5 Different Foundation Applicators You Need To Have

foundation applicators

Foundation application is one of the easiest yet trickiest steps in makeup application. Everyone loves a flawless base but in order to achieve that flawless base, a good applicator is extremely important. That is why cosmetic companies are racing hard and have left no stone unturned to come up with the best applicators they could think of. And yes, how can we not mention social media which is working so hard to give us an alternative, DIY applicator every day with a new viral applicator like your shoe or maybe an egg or a balloon. 

However, we are not here to advise or follow a trend, instead, we would like to be helpful in your process of choosing the right foundation applicator so that your foundation doesn’t look cakey or blotchy. There are plenty of options available from plenty of brands and we have narrowed down some of the best available options for you.


Foundation Brushes- Kabuki Brush

A densely packed foundation brush is always a great tool to apply your foundation with. They allow you to buff the product into the skin which gives a seamless natural finish. The Kabuki brushes are one of the best ways to apply foundation. The dense brush gives a perfect application of your favourite foundation.

How To Use A Brush

Step 1- Take your favourite foundation at the back of your hand and take some product onto your brush.

Step 2- Gently buff the product with the brush in a circular motion. The preferred method is to start from the centre of your face to the outwards. 

Step 3- Repeat to get the desired coverage.

Tip- You can use the same foundation brush for the rest of your makeup especially for your cream bronzer or blusher and the residual foundation on the brush helps to bring everything together so it is seamlessly blended.


  • Brushes are very easy to handle.
  • Brushes gives a very natural and professional finish.
  • Works the best with liquid products.


  • If not careful with your brush techniques, you could end up getting streaky lines on the foundation base.
  • Little hard to work with cream products.

Best Brushes

1. NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Brush

2. Best Dual-Ended: IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7

3. Tarte Airbrush Bamboo

2. Beauty Blender

Beauty Blenders

If you are into makeup and you haven’t heard about beauty blenders then…I’m speechless.  Beauty blenders are sponges specially designed with keeping your makeup requirement in mind. The Beauty Blender sponge was invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva to ensure even, natural coverage. Beauty blenders are known to give a natural finish to your makeup. It is one of the most preferred applicators by artists and influencers.

How To Use A Beauty Blender

Step 1- Dampen your beauty blender- Yes, you read it right. Soak your beauty blender in water and squeeze out all the excess. This step is performed so that the beauty blender doesn’t absorb your product.

Step 2- Next up, take your product at the back of your hand and bounce it on your face. Remember, bounce it, not drag and rub it.  

Step 3- Don’t forget the inner corners. For that use the pointed side to reach the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 4- Now you just have to repeat to achieve the desired coverage.


  • Hands down without an argument, beauty blender wouldn’t cause any blunder. There are no streaky lines when using a blender.
  • Beauty blenders gives a very natural finish.
  • Perfect for liquid, cream and powder products.


  • The wet beauty blenders, once the application of the makeup should be dried well otherwise it becomes a breeding ground of germs.
  • Beauty blender requires an extra effort in cleaning. 
  • Because they are spnges, they absorb a lot of products.

Best Beauty Blender

1. Beautyblender The Original Makeup Sponge

2. Best Drugstore: e.l.f. Cosmetics Total Face Sponge

3. Oval Makeup Brush

Image Courtesy- Artis

Oval makeup brushes or paddle brushes are yet another popular way of foundation application. The brushes are densely packed with soft fibres which helps give a perfect application. Even though big in size, the brushes miraculously manage to reach every corner. 

How To Use Oval Makeup Brush

Step 1- Just like a regular brush take some product on the back of your hand and dip the bristles in.

Step 2- While using oval brushes, apply the foundation in a circular motion on your face.

Step 3- Repeat the above steps for desired coverage.


  • A little product goes a very long way.
  • Perfect for achieving a full coverage look.
  • Very easy to handle and work with.


  • Too much product at once can mess up the look so be carefully. Consider using little at a time.
  • It can cause streaky lines if not used well.

Best Oval Brushes

1. Real Techniques Blend + Blur All Over Brush

2. Artis Palm Brush Elite

4. Fingers

We do not have to mention this but when we are talking about applicators, how can we miss one of the best and free applicators everyone has and they didn’t even know it. We have all been there when in rush, we have used our fingers for foundation application. It is one of the best ways to apply your makeup. The warmth of the fingers helps the product blends well into the skin. There is no wrong and no right with how to apply your makeup with your fingers. The mission is just to get the desired coverage without making your foundation base look blotchy.

How To Use Fingers

Step 1- With clean and sanitized hands, take the few pumps of foundation on hand.

Step 2- Now, dot it around your face.

Step 3- Using your fingertips, from the centre of your face to outwards start patting and rubbing. 

Step 4- To get the desired coverage, you can repeat the process.


  • The warmth of your hands makes the foundation blends well.
  • Works well with all types of foundations.


  • Hygiene is one of the biggest concerns. It’s not the best hygienic method and shouldn’t be used when doing somebody else’s makeup.
  • Can make the foundation look blotchy if not blended well.

Special Mention


Tati Beauty Blendiful was a game-changer in the world of applicators. Although, it is no longer available in the market this product by Tati Beauty was an absolute gem. This is soft textured fabric tool was designed to help buff in the product seamlessly. If you managed to get your hands on the product, consider it one of the best purchases. 

How To Use Blendiful

Step 1- Take a few pumps of your favourite foundation at the back of your palm or dot it on the face. 

Step 2- Pat the foundation onto your skin until you get the coverage you are looking for.


  • Huge size makes the process of foundation application super quick.
  • Gives a natural finish without any streaks.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Washing of blendiful after every use is a big hassle.
  • If your technique of patting isnt right, the product could be displaced.

Our Final Verdict

Beauty blenders are universally loved however brushes are not far behind. 

Your foundation applicator should be the one you are comfortable working with and know how to use. The technique is important with every applicator and should be kept in mind before making the purchase. You shouldn’t buy a product just because it is trending or everybody is using it. Hence, find what works the best for you.