One Creatives- Nail Technician Danielle Louise Jukes

“We all are different but all are amazing!”

Simple words with such deep meaning that moved us are from our guest Danielle Louise Jukes. An amazing nail technician, business owner and mother of a very sweet little girl Danielle has a very inspiring journey on the road to success in the nail industry. We all have heard the saying that hard work pays off and it’s true in Danielle’s case. 

Sharing her incredible talent on social media, along with managing her salon and giving her full attention to her little one, Danielle is quite a determined person. She has a lovely salon and an incredible client base in a very small period of time. Talking to pycklepedia’s One Creatives about her journey in the nail industry and as a new business owner, Danielle tells us her story about choosing the work that makes her happy and we are incredibly proud to bring that to you.

Being in a job she hated, Danielle wanted to pursue what she absolutely loved and that was being a nail technician. The talent and hard work behind the scenes of beautifully manicured nails many times go unnoticed but the story of every manicure lies behind the tough journey of the nail technicians. 

“I decided to become a nail technician, at the beginning of 2021. I was in a job I hated. I was there for almost 3 years, and I always thought of ways to be in a job I loved, that worked around my family. Having studied beauty therapy after school, it was hard to make it work being so young. I always have been in a job since leaving college, and decided it was time to do a job that made me happy! That’s when I booked my nail course and thought if I never try I’ll never know!

Just over 12 months later, I am fully qualified, I have an amazing client base, I’ve opened my own salon, and absolutely LOVE my job!”

As a nail technician, a massive amount of inspiration is required to give your client something new and something out of the box every time. It might be difficult but Danielle has a way around it which is very therapeutic for her. She says “ I sit and think about all the designs I have in my mind, the internet is very useful these days. There are some amazing nail techs who do an incredible job. I try to incorporate the ideas I have along with the designs I get inspired from and bring them to life! I just love to sit and paint out! It’s like therapy for me.” 

Her versatile style is definitely going to get you confused about the manicure you want. Every time we see a new design we just fall in love with it. Social media is a wonderful place to connect and know the best of the best. It’s a great place to showcase your work and although Danielle is quite famous on social media, it’s not easy to keep up with the challenge that comes along with managing your business. “It’s such a hard task sometimes trying to be consistent with working long hours, But I am over the moon with my social accounts. Whenever I see so many lovely people out there from all over the world supporting my work, it honestly humbles me so much.”

She further adds, “I am working at least 6 days a week, so it’s a little challenging to keep up with everything else but I can’t disappoint the people who love and appreciate my work so much from all over the globe. Honestly, it’s something that keeps me going.”

The journey of being a nail tech might not seem to be easy but one thing Danielle is extremely proud of and encourages everyone who has similar interests like her to try and NOT STOP. 

“I would always say to people that are in the same industry to keep going! Even if some days you feel you aren’t good enough or you don’t want to carry on with nails & designs, DO NOT STOP! Never compare your journey to others, we are all different, but all amazing! There is no right or wrong way to do this work, it’s, however, you want to do it! I have so many messages asking how to grow your account, and how to be a good nail tech, there is honestly no secret, practice makes perfect and if you love what you do, that’s all you need!”- These encouraging words from Danielle are perfectly stated to give everyone the motivation to peruse what they want to do in their lives.

We asked Danielle the toughest question so far and that was about her favourite design so far she has ever had the chance of doing. It was difficult for her to pick, of course, but she told us about her faves and we just can’t help ourselves from saying ‘wow’ after looking at them- “I have two sets which I am most proud of. A set I did at Christmas, and a set I did most recently. Both went viral which was so hard to believe after such a short time in the industry and it makes me feel so happy that so many people said such lovely comments about my work!”

Check out all of Danielle’s work on her social media account- Nails by Dannie (poshandpolished___)

And if you live in Midlands, England, do visit Danielle’s salon to get these amazing manicures yourself. Trust us, you’ll just love them as much as we do. 

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