability

Vegan leather bags are durable and last very long if taken well care of. Vegan leather is generally thinner which raises a question on its durability. It might not have the same durability as authentic leather but a good bag from a reputable brand will last you a couple of years if taken well care of. 

5. Water Resistant

Vegan leather has a plastic coating on it which makes it water-resistant. Vegan leather products are capable of holding up against weather conditions and suffer minimal wear and tear over time. Hence, a very sustainable choice.

 6. More Varieties & Colors

Leather made up from animal skin has limited colour options available. Whereas, the leather produced by vegan processes have more colours and varieties. The vegan leather looks more aesthetic than the authentic traditional leather.

7. Cost Friendly

A bag made up of animal leather is very expensive because it goes through many steps during manufacturing. This increases the cost of the product. In this case, vegan leather is far easier to produce and comparatively cost-friendly. 

Problem With Vegan Bags

  1. Faux leather is vegan but not necessarily plant-based. A lot of vegan bags could be just plastic.
  1. Vegan leather also involves a lot of processes while making. Even though it is less harmful to the environment, the companies manufacturing should be eco friendly and has a proper waste management system otherwise the toxic waste release could be harmful to nature.

Our Final Thoughts

Vegan bags are gradually making their way into the fashion world. We have seen authentic leathers all our lives, so the expectation in terms of quality is higher which vegan bags might not be able to fulfil. We believe a lot of more work needs to be done in order to them eco-friendlier. But without a second thought, they are certainly a better choice in many ways. With time, technology and research, the goals will be achieved to make vegan bags much better than they already are. This sustainable option is becoming a favourite of many.

So, if you want a good bag without hurting the animals or nature, then vegan bags are for you and you shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing one.