An Ultimate Guide To Style Rings

No matter what people believe but rings are perfect accessories for everyone. They play a crucial game in accessorizing but often gets ignored. They make a perfect statement piece. With a little effort, you can accessorize any outfit beautifully with rings. Rings can be worn on every occasion without a miss. They complement every outfit you wear.

From the office to parties, to casual hangouts and even to a beach, rings make a perfect accessory. Whether you going for an elegant and crips look to fun-loving adventurous looks, rings can be your best friends. They are an absolute must-have in your collection of accessories. It is a good investment to make. 

Struggling to chose the ring for your outfits, here we are with an ultimate guide on how to accessories your rings.

Types of Rings

Before we get on talking about rings, let’s talk about the time up rings just to clarify what exactly we are talking about.

1. Cocktail rings: These are big rings and an eye-catcher. They make perfect statement rings suitable for any formal as well as informal occasion. One statement ring is enough to level up your accessory game, you don’t need anything else with these otherwise you can quickly overdo it.

2. Coloured rings– Just like the name, they are coloured stones that could make a simple look chic.

3. Cluster ring: This has a cluster of small gemstones that don’t necessarily come in a round shape. These are great for a formal gathering or a girl’s night out. 

4. Halo ring: A halo ring looks very sophisticated. It is a ring with one centre stone in a bezel setting with surrounding channels of smaller stones. It’s a great statement choice for any formal occasion.

5. Geometric ring: As the name suggests, these are rings that come in many beautiful geometric shapes. It gives a perfect contemporary look. They can go with simple and plain outfits to make them look a little extra. 

6. Band: If you think bands are simple and boring then we can change your mind. Bands are very versatile and practical. You can style them any way you want. They can go on any formal occasion and when you stack them up or play around a little bit with them, they make a very good choice for a casual day out.

Material for Rings

Be careful before choosing any material for your ring. They can be made of gold, silver, copper, brass etc. The material you choose should be complementing your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, consider wearing silver. On the contrary, you have a warm skin colour, wear gold.

Rose golds are becoming increasingly popular because they suit both tones very well. 

Whenever you invest in any jewelry make sure you are not allergic to the metal you are investing in. Wearing such metals could give massive skin allergies. 

Tips & Tricks When Choosing A Ring For Occasions

1. Chose on statements


If you want to make a statement, then opt for an oversized cocktail ring. One ring does everything for you. Whether it is a party or date night, they are just perfect to leave an impression.

There are many types of cocktail rings available in the market to chose from. You can go for gemstone or metallic statements depending on the styling vibe you are going for.

2. Stack’em up

stack rings

One of our personally adored way of wearing rings is staking them up. It can be a little tricky but simple tricks could make it look classy and elegant. Look for pre-made sets available in the market or look for rings that blend well with each other. Bands are a good option for staking. You can also mix metals and they will look absolutely perfect.

This is an easy way to get a statement look but can be tricky to master. Don’t be afraid to mix metals.

We personally feel the staking works the best on the middle fingers. You can layer with bands or combine bands with cocktail rings for a perfect stack. 

3. Wear in the alternate fingers


Wearing rings in the alternate fingers is another great way of wearing the rings. Chose the ones that complement each other preferably of the same size. One cocktail ring and one band worn alternatively won’t make the right match. Therefore, look for something that balances each other.

4. Add colour to your fingers

Colours leave a very bold impression in the world of rings. It can be a great statement but if done wrong could lead to a disaster. Chose colours that enhance your skin tone and accentuate your outfit. You don’t have to match the colours necessarily. Emerald green, sapphire, rainbow jewellery are quite in trend at the moment. 

Co-ordinating your colour with shoes or your bag will definitely give you some brownie points by the fashion gurus.

5. One on each finger

Some people are going to be against it but we strongly recommend this trend. A simple band or stylish metallic ring on each finger and different heights could definitely make a statement.

6. Don’t overdo the accessories

You can quickly go overboard with your rings. If you are wearing rings, you want the attention on your hands, so you can miss any other hand jewelry like bracelets or even wrist watches.  

7. Keep them proportionate

Always maintain a proper proportion if you decide to wear rings. If you have longer fingers, you can wear oversized rings but be mind carefully while wearing small rings or bands. They have to be visible. The same works for shorter fingers, avoid wearing oversized rings and if stacking, do it carefully.

8. Keep comfort in mind

When choosing a ring, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. Avoid the ones that have sharp or pointed edges because you could scratch yourself with them.

9. Confidence is the key

No matter how you style them, you should look confident to pull them off. If you don’t want too much attention on your hands, you can totally skip them but if you decide to tower them, be confident. A well-manicured hand with rings looks the best. 

Next time when you go out, don’t forget to accessorize yourself with rings. They complete the outfit and looks gorgeous on everybody.