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Paola Cruz

Yoga is not something you have to achieve; it is something you understand through insight- Paola Cruz 

Yoga, a practice that has been getting recognition all over the globe is much more than just physical twisting and bending of your body. Sometimes for physical fitness, sometimes for mental and sometimes for spiritualism, everyone has their own reasons to be adopting yoga in life, but what if yoga chooses you and comes to you? It might sound strange but this is actually what happened in the case of Paola Cruz, who is well-known yoga and wellness instructor. 

If you don’t believe us, you have to definitely to read what Paola has to say.

How curiosity turned into a way of living, is something Paola shared with pycklepedia’s One Creatives and we are extremely honoured to be sharing that with you all. Born in Honduras, she shares the inspiring yoga journey of her road to success of being a yogini and spreading positivity with her teachings.

Paola tells pycklepedia that “Yoga is not about postures, it is a state of being. It comes from the Sanskrit root word Yug, meaning “to unite”, “to yoke”. It’s a state of harmony between mind and body – between humans and nature. Yoga has been practised by mankind for thousands of years.  In fact, Yoga was first mentioned in one of the world’s most ancient and most important Spiritual Texts, the Vedas (written between 1700BCE-1100BCE). Its benefits have been so evident that Yoga now has been adopted by many societies all across the globe, as very well-accepted teaching.” 

Paola Cruz

It is very true that yoga is gaining popularity all over the globe now and is well accepted but this wasn’t the case up until a few years ago. Sharing her journey on how she got into yoga, Paola tells us “Growing up in the Catholic-conservative society of Honduras in the early ’90s, it was difficult to get a hold of what Yoga or even Eastern Philosophies had to offer. 

It was in my sophomore in 2008 that I experienced my very first Yoga Asana Class. After my first Yoga class in university, the very first experience bought a change in me and I kept a regular Yoga Asana (postures) practice. It became something I needed. But it wasn’t until I moved to NYC and experienced high levels of anxiety, that I truly delved into the many aspects of Yoga. This is when my meditation practice began, in the summer of 2013.”

And from there, there was no looking back for Paola, she learned and trained herself to be a certified yoga instructor and coach. It wasn’t easy, but it’s true that when you have a dedication to doing something, even the most difficult task becomes easy. “The taste of Oneness during meditative states, a perfectly harmonious Yoga Asana flow, my ease to concentrate and understand my energetic body.. .what drives my every decision… are all reasons that fuel my passion to sustain a Yogic lifestyle.” says Paola when we asked her about her motivation.  

Yoga has many health benefits if done correctly. Not just physical but it also encourages positive change in the mental health of the individuals. That is why we were curious to ask Paola how yoga has affected her life or has anything changed in her life which makes her want to keep pursuing yoga and her answer is definitely an eye-opening one. If you have any doubts about yoga, here is what the experts have to say!

“For me, Yoga has become my way of life. It has impacted every aspect of my being – my physical body, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body. I focus my thoughts, words, and actions, to resonate with the peaceful teachings found within Yoga’s core philosophy. Other aspects of Yoga such as personal and moral discipline and pratyahara have become second nature to me – this happens to all who carry a continuous practice with a certain intention in mind.”And this doesn’t stop here, to spread the same joy and positivity, Paola is trying her best to encourage people by sharing what she has learnt so far through her social media. 

There’s no bigger joy than sharing your knowledge and wisdom! And Paola proves that.

“Guiding committed students and witnessing their personal transformations and progress is what motivates me as an instructor. I also enjoy sharing daily wisdom, tips, and insights into my way of life with everyone who is curious about it. Little by little, the water pot fills, as Buddha would say.”- She says.

If you are interested in yoga, have heard about it and or it’s just mere curiosity, Paola has something to say to you as well. “You will never truly know until you experience it for yourself. Yoga is not something you have to achieve; it is something you understand through insight.”

We are incredibly proud of Paola’s journey in yoga and how she tries to teach and spread the knowledge she has attained in the form of yoga. It’s certainly not easy but the dedication Paola had has proven to be such an inspiration. She now practises yoga every day and loves to share it with the people willing to learn.  

You can find Paola on Instagram- @practicewithpaola and on her website:

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