6 Reasons Why Makeup Removal Is Extremely Important

The very known mistake that most makeup doers do is not taking their makeup off. It’s very surprising yet very common. Not taking your makeup off could be one is one of the biggest sins you could ever commit. We see a number of YouTubers every day sharing ‘how to take your makeup off’ almost all the time. Even to the point- we want to personally tell them to stop. But since it is so bragged and hyped, it should be important right?

Believe it or not, makeup removal is not just a mere step in our skincare routine, it is a mandatory part of your everyday routine which needs to be done religiously and very carefully.

Some days can be very tiring and you could feel lazy about your skincare routine. It’s fine but leaving your makeup on your face is not fine at all. A tiny mistake could have serious recuperations. Okay! That must have earned an eye roll but trust us, we can tell you how things could take a bad turn. 

Why Makeup Removal Is Important Before Bed

makeup removal

1. Can Cause Acne

Your makeup contains oils in it and oily skin is an open invitation to acnes. It’s no secret that oily skin is more prone to acne because the oil buildup leads to the clogging of tiny pores you have on your facial skin, especially the nose. When the clogging occurs, acne or pimples start appearing on the skin. In the case of your nose, you’ll notice blackheads or whiteheads appearing.

2. Can Cause Eye Infection

When you wear products like eyeshadows, eyeliners or mascaras, they end to leave some residue behind on your eyes. Since our eyes are very sensitive they quickly catch an infection. Products contain many chemicals in that your eyes could be sensitive to. Mascara is one of the most notorious eye products that never come easily. It is highly recommended to take mascara off your eyes very carefully up to the last bits as it could cause some serious eye infections.

3. Could Lead To Dry Skin

Makeup, especially mattifying makeup or powder makeup is created in a way to absorb moisture from your face. If your makeup stays on your face throughout the night, it will suck up all your skin’s moisture and will dry your natural skin because makeup creates a barrier between your skin and moisturizers. When it stays on your skin for long, your skin loses its natural moisture leading to dry skin. Dry skin further causes the signs of ageing.

4. Can Show Signs Of Ageing

Yes, it is very common to develop the signs of ageing by leaving your makeup on when your go to bed. This happens primarily because of the free radicals. Your skin is exposed to free radicals and oxidative stressors throughout the day. These can get trapped and could cause the breakdown of the collagen. When the collagen breaks, it could lead to the development of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. And, although makeup removal seems to be tedious process, the free radicals can stay on your face throughout the night if you do not take your makeup off. That is why makeup removal is an important step in order to avoid early signs of ageing.

5. Can Cause Skin Irritation

Makeup on the skin act as an attractant to the pollutants. It traps pollutants inside the skin and this could result in increased free radicals that can cause skin irritation, redness or inflammation. Not just the pollutants, when any chemical stays on to your face, especially fragrance could lead to skin allergies and cause irritation and inflammations.

6. Could Lead To Dull Skin

Sleeping with makeup at night could hinder the natural shedding of your skin. It’s a known fact that your skin cells replicate at night. The older and dead cells are shredded and replaced by new ones. But sleeping with makeup could create obstruction in this process. This could lead to dull-looking skin as new cells wouldn’t be able to replace the old ones.

How To Take Your Makeup Off

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1. Cleanse

Always start taking your makeup off from your eyes and lips. These are two places where you have the most stubborn pigment. Take some micellar water on a cotton pad or makeup wipes and take your time to clean your eyes and lips well.

Then, move on to the rest of your face. In this first step, try to take as much make-off as possible.

2. Double Cleanse

Yes! You read that right. it’s time to cleanse your face again. Single cleansing is not enough for some stubborn products. With so much development in formulation, the makeup stays put on your face. Even if you clean it, there will be some residual which will only come off after a good double cleaning. Always double cleanse!

3. Time To Wash

It’s time to wash your face now. Use your favourite face wash and clean every product that is on your face. Make sure you are washing your face well.

4. Go With Your Skincare Routine

Now is the time you start following the steps of your skincare routine. There is no hard and fast rule in the routine. Whatever product suits your work the best for you, use them! We have created a guide to help you make your very own skincare routine, check that out.

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Our Final Thoughts

There should be any compromise with your skin and if you like wearing making then you should always take them off. Good skincare is the road to good makeup and it is absolutely important to take care of our skin no matter what.

Remember this rule: if you wear makeup, you HAVE to remove it too!

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