10 Easy Snacking Recipes You’ll Love To Binge On

Admit it or not, we all love to snack. There is a huge debate between healthy and unhealthy snacking but how about we make snacking all healthy and end this debate right here. Yes, healthy snacking is a good practice and we encourage you to binge healthy. But how to decide what’s healthy and what is not.

What’s healthy might not be tasty and what’s tasty might not be delish!

And compromising with the taste of your food is the biggest sin.

But with so much misinformation floating around how do make the right choice? Well, that’s when we decided to the matters into our hands (also because we love food). We decided to try out all the healthy recipes we found for you. We followed each and every step carefully and tried replicating the snack and the ones which not only satisfy our hunger, as well as our taste, are here for you.

So quickly go and try out these recipes, because if we loved them, we believe you’ll love them too.

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1. Fig Protein Balls

The fig protein balls from Hara Korakaki are for everyone who loves chocolate with a little twist of figs. Figs are considered very healthy and are a rich source of potassium and calcium whereas dark chocolates are good for heart health and have antioxidants in them. The sweetness of sugar with dark chocolate goes very well and we just loved the taste of it. The energy balls are a great option for everyone who loves this combination.

2. Pecan And Quinoa Cookie

Yes, pecan and quinoa cookies are next up on our list which trusts us you won’t regret making. These cookies from Uneviesanie Objectifis are not just loaded with the health benefits of pecan and quinoa, but they also are made gluten-free. Pecans are known for their healthy monosaturated fatty acids and quinoa for its antioxidants, this snacking recipe is perfect for everyone who loves to snack and wants to keep their cholesterol in check.

3. Carrot Salted Cake

Hands down! Carrot cake is everyone’s favourite but have you tried the salted carrot cake? This gluten-free and rich in oxidants recipe is by Zeynep Erturul Budak which we found perfect for your little snacking break. Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A and also keep your blood sugar level in check. It’s a perfect little snack for your tea time.

4. Dates Energy Balls

You can’t say no to these dates ball, trust on this. This recipe from Papare Mirela Andoni is not just any dates ball. They have almonds, bananas and granules in them. What else you could ask for! Dates are very nutritious and high in fibre. This recipe is super high in antioxidants. It’s a solid epitome for healthy snacking and it goes well with everything.

5. Loaded Bars

When we say it’s loaded, then believe us it’s absolutely loaded. This bar has dates, flaxseed, chia seed and whatnot. You say it and it has it. This recipe by inna_levenets is a fully loaded energy bar. They are rich in antioxidant and has omega-3 in them. They are perfect snack bars for anyone who loves snacking but doesn’t want to comprise their health either.

6. Blueberry Lemon Bliss Balls

Just look at the beauty. And it’s not just beauty it’s beauty with taste. The Blueberry Lemon Bliss Balls by Marcia are so tempting that we can assure you that you can’t resist them. And not just that, they have blueberry, cashew butter and coconut in them and are made oil-free. Blueberry is known for good heart health, bone strength and skin health. Try them and we can guarantee that you’ll love them.

7. Whole Wheat Dates Cake

What can be more healthy than a Whole Wheat Dates Cake? This cake by Richa (savorytales) not only tastes good but is also a healthier alternative to your regular cake. It has options to make it richer by adding dry fruits to it. It’s the perfect tea-time snack and can be one of your constant snacks because there is no looking back once you try it.

8. Seed And Nuts Bar

Super easy to make, these seed and nut bars by Ruana Zakuti are jetpacked with so much goodness and taste. The ingredient list is fully loaded with rich nuts and seeds. It has pecans, walnuts, almonds, cranberry and even dried raspberry. And on top of it, it has chocolate, so there is just no excuse for you not trying them. They are a delight to your palette and we highly recommend making these.

9. Energy Ball With Raspberry Fillings

These are not your average energy balls. They are a level up. A simple 4 ingredient energy ball by Paula is a gamechanger. With the goodness of raspberry, these energy balls a nut-free and high in protein. They also have tahini, dates and oats which makes them so special. Take our words, they are a super delish option for your evening snacking.

10. Pineapple Carrot Muffins

These pineapple carrot muffins from the Tiny Tummy Adventure are an explosion of so many different flavours in your mouth. The sweetness of jaggery when combined with pineapple and carrots takes these muffins to a whole different level. We liked the twist of pineapple in the carrot cake. It is a healthy and wonderful option for your snacking needs.

Let us know if you try any of these snacking recipes. We’ll love to hear from you! Also, shower your love on our incredible recipe developers.

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