All The Shoes You Need In Your Collection!

Because you need more than one kind of shoes

One for sports days…

One for summer days…

For frosty winter nights…

One for office…

One for casual hangout time with friends…

One for a romantic date night…

One for days we don’t want to look fancy…

One for a walk to the grocery store…

And just like that, we have listed 7 types of shoes that have to be in our closet. As much as we love versatile clothing, we also need a versatile shoe closet to match up the clothes and occasion we are going to. You would not like to wear stilettos to buy groceries or funky shoes to the office on the day of an important meeting with clients.

Your footwear speaks a lot about you and they shouldn’t be ignoring that. Footwear completes your outfit and you just can’t wear anything you see first. It will ruin all the efforts you took to assemble your look together. Let us say it out loud, we need shoes for every occasion.

Footwear of choice decides on many factors-

  1. The occasion.
  2. The weather outside.
  3. Your comfort zone.

Once you have all 3 figured out, you can pick up the shoes of your choice. There are some essential shoes that need to be in every closet without a second thought.  

We have listed down some essential shoes you need in your closet and we call it the ultimate guide to your footwear collection.

1. Kitten Heels

kitten heels
Image Courtesy- Maison Margiela

Kitten heels are the sweet spot of heels. They have found a perfect middle ground between fashion and comfort. They are not too high and can be worn on an everyday basis. They are perfect for offices as well as parties. It is generally for the people who dont feel the need for extra few inches in their height.

2. Pumps

pumps shoes
Image Courtesy- Maison Margiela

Pumps are a serious must-have in your closet. They are usually wider and between 2-3 inches in height. It is one of the preferred heights by many women. It is neither too high nor too low. It looks sleek and elegant. If you dont know what suits your outfit, just pick a neutral colour or black high heels and voila! You are good to go and conquer the world.

3. Stilettos

high heels shoes

Now let’s talk about high! Stilettos are the highest of all high heels. They are good 5-8 inches in height. They are not the most comfortable heels to wear but on special occasions, it is a good option. Those extra few inches are worth a try. You need good practise wearing them because trust us, it’s not easy to walk in them.

Stilletoes should be reserved for special occasions unless you are They are notoriously known for giving problems in ankles if they are worn for too long.

4. Ankle Straps

ankle straps

Ankle straps are the new trend of the town and are very in. You can get them in flat or in high heels. These kinds of sandals have a strap that goes around the ankle, making the heel a little more secure and comfortable to walk in without the feel of feet twisting.

A good ankle strap is a must-have in everyone’s closet.

5. Wedges


Wedge heels are simply heels in which there is desperation from the heel to the sole. It is one of the most comfortable types of heels. It is available in many heights options. If you are not comfortable wearing any other kind of heels, then wedge heels are for you. Your feet won’t twist and you can walk confidently and gracefully in these.

6. Peep Toe Heels

peep toes shoes

As the name suggests, they are a kind of shoes in which your little toes look like peeping out. They come in various height options and are even available in flats. A good colourful collection of peep-toes goes well with every single piece of clothing. 

7. High Heeled Boots


You don’t have to compromise with fashion in winter. High heel boots are one of the best options to have in the winters. It is a solid must-have. They look good in a dress as well as jeans. So it makes a perfect choice for many occasions. 

A pair or two in your closet is the best idea and trust us on this, you won’t regret it!

8. Ankle Boots

ankle boots shoes

Ankle boots are making a comeback and we are all about them. They are perfect for springs or falls. They are available in high heels or even in flat options. So depending on what you prefer, get your hands on them!

9. Mules

Fairly new in trend but definitely winning over the hearts. Mules have no back or constraints in them. As long as you get the right size, it is one of the most comfortable footwear out there despite how heightened they ar

10. Corset Heels


One of the sexiest available options out there in the world of shoes is hands down the corset shoe. They are also known as gladiator shoes. They have laces to ties them just like a corset.

They are even available in flats and are an option you should definitely consider having in your closet.

8.  Espadrille Heels

Image Courtesy- h&m

Relatively new, espadrille shoes have a fabric upper and a plaited fibre sole. Espadrille heels are a take on this traditional flat and can have a heel or wedge base They are one of the most comfortable footwear available and deserves a spot in the collection.

10. Trainer Shoes


We can’t complete this list without mentioning trainers. Ideal for sports, running, these shoes are not just comfortable but also provide protection when doing any fitness activities. 

11. Comfort Slippers


You need a pair or even two comfort slippers for home. 

12. Thigh-high Boots

Image Courtesy- h&m

Thigh-high boots are unbeatable and unmissable. They look chic and are a great choice for anyone who just loves boots.

13. Greek-Inspired Sandals

New trendy sandals which are completely in are Greek-inspired sandals. Just like their name, they look something that was worn in ancient greek. They are an absolute must-have on our list. It is approved by the Greeks and we certainly approve of them too.

14. Slides


Easy to slide your feet into, these are another super comfortable must-have option for all the comfort lovers. Whether you want to run a quick errand or have a meet up with friends, these shoes look absolutely perfect.

15. Loafers

Another comfortable yet stylish shoe on our list is the loafer. For casual days out in the summers, they are a perfect choice. They deserve an undisputed spot in your collection.