8 Bedtime Yoga Poses To Make You Fall Asleep Faster

bedtime yoga

It’s bedtime but you are not sleepy yet.

Twisting and turning on the bed and suffering from sleepless nights is getting prevalent nowadays. Call it a consequence of modern and urban lifestyle or changing habits there is no denying that sleep disorders are the reality of today’s world. 

A good night’s sleep is essential for every living being. Sleep helps us to function well throughout the day. However, today insomnia is one of the most common problems amongst people of all age groups. Sleep problems that impact the continuity of sleep are collectively referred to as sleep disruptions. 

These sleep disruptions could be caused due to numerous factors such as a change in lifestyle, change in environmental conditions, medical conditions, stress or anxiety. It is quite a known fact that under stress, it is difficult to sleep and similarly for the people who suffer from anxiety, it is sometimes difficult to compose and calm the mind for sleep. Racing minds can be rested and thus cannot sleep.

We have previously mentioned our 12 hacks which could help you fall asleep faster. In that, we have spoken about how beneficial yoga and meditation is for people, who find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Anubha Rawat, our yoga expert has told us how beneficial bedtime yoga could be for anyone struggling to fall asleep. She says  “Just 10 minutes before sleep, if you do some very mild bed yoga, it will help induce sleep. And the best part of these poses is that you can do these on your bed itself which cuts down the extra work.”  

Just like Anubha said, we strongly recommend doing these bed yoga if you struggle at night.

Below are some bedtime yoga exercises and poses that aid in falling asleep faster.

1.  Relaxation

bedtime yoga relaxtion

1- Sit in any comfortable posture like Sukhasana or Vajrasana to start the bed yoga.

Sukhasana- Sitting cross leg with your back upright

Vajrasana-  To sit in vajrasana, sit in a kneeling position. Keep the hips on the heels; the toes should point out behind you, and your big toes should touch each other at the back.

2- Perform a few rounds of deep breathing and relax your body.

3- Take a deep breath and chant ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ with deep awareness.

4- Try concentrating on chanting. This will allow your mind to clear its thoughts and calm down.

5- Repeat this 3 to 4 times.


  • For deeper impact, close your ear with your finger and keep chanting ‘Om’. By doing so, you could feel the vibration in your mind and body.
  • If possible keep your eyes closed during all the asana (pose).

2. Stretching


1- Sit in Sukhasana or Vajrasana.

2- Now stretch and lean your body sideways, try to touch your head to your knees. If unable to do so, keep a pillow next to your knee for this process and touch that.

Do not overexert while performing this.  

3- Stay in this position for a few seconds.

4- Now go back up and lean your body and touch the other knee.

5- Repeat this stretching 5 times on each side.


  • Try to keep your eyes closed while doing this pose that will help induce sleep.
  • Do it slowly and patiently. Do not rush it.

3  Child pose

bedtime yoga
Child pose
  1. Sit in Vajrasana and relax your body.
  1. Now, slowly inhale and exhale deeply a few times in order to relax your body.
  1. Now bend your neck and lean forward so that your head touches the bed.
  1. Wait here for a few seconds and then slowly come back to sitting vajrasana.
  1. Sit upright and feel the stretch.
  1. Again bend down in child pose and repeat this for 3-5 times. 


  • Keep your eyes closed and focus on the stretch.
  • Do not stretch beyond your body’s limits. If you feel, you can not touch your head to the bed, use a pillow and try touching that with your head.

4. Full Body Stretch

Full Body Stretch
  1. Lie down in the bed comfortably.
  1. Give your entire body a nice stretch by stretching your toes and hands. This allows any tension which is building in any part of your body or muscle to be released.
  1. Repeat this stretch two to three times
  1. Keep your eyes closed.

5  Ardha Pavan Muktasana

bedtime yoga
Ardha Pavan Mukhtaasana
  1. Continue with your laying down position.
  1. Relax your body.
  1. Now slowly bend your knees and then bring it towards your chest, giving a nice stretch to your body. Hold this position for a few seconds. This will relax your back muscles and will also help to release any gas entrapped in the body (joints).
  1. Release this position and alternate your leg. 
  1. Repeat this 5 times for each leg.


  • All the movements should be slow and relaxed.
  • Keep your eyes closed.

6. Uttana Vakrasana 

Uttana Vakrasana
  1. Once again continue with laying down position and relax your body.
  1. Bend your knees so that your feet are touching the ground.
  1. Keep both legs hip-width apart.
  1. Entangle your fingers and keep them under your head.
  1. Wait in this posture for a few seconds.
  1. Now first turn your both legs to one on the right side and your head on the left side.
  1. Feel the stretch and hold this position for a few seconds.
  1. Come back to a neutral position and repeat. This time turn your legs to the left side and your head on the right side.
  1. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times for each side.


  • Do not push your body beyond its limits of stretching and only take the stretch to the point you feel comfortable doing. While performing any bedtime yoga pose, the aim is to relax the body and release any tension or knots in the muscles and joints.

7  Supine Twist 

  1. Continue with laying down and relax your body.
  1. Now fold your left leg and place it on the right knee.
  1. Keep your hands open sideways.
  1. Now twist the body on the right side in such a way that legs go towards right and head towards left.
  1. Come to the neutral position.
  1. Unfold your legs and now repeat the same stretch with alternate leg and opposite head movement.
  1. For that, fold your right leg and place it on your left knee.
  1. Now twist your body in such a way that the legs go left and head goes right, nice stretch is felt in the spine.
  1. Again come in the centre and unfold your leg and relax.


  • Close your eyes and feel the stretch in the entire body.

8 Leg up pose or Keeping legs on the wall

Leg Up Pose
  1. Lay down and make sure your legs are facing the bedrest.
  1. Now bend your knees and lift your leg one at a time and fix them on the bed rest.
  1. If you need a pillow below your head you can rest your head on it. The key to this pose is to feel comfortable.
  1. Be in this simple posture for about 5 minutes.
  1. Now, slowly pull down both your legs and relax.


  • While being in this position try to concentrate on your breathing. This bedtime yoga pose will help calm your mind.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though this bedtime yoga and poses are proven beneficial, you have to make a little more effort. Firstly, try to alter your disturbed sleep schedule and avoid any caffeine and sugar during the night hours.

Along with this bed yoga, a little change of habits can help you fight your struggles and will allow you to sleep well and timely at night.

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