12 Binge-Worthy Snacking Recipes You Need To Try!

snacking recipes

Did we hear snack again? Well, admit it or not there is no way anyway can say no to a good snack. Especially when we have ended the debate of snacking being a good or a bad habit. Since it is established that snacking can be healthy too we decided to help you make the right and after our much-loved effort of bringing out the recipes to you, here is another of my favourite snacking recipes made by some super talented people.

We are talking about good taste and health so we didn’t make any comprise and tried each recipe by ourselves. Needless to say, we had a gal time and our kitchen smelled so wonderful. Here, we have the best of the best snacking recipes which not only taste good but also are healthy.

So quickly get into your aprons and try these recipes out now!

1. No-Bake Brookie

If you love brownies and cookies and can not decide what you should be baking between either of those two, make brookies. And these brookies from Isabel Ribeiro are the perfect snacking recipe if you want a delicious and quick snack. These No-Bake Brooies have the richness of dates, almonds, oat flour and coconut flour in it. The combination of all of these not only makes them healthy but also absolutely delicious in taste.

2. Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bars

Another fantastic recipe on our list for you is Chocolate Pumpkin protein Bars by Melafitjourney The combination of chocolate with pumpkin just blew our minds. They look like a complicated recipe but trust us, they are so easy to make that you’ll be making them often. These protein-packed bars are good for your evening snacking when you start feeling a little exhausted. They will give you a quick kick on energy and will prepare you for another round of work.

3. Chocolate Tahini Energy Balls

You just can’t ignore these Chocolate Tahini Energy Balls by Emily Maude because once you try these, there is no coming back! These very delicious energy balls have many healthy ingredients like oats, tahini, chocolate protein powder and chia seeds in it which makes them a rich source of protein. Have them as an evening snack or post-dinner treats, they are a perfect fit for every occasion. And the combination of tahini with chocolate is just too good to be ignored.

4. Almond and Orange Bars

You have to try these Almond and Orange Bars by theveganharmony sisters Tajda & Tamara. These homemade bars are a great snacking option for you. The list of healthy ingredients in these bars would make you want to try them. And not to forget, the taste of orange with almond and drizzled chocolate. We can assure you that you’ll love these bars without a doubt!

5. Blueberry and Coconut Energy Balls

These blueberry and coconut energy balls are such a beauty to the eyes and delight to your tastebuds. I mean, just look at the colour! These super easy-to-make Energy Balls are by Fanny El Tom which will not only satisfy your hunger but also give you an instant bout of energy. They definitely deserve to be made at home and even to be stored.

6. Oats and Seeds Energy Bites

If you don’t like baking, then these oats and seeds energy bites from Megan are for you. These Energy Bites have a list of all healthy ingredients which you can not ignore. Very easy to make they are high in fibre, gluten-free, dairy-free and good for your heart health. The crunch of the oats, with cranberry, and chia seeds is a solid combination. Take our words on this, it’s impossible to stop once you start eating these.

7. Cake Pops

The next up recipe on our list is cake pops by Filipa. It’s such an easy snacking recipe to make that trust us, you’ll be baking cake almost every day just to make these cake pops. Just two ingredients and your pops are ready. Literally, they are so tasty that it is difficult to stop yourself from eating these. Try it once and you’ll know what we are talking about!

8. Banana And Cauliflower Brownies

Yes, you read it right! These brownies are not just any brownies but they are banana and cauliflower brownies by about_real_food and that’s enough to tell you how healthy they are. Also what got us screaming is that they don’t have added sugar or flour in it. Okay, it sounds like we are exaggerating but trust us, they are so delicious that you won’t miss real brownies. If you call yourself healthy and willing to make healthier choices, you have to try these brownies for guilt-free snacking.

9. Snicker Bars

If you love snickers then you’ll love this homemade version of snicker by sonjaeatss. It’s so easy to make that there is no excuse for you not trying these. Plus there is chocolate with peanut butter and date which will make you drool. They are so delicious and healthy that you’ll probably prefer making your snicker at home once you try these!

10. Ricotta and Cocoa Squares

The next recipe, the moment we saw it, we fell in love with it and we knew we have to make it. These Ricotta and Cocoa Squares by Valentine Baban are must-make if you are looking for snacking recipes. Ricotta is rich in calcium and other nutrients like Vitamin A, riboflavin and Vitamin B12. The health benefits of ricotta when combined with the goodness of chocolate and orange zest just take you to another world of deliciousness. Don’t believe us? Try it by yourself!

11. Oaty Bars

When we say these Oaty Bars are an epitome of health then you have to believe us in that. These bars from Lena_nutrition are loaded with oats, flaxseeds, banana and almond butter. They are so tasty that your self-control can go a little out of the window. They are very healthy and filled with a great amount of energy. So much that they can even be used as a pre-workout. Try them out now!

12. Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls

The zesty and tanginess of lemon when meets with the richness of cashew and sweetness of honey make these amazing Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls by Riwa Ghoussoub. The ingredient list of these bliss balls is filled with very nutritious ingredients that even if you try to get past this recipe, you can. They are so easy to make and taste so yum that they will become one of your go-to snacks.

BONUS- Coconut Cookie Butter Crunch

Surprise! Surprise!

Honesty we love to snack and we don’t want you to run out of options. So here is a bonus recipe for you all which is one of our many faves. The Coconut Cookie Butter Crunch by Victoria is a vegan and gluten-free option for delicious and mouthwatering snacking. It is made up of many healthy ingredients like coconut flour and rice crispies. The crunch from the rice crispies coated with chocolate is addicting. And yes, the desiccated coconut on top is just wow! Take our word on this and try it NOW!!!

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