Is The Frozen Beauty Blender Hack Worth Your Time?

It’s time to put the beauty blender to the test again…!

Dry beauty blender, wet beauty blender and then comes the graduate-level of your beauty blender the frozen beauty blender. 

Yes! You read that right. A frozen beauty blender.

The beauty blender is one of the makeup tools which has been through a lot of experiments. The poor little beauty blender is the most simplistic yet the most useful tool for the application of make-up. However, it has to prove its worth every time. It has been put to test uncountable times. Some experiments work but some are a major disaster but none of those experiments has deterred our love for the traditional and authentic use of beauty blenders.

Social media is widely used by the makeup community. One such platform Tik Tok has taken the makeup application game to a whole new level. Sometimes good and many times horrific tricks are shared on Tik Tok which causes a stir in the makeup lovers. We are all about new tips and tricks and we appreciate the effort creators are putting into this.

What Are We Testing?

Today we are going to try one such experiment, which is a frozen beauty blender hack social media has blessed us with. The dilemma of whether the hack is legit or not persisted for a long time in the beauty community. And we took it upon ourselves to test and see if the hack shared is worth it or just another failure on the ever-growing list. Because we consider this as our responsibility.

After it became a sensational trend, everyone started trying this hack. Many people reviewed it- some has sworn by it and some completely discarded it. In this plethora of mixed opinions, we have to give this a try to give you our final verdict.

Our completely unbiased opinion will tell you if this hack is worth trying or not. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to try this hack or not.

History Of The Frozen Beauty Blender

This viral trend was first created by gwmakeup’s and then briana.pelaez went viral for her frozen beauty blender method. She simply kept her sponge in the freezer for a couple of hours before using it to apply makeup. The video went viral and meant people started to swear by it. There are many claims revolving around the trend. So, we are going to put all of them to the test today.

How To Freeze The Beauty Blender?

We followed the @gwmakeup tutorial step by step in this to ensure we don’t do anything wrong and give this a fair chance. The freezing part was pretty simple. Simply dampen your beauty blender and squeeze out the entire excessive water so that the beauty blender does not turn out rock solid. We kept this beauty blender in our freezer for about 1 hour.

And tadaaa….

Your beauty blender is now ready for your makeup application.

How Did It Go?

beauty blender

The first thing with this hack is you have to be super quick when applying your makeup. A little too slow and your ice could start to melt. It feels really cold to be having a frozen blender on your face but if it delivers the result we are not complaining. 

The application surprised us. Not because it worked magically on the face but it did not work at all. The application was pretty much the same as it would be when using a normal dampen beauty blender. The pores did not shrink, they were visibly there. There was no extra glow or reduced puffiness under the eyes.

But why did it happen? For that, you need to understand the science behind it.

The Science Behind

In theory, the idea of a frozen beauty blender seems like one of the best methods out there. It is believed that using a frozen sponge will make pores appear smaller. However is freezing a blender, worth it from the science point of view?

From the standpoint of science, this hack seems to be a little bit unreliable. Even though it is true that a cold sponge or blender could potentially reduce the appearance of pores but it is a temporary effect. On removal of the cold objects, the pores get back to normal size. So we disagree with the claim which says that using a frozen beauty blender will help your pores look smaller. Instead adding an extra step in your skincare routine and using a cold jade roller or facial tools could be a better option if you are struggling with large pores.

Secondly, a major concern is using a frozen blender with your makeup products. The frozen sponge or the blender once out of the freezer will start to melt. And the moment it comes in contact with your face, the heat of your skin will further speed up the process of melting. It can interfere with the formula of your products and could result in a bad texture and unnatural finish.

Moreover, most (not all) of the products are oil-based. And we all know, oil and water don’t work well together. The foundation works the best when they melt into the skin. This happens when they come in contact with our skin. The body heat allows the product to melt and blend well into the skin. However, the frozen beauty blender will cool down your skin further, hence the application might not be as natural as we expect it to be.

Thirdly, one of the biggest reasons we are inclined towards using a sponge or beauty blender is because it gives a very natural finish and absorbs excessive makeup. But since this is a frozen blender, it won’t absorb any product. This could make your makeup look heavy with less coverage.

Our Final Thoughts

Although it seems to be a very lucrative idea to freeze your blender, it is not what it seems. 

The hack that is considered to be a hybrid between skincare and makeup may not work out for all. It is a fun trend and you could give it a shot for fun and create a Tik Tok but using it in everyday life may not seem to be the ideal. Freezing the blender before makeup is a big task in itself and then seeing no major difference is a major turn off. 

So, we would call this hack a fail as it didn’t work the way we thought it would for us but if you are in the mood for trying something new and fun, give it a shot.

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