Reverse Hair Washing- A genuine or a fake technique?

When I first read about the reverse hair washing or reverse shampooing technique, I remember going mehh. Shampoo and then conditioner was the standard method of washing my hair. That was something I was taught and grew up doing. The mere idea of reverse hair washing seemed illegal but then more and more people kept raving about it.

This process of washing hair has raised many questions in the minds of people, including me. Many give it a shot and many decided to completely ditch the trend. Fair enough, even I was sceptical and ignored it initially until it became a huge thing online. 

For some, it works like magic and is a complete game-changer. They have been swearing by it and that was a sign to give this technique a shot.

So is reverse shampooing worth the try, this article will discuss the hows and the what of revere shampooing including the pros and cons of it. Read the articles to know our final thoughts about this method of hair washing famously known as reverse shampooing.

What is Reverse Hair Wash Technique?

reverse hair wash

Traditionally, it’s shampoo first and the conditioner next but reverse shampooing is exactly what the name suggests which is implementing your hair products in the reverse order. It’s conditioner first and the shampoo next. This way of washing hair is considered a much milder and more nourishing way which makes hair smoother.

Reverse shampooing is for all hair types particularly if you have an oily scalp or fine hair. It targets the general traits of hair instead of certain hair conditions. The key idea behind this technique is to give your hair the hydration it needs to look fresh and volumized for a longer period of time. It makes your hair smoother and bouncier in appearance and will prevent it from looking flat and dull and truly, these are our ideal expectations from our hair. Something, without a miss, we all want.  

How does Reverse Hair Washing Works?

A good range of hair care products and solid routines is important. In this routine, we all will unanimously agree conditioners are an important part and can not be ignored. There is no doubt in the fact that they give our hair the hydration and nourishment which we long for. But most importantly, when we use a conditioner in our hair routine, it coats the hair shaft and protects it from the damage of chemicals and pollutants which are one of the biggest reasons for hair damage.

The idea behind reverse hair washing is that when you condition your hair before shampooing, it will create a protective barrier on the hair by concealing it. This barrier will protect your hair from the damages caused by the chemicals present in the shampoo. 

Usually, if you have tried only shampooing your hair, you’ll feel them comparatively drier than what we get after conditioning. This happens because the chemicals present in the shampoo washes off all the moisture and natural oils present in our hair. And the use of a good conditioner, helps us restore the lost moisture making our hair look shinier and softer.

However, if we wash our in reverse method, there is a barrier of conditioner present which prevents the shampoo from penetrating deep into the hair and this will further prevent the washing off of the natural oils hence, retaining the hydration of the hair. This makes our hair look naturally softer and shiny. 

Pro Of Reverse Hair Washing

No doubt there are plenty of benefits to reverse shampoo. Some listed below are absolute pros of this technique in our list which have personally experienced. 

  1. It provides hydration to the hair and scalp by preventing the loss of natural oils which is one of the biggest benefits.
  1. Because in this technique, we condition our hair first, the chance of any residual conditioner which if it stays on the hair could cause bacne, is significantly reduced.
  1. It calso makes our hair looks thicker and bouncier which we all stan.
  1. The technique also provides better nourishment without making your hair look dull and flat.
  1. Rverse hair washing prevents product buildup in the hair, which is beneficial for hair types prone to clogging of pores. 
  1. It also reduces split ends which is a very common problem faced by almost all of us.
  1. Your hair may look cleaner for a longer period of time which will give enough time space between two washes.

Cons Of Reverse Hair Washing

As much as this technique has its benefits, we felt there are some cons to it as well.

  1. This technique might not work for thicker and coarse hair. 
  1. It doesn’t give a deep cleanse, so it shouldn’t be replacing your normal hair washing routine completely.
  1. If revese shampoo is not performed correctly, it may lead to frizzy hair.

How To Reverse Wash The Hair

  1. After wetting your hair, apply the conditioner on the whole length of your hair thoroughly and leave it for 3–5 minutes.

Note- Avoiding the application to the scalp and roots to prevent greasiness.

  1. Rinse your hair gently so that some conditioner stays as a coat on your hair for protection.

Note- Rigorous washing or scrubbing would not let the conditioner stick to the hair.

  1. Now, take a small amount of shampoo and lather it up on your hands and then apply it to your hair and scalp. Leave it for 3-5 minutes to let it work.
  1. Rinse your hair well with water.
  1. Apply a serum to towel-dried hair and allow it to air-dry.

How Often Should We Reverse Shampoo?

This technique doesn’t provide the deep cleaning of your hair. Therefore, it is advised to do reverse shampooing only once or twice a week. 

Our Final Thoughts

If you are tired of dry, dull and flat hair, reverse hair washing is the technique for you. This will restore your hair’s health without going into the hassles of long treatments. We strongly believe there is no harm in trying reverse shampoo atleast once a week. 

The benefits of reverse hair wash can not be ignored. However be mindful, that the method may not give immediate results if your hair cuticles are damaged. Be consistent with your efforts to allow the conditioner to do its work and repair your damaged hair. It made us fall in love with our hair all over again and we hope it does the same for you!