10 Perfume Hacks You Need To Know!

Our biggest expectation with any perfume is to last longer so that we could feel the freshness all day long. However, most of the time, the fragrance disappears a few hours later leaving you disappointed with the expensive purchase. We all have been there and after some hits and trials, we have somehow learnt the secret behind making your fragrance last longer. Well, if you love perfume as much as we do but struggle to keep the fragrance for too long, we’ve got you covered!

Here, in this article, we are going to share all our secret tips and trick to make your perfume last longer every time you use them.

Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

hacks to make perfume last longer

1. What Kind Of Perfume Should We Prefer?

The biggest perfume hack lies in the type of fragrance you chose. There are perfumes available in different concentrations. There is no rocket science behind this, but when you buy a perfume the higher concentrations of the fragrances, the higher the power of its stays. The concentration of the perfume depends on the ratio of fragrance oil to alcohol. It is the strength of the perfume which determines the longevity of the perfumes when they come in contact with the skin. The higher concentrated perfumes are pure parfum while the less concentration of the pure parfums is eau de toilette. The highly concentrated ones will generally cost more than lower concentrated ones.  

According to the book, Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward the concentration level of the perfume oil in a fine fragrance indicates its intensity and its predicted duration on the skin. The more concentrated the perfume, the stronger the scent and the longer it will last.

2. Where to apply?

It is highly important to apply the perfume at the right place so that it could last longer. You could typically apply your signature perfumes anywhere you want but if you apply them on your pulse points, trust us, they are going to stay longer. Pulse points are the area where you can feel your heartbeat like the nape of your neck, inside of elbow or wrist.

The reason behind this is very simple. At your pulse point, the blood vessels are located closer to the skin. At this point, the blood flow is high which generates more heat. This heat generated helps magnify and diffuse the fragrance of your perfume. 

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly At Pulse Points

Following up on the first trick comes are second. A teensy weensy amount of petroleum jelly is a game-changer in your perfume game. It acts like a little lock for your scent. And if you don’t believe us, we strongly recommend trying it out once by yourself

Take a very small amount of petroleum jelly and apply it to the pulse points. Rub it well into the skin. Now apply your perfume on top of that. This will not interfere with your fragrance because petroleum jelly doesn’t have a fragrance instead it will make your perfume last longer than you could imagine.

4. Do NOT Rub

Have you applied perfume on the wrist, the right pulse point and then rubbed it with the other wrist? We have seen this a million times and every time we see this, our eyes bleed and scream NO. Rubbing the fragrance should be avoided at all costs. Some people debate, that rubbing will warm the skin and would amplify and diffuse the smell but we would love to break this to you, it doesn’t work that way. Instead, by this rubbing technique, you break the chemical molecules inside which will make your top notes fade away faster than they would usually. 

5. Moisturize Your Skin

After showering, do not forget to moisturize your skin. Moisturizers will lock the smell just like petroleum jelly. Oily skin naturally holds the scent for longer but in case you have dry or normal skin, consider moisturizing well. 

Prefer unscented lotion or cream because it will not interfere with the original smell of your perfume.

6. Do NOT Spray On The Fabric

Always spray your perfume onto the skin rather than any fabric. The heat of the body works and melts the perfume into the skin. The mix of it with the natural body scents makes the perfume smell better and longer. When you spray it on the cloth, the perfume evaporates faster which we dont want. 

 Also spraying on clothes could leave a stain or could fade the colour of your cloth creating a lighter patch which is something we dont want.

7. Do NOT Shake

We will strongly advise against shaking your perfume. It is a common myth that shaking mixes everything together well but your perfumes are different from other cosmetic products which require shaking to mix the formula. When you shake a perfume, it lets the air in which could ruin the scent. So refrain from shaking the bottle.

8. Spray On The Hairbrush

Not many hair gurus will agree on this perfume hack but spraying perfumes onto your hairbrush would make the fragrance last longer. Alcohol in the perfume directly could dry your hair but use it on a hairbrush and experience the mild scent from your hair.  

9. Store Your Perfume Correctly.

Keep your perfume in a dark and cool place. The constant temperature change could break the oil and degrade the fragrance. They shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom because the humidity is not good for your fragrance. Keep it in the box or keep it in the drawer straight. This will provide a dark and cold temperature for your perfume to work and last longer.

10. Re-application 

Spray some perfume onto a q tip or a cotton ball and keep it in a zip lock bag. You can now keep this in your purse and carry them wherever you go. It will allow you to have a quick reapplication when you feel your scent fading away a little. Don’t shy away from this. It is a must to have a thing in your because you never know when you would need the be a little more extra.

11. Do NOT Transfer Your Perfume

It is a strict NO. Never transfer your perfume from one bottle to another. When you transfer you expose the fragrance to the air which could degrade the fragrance and could make your scent feeble. So never transfer your perfume. 

Some people are not into strong fragrances. They prefer mild and less concentrated ones. You don’t have to particularly buy strong fragrances to make them stay longer. You could follow some of these tips and tricks and you could notice, that we were not lying when we mentioned these tricks. 

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