What Is Strawberry Legs And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Do you get dark tiny bumps that appear like black dots on your legs resembling the seeds on the skin of the strawberry? If yes, then welcome to the club. 

Strawberry leg is a funny name given to a condition in which small red or black dots appear on the skin making it look like a strawberry. The condition is not serious and can be caused due to many reasons. The appearance of these dots is caused by the clogged up skin pores or hair follicles either by dirt, bacteria, oil or dead cells. 

Some of the reasons or skin conditions that could cause this condition are improper shaving habits, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris, clogged pores, and dry skin. People who have this problem often look out for a solution, fortunately, this condition can be prevented by adopting some new steps into your daily skincare routine. But first, you need to understand the reason why you are struggling with this condition. 

What Causes Strawberry Legs?

As mentioned earlier, strawberry legs could be caused due to various reasons and below we are discussing a few of them.

1. Dry Skin

People with overly dry skin are slightly more prone to this and have a higher risk of developing strawberry legs. Dry skin itself doesn’t cause strawberry legs but becomes a big factor in causing it. Dry skin tends to be more sensitive and is more likely to develop razor burn or irritation. This could lead to folliculitis and the appearance of darkened pores. In addition, if you have dry skin, it will show dark spots more prominently.

2. Shaving

Yet another reason for strawberry legs is shaving. If shaving is done in an improper manner or by using a dull razor could cause these. Even not taking good care of your razor hygiene could cause strawberry legs. A proper shaving method should be adopted and a clean sharp razor should be used when shaving your legs. Otherwise, it could lead to folliculitis. Razor burn can also appear as strawberry legs. In some individuals, ingrown hairs may be what’s causing the appearance of strawberry legs. This occurs most often in those with thick body hair.

3. Clogged Pores

Pores are natural on your skin but when these pores get clogged with bacteria, dead skin, and debris, strawberry legs could arise. Clogged pores are called open comedones and when exposed to air it oxidizes the pores and turns them black. They can be itchy and sometimes even become painful.  People who have thicker body hair growth or with larger pores or have oily sweaty skin are more prone to develop from clogged pores.

4. Folliculitis

This condition usually occurs when the hair follicle becomes inflamed, and sometimes infected. It is typically caused by damage done to the hair follicle that further allows dirt and bacteria to enter your skin layers. This step eventually leads to the appearance of tiny red bumps that can darken and resemble strawberry legs. Folliculitis is very common in people who are prone to getting ingrown hair.

5. Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a  common condition that appears on the skin of the thighs and upper arms causing tiny red bumps which could resemble goosebumps. The bumps caused by keratosis pilaris are the accumulations of the protein keratin and dead epithelial cells in the pores of our skin. When the thighs are covered by these tiny red bumps, they can resemble strawberry skin, hence the term strawberry legs. They can be itchy and the use of moisturizer helps relieve the itch.

Treatments For Strawberry Legs

At home Treatment

We absolutely love DIYs and here is our budget-friendly DIY treatment for strawberry legs that actually work.

strawberry legs

Step 1- Exfoliate your legs properly- Exfoliation is a very important process if you are trying to get rid of your strawberry legs. Exfoliation helps in gently clearing the pores that are clogged up with dirt, oil or dead skin without causing damage to the body. Use a mild exfoliator and once it is done, wash up your legs with lukewarm water. 

A tip- You can also make a DIY exfoliator. Just take 2 spoons of sugar and mix it with lemon juice. 


Take 1 spoon of coffee and mix it with 1 spoon of coconut oil.  Your at-home DIY chemical-free exfoliators are ready to use.

Step 2- Moisturize well- A good moisturizer is all you need if you struggle with strawberry legs. Take an ample amount of moisturizer and massage it well onto your legs until it is absorbed. Don’t go miser here, a good moisturizer is a life savour for all the people struggling with this condition.

Step 3- Use hyaluronic acid- Hyaluronic acid is infamous for its effectiveness in the case of dry skin and is considered one of the best at-home products in treating dry skin. Take a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum and massage it well until it absorbs.

Following these 3 steps for a couple of weeks is a very effective at-home treatment for strawberry legs. It has worked well for us. The result might not be instant but over time, you’ll be able to see the difference.

Professional Treatments

The professional treatment could be expensive but a very long term solution to the problem.

  1. Waxing or sugaring- Waxing or sugaring your body hair can reduce the chances of ingrown hair which is one big reason for strawberry legs. If ingorwns are reduced, the conidtion will reduce itself.
  1. Laser hair removal- If you are absolutely done with your strawberry legs and want a permanent solution, then laser hair removal can be your option. The treatment will target your hair follicles with a laser which will reduce your hair growth significantly. Once the hair growth is reduced, you’ll see a difference in your conidtion of strawberry legs.

Strawberry legs are something not to be too worried about. It is a very common condition and we can be reduced. Some people find it awkward to wear shorts or dresses when suffering from strawberry legs but we strongly believe this condition is nothing to be shy of. Embracing them is your one step towards embracing your body the way you are.