12 Summer Nail Ideas For Your Next Manicure- 2022

Summers of 2022 are already here and we are pretty sure you are all geared up with your summer essentials, sunscreens, hats and probably the tickets to hit the beach. While summer seems to be the most laid back time of the year, we do believe there is a lot to be done. It’s certainly not easy to beat the heat and while we are at it, we assume you want to be doing it in the chicest and most trending way.

However, with constantly evolving trends it’s a little challenging to keep tabs on them. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

From the best of the best, we have got you the amazing ideas from some very talented artists for you to try yourself or to take with you on your next manicure trip.

1. Summer Clouds

They are summery, they are cute and we love every bit of it. By a talented Thi Chau (@nail.art.by.tea), these colourful, summer-themed, cloudy nails are perfect for everyone.

2. Swirls

You may have seen that swirls are quite a trend and we’ve got you the best amongst the many by none other than Aby (@nailswithaby). You don’t have to be a pro to try these, they are simple and can be done easily at home. And trust us, they look beyond gorgeous!

3. Lemonade Nails

Yes, you read that one right! The lemonade nails are real and Tania (@nylove_nail) just showed us how to do it!. These absolutely pretty nails are a must-have on your summer manicure list for a little chic vibe.

4. Petals and Flowers

There is nothing you can do wrong with the next design we selected for you. It has beauty and elegance which can not be ignored. Very simple, yet very elegant look for your nails which you can even try at your home is by none other than Erica (@press_reset_nails).

5. Abstract Nails

Okay! Hands down! Abstract nails by Natalia (@misshapennails) is one of the best we came across. the colours, the design, the fitness everything screams “I WANT THESE NAILS’ to us!

6. Daisies

Simple yet pretty, next up on our list is these little beautiful daisies by Nail Arts (@aitanassalon). They are just gorgeous and look very chic without a fail. Just try them with as many colors as possible!

7. Swirls With Flowers

For perfect perfection, we got you one of the most beautiful looks which is the best of both worlds. Swirls plus flowers, what can you potentially go wrong with? A beautiful design of Nail Perfection by Natalie (@nailperfectionbynatalie) is here for you to take your summer nail game up by a notch.

8. Floral Nails

We are not done with flowers yet and Jodie Richards (@beautyhaven_byjodie) has one of the most beautiful and sophisticated looking floral nails for you with a very beautiful colour combination suitable for any summer nails.

9. Corner Tips

You can’t defeat basic nail looks at any time of the day. The simplicity embarks a different level of beauty and elegance which we can’t ignore. A very easy-to-do nail look with teal corner tips which you can carry at both formal and informal events by Mateja (@emenstudio_) is hard to miss.

10. French Tips

No doubt french nails are a classic but it’s summer and we don’t want you to be called boring! So here to spice up your french nails a little bit, a summery, colourful version of it is here by Calugar Ana Maria.

summer nails

11. Tie Dye Nails

Undoubtedly tie-dye is the new trend but tie-dye in nails? Yes, it is possible and a very talented Dannie (@poshandpolished___) also knows how to make it beautiful and pretty. This new summer nail trend is one of our absolute faves.

12. Blinding Brightness

Bright floral summer nails are something we all stan and here is one of the best ideas from BΓ©raude (@nailsuponatime) which we can’t get over. A little hint of glitter to add a little bling is a perfect combination for the summers.

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We hope you are ready with your nail paints or booking your manicure appointment because these ideas are hard to resist.

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