Mirrors, Mirrors And More Mirrors On The Wall

If you think your wall looks dull, just use a mirror and we guarantee, a plain dull wall will become your favourite. 

You have to every stone-hearted to say that you dont like mirrors.

Mirrors are timeless places and never outdated. They should be included in your interior decor. Mirrors not just look beautiful but also very elegant and chic when used correctly for home decor. Mirror decorating is becoming more and more popular in interior decor, either because of its multiple design options or because of the number of features it can have. There is something about the mirror that could alleviate the entire look of the house. They are now not just a thing you keep in a dresser, they are a beautiful item to use in your home decor.

Mirrors are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns to choose from to match your requirement. Here we have created a little guide to help you with when and how to use mirrors in your home decor just to give you a change of heart.

Why Should We Use Mirrors?

1. They Produce the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are known for their reflection and we use the power of reflection of a mirror to make any tight space look much more spacious. Mirrors when reflecting an empty space which will create an illusion in the mind that the room is bigger but in reality, it is just a reflection of blank space or wall. Mirrors are a great way to make the room you are using look big and spacious. 

2. They Maximize a Room’s Lighting

Once again we use the reflecting power of mirrors but this time increase the brightness of the room. When mirrors are used in a room, the brightness increases because they reflect the lights. If you angle your mirror in a way that reflects the lights you have placed in the room correctly, your room will appear brighter without even investing much into light. This also works in the case of natural lights. Mirrors are a good way to make your hose brighter with both natural and artificial lights.

How To Use Mirrors?

1. Round compositions

round mirrors

A very classic way of using mirrors is by using round mirrors. Because they are very versatile, it is a safe option if you do not wish to experiment. It is a great option for any period and style you have personally opted for. They bring elegance and style wherever you put them or hang them. Round shapes give your creativity a boost. You can design the rest of the area in any way you want whether it be classy or funny compositions just by mirrors.

2. Use multiples

statement mirrors

Single mirrors is undoubtedly a statement piece but when you use multiple mirrors, it just accentuates the entire look of the wall. Create compositions with as many mirrors as your want and unleash your creativity. Multiple mirrors on the wall add elegance and a look of a carefully designed interior to your wall.

Simply place five or six round mirrors, each of a different size but sharing the same frame, and you will get a beautiful glass mural whose meaning will vary depending on its reflection. Despite being considered an outdated design, any large-format round mirrors will bring a touch of elegance and distinction to the room. Certainly a successful choice no matter what our style.

3. Mirror walls 

mirrors wall

 If you don’t know what to do with mirrors, simply affixed a large mirror on the entire wall. You can also use mirror tiles for this and it will take this interior hack to another level. It will add elegance as well as a luxurious statement to your room. It is the easiest way to use a mirror. It makes your room appear spacious and brighter. 

4. Use mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture is another option which is quite famous as well. You can use mirrors in your furniture to add dimension to the room. A glass top coffee table in the centre of the living room will enhance the look of the entire living room or a glass top vanity table will give your dressing room a chic look. Mirrors can be used in a versatile way.

A wardrobe with a mirror is our personal favourite. It is a practical way of using a mirror. Its functionality makes it a loved choice by many. Depending on the size of the wardrobe looks like a mirrored wall. 

It will make the dressing area look a lot bigger and brighter. If you have a tiny apartment, it is a great way of saving space. 

5. Statement piece 

A large mirror with a fancy border in any geometric shape or contemporary design will enhance the look of your entire house, thus a perfect statement piece. A statement piece can add a lot of character and level up your interior game. A beautiful piece is an eye-catcher and you don’t need much if you have a big piece covering up your bare wall.  You can experiment with shapes, colours, styles and finishes that can be hung in the living room, dining room and even in the bedrooms.

6. Stairway walls

Stairways are usually neglected and may look very dull and boring. A perfect mirror on the wall in either a statement single piece or many cluster pieces can add beauty and elegance to the whole stairway. If you place them well who could take advantage of lights and make your stairways look brighter. Just be mindful of where you are placing the mirror. It should be on a height otherwise there are chances of getting hurt with mirrors.

7. Geometric shapes

You can always experiment with the shapes of mirrors. A rectangular, round or with curled edges with a beautiful frame is all you need to make your house look luxurious and posh. Whatever the style you are choosing, mirrors are perfect as long as you pull it off well.

Geometric shapes are a good option if you want to add a little fun element to your walls

8. Layer your mirrors

Yes! You heard that absolutely right! You can layer mirrors too and they look absolutely gorgeous. An ornate mirror over a mirror panel will definitely make people compliment your interior decor. 

Play around mirrors. They are very simple yet versatile and can give your house a very beautiful decor without much effort.