16 Ways To Go Plastic-Free From Your Kitchen!

Plastic is a material that was invented with an aim to reduce the consumption of natural and non-renewable resources on the Earth with the fear of its depletion. When plastic first came, we accepted it with a clear concise and embarrassed it with open arms but when we went overboard with it, we are not sure of it. 

Plastic has enormous properties which makes it a fan favourite. Cheap, durable, flexible, long-lasting are the qualities we long for when we buy a certain product. And plastic has it all. That too in cool designs and colours. We were so much focused on its good that we completely missed the harms of it.

Plastic is very dangerous to the environment as well as to human health. Our plastic waste has been piling up in landfills and our oceans are at deep threat of plastic pollution. The overproduction of it has led the world towards a bigger threat. Many attempts are made to diminish the plastic from Earth. However, the fact is we can never be plastic-free now. Plastic takes years to decompose, a property of plastic that we don’t acknowledge in the beginning.  

Once a blessing is now a curse we are dealing with.

The least we could do is reduce our consumption so that the production of more and new plastic is minimized.

And one such attempt we can make is by replacing some (if not all) plastic products from our kitchen. If we look around, we are surrounded by plastic. In your kitchen itself, you’ll find at least 10 products that are made up of plastic. And now it’s high time to ditch them and welcome a safer and sustainable option in our kitchens.

1. Stainless Steel Vaccum Flask

plastic-free vaccum flask
Image Courtesy- IKEA

If you are using plastic water bottles, it’s time to change them. Stainless steel vacuum flasks are the new travel-friendly option you can consider having. They are vacuum flasks designed to keep your hot water, hot and cold water cold for longer periods of time. It’s definitely a great buy.

2. Glass Water Bottle

Image Courtesy- IKEA

If you dont want stainless steel bottles, you may go for glass water bottles. They look beautiful as they even come in coloured options. A great buy for everyone.

3. Stainless Steel Straws

Image Courtesy- Nestasia

Plastic straws are a nuisance to the environment. Instead of using plastic straws, you may use stainless steel straws. They are reusable and lightweight.

4. Stainless Steel Garbage Bin

Image Courtsey – IKEA

Garbage bins are the most important part of any house. They’ll be found in every house without a doubt. Plastic bins are common but replace them with stainless steel ones. They are a more eco-friendly option.

5. Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Image Coursey- Pepperfry

Stainless steel lunch boxes were popular earlier but now they are making a comeback. They are environmentally friendly options and better than plastic. Now stainless steel boxes don’t have to be boring, they are coming in various coloured options too.

6. Reusable Wraps

Image Courtesy- Brown Living

Instead of using clear films to cover up your food, you can use reusable wraps to cover. They are more convenient than plastic and a cost-efficient option for your kitchen.

7. Reusable Lids

Image Courtesy- IKEA

Just like reusable wraps, reusable lids are also an interesting and perfect option to cover your food or containers. They are stretchable and made up of silicones. They can be used to stretch and cover containers of any shape and size.

8. Mixer Juicer

Image Courtesy- Pepperfry

Might be wondering why we listed mixer juicers here, but you can opt for an eco-friendly option when it comes to a mixer juicer. A jar made up of stainless steel is a much better option than a jar made up of plastic.

9. Silicone Ice Trays and Baking Moulds

Image Courtesy- IKEA

Perfect to freeze ice or to bake in a high-temperature oven, silicone is definitely winning hearts for its performance. It’s super easy to use and a very convenient option.

10. Silicone Food Bags and Steamer Bags

Image Courtesy- Amazon

Silicone Bags are an amazing choice for your kitchen. They can be sealed and are 100% airtight. These bags can be used in boiling water, microwaves and dishwashers. On top of everything, they are a healthy alternative to plastic.

11. Glass Storage Containers

Image Courtesy- Nestasia

Glass storage containers are winning hearts over plastic. They give a very modern and sleek look to your kitchen. They look beautiful and are the perfect storage option for you if you looking for an alternative for plastic in your kitchen.

12. Stainless Steel Storage Containers

plastic free
Image Courtesy- Pepperfry

Steel containers are getting quite famous these days. They are the preferred choice because unlike glass containers, they are not very heavy. They are durable and lasts a lot longer. A special kind of steel container which has a small glass front so that you can see what’s in the container is definitely our preferred choice.

13. Washable Mesh Bags

Image Courtesy- IKEA

washable mesh bags for your kitchen is yet another budget-friendly and sustainable choice. You can keep your fruits and vegetables in them and they will definitely last longer because they are quite breathable. They are a much better choice than plastic bags or containers for keeping in refrigerators.

14. Bamboo Cooking Tools

Image Courtesy- IKEA

Bamboo cooking tools are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Bamboo is a much better choice than any other. They are lightweight, durable and super convenient to use.

15. Bamboo Chopping Board

Image Coursey- IKEA

We all need a chopping board in our kitchen. Try using bamboo chopping boards instead of plastic ones. Its a long-lasting and better than a plastic board.

16. Grocery bags

Image Courtesy- Nestasia

After doing your entire shopping while checking out your products, oftentimes you buy a new carry bag made up of plastic. Avoid doing that. Every single purchase of poly bags you do increases the number of them in the environment. Invest in cotton grocery bags that are easily washable and have a much better life and carrying capacity than normal poly bags.

Reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly, recyclable, washable and a much safer option.

Our Final Thought

It’s almost impossible to be plastic-free at this point but making small conscious and sustainable choices can help us reduce its production.

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