21 Best Skincare Brands You Should Invest In 2022

We all are pretty much aware of how skin care is beneficial for us. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a mandatory part of anyone’s day. Whether it’s a 3 steps basic skincare routine or 9 steps extravagant skincare regime, everyone has something to offer to their skin. However, with the flooding of new skincare virals and celebrity skincare brand launches almost every day, it’s quite a debate about what to buy and what to ignore.

In the world of cash grabs and false claims, here is our list of 21 best skincare brands which we love and actually work on your skin. So if you are willing to invest in skincare, here are some options for you!

1. Neutrogena

Neutrogena is a well-known drugstore brand for its amazing range of skincare products. Often touted as the number one dermatologist recommend brand, Neutrogena has a product for every skin type and complexion. The formulation of the product is done with scientifically backed ingredients which is the secret of its great products. 

Our Favourite Product 

Even though it is hard to pick one favourite product from Neutrogena, we’ll go with its Hydro Boost Water Gel. It has the benefits of hyaluronic acid which hydrates the face impeccably. One of its most amazing qualities is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and we just love a moisturizer that hydrates and still feels nothing on the face.

2. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is a no ordinary brand when it comes to skincare. This brand actually knows what they are doing with their products. With a very amazing range of oils and serums at a very affordable price range, this brand has quickly risen to fame and become a fan favourite.

Our Favourite Product

Although there isn’t any product that failed to impress us in the skincare of The Ordinary, Niacinamide 10% +Zinc 1% is our absolute favourite and a product which we guarantee you’ll be re-purchasing over and over again. The product works magically on the blemishes and gives you that radiant and glowy skin you dream of.

3. Drunk Elephant

A cute name with adorable packaging Drunk Elephant is a brand we can’t stop talking about enough. If you are wondering about the name, let’s decode it for you. The products of Drunk Elephant are formulated with marula oil (now you see…marula fruit and elephant!). Well, other than the cute packaging and fun name, this brand has much more to offer. The formula of the brands are well researched and works well for all skin types. The brand has a wide range of skincare products which you can trust.

Our Favorite Product

If you are looking for an at-home facial mask, then look no further. Drunk Elephant’s Sukari Babyfacial is a very gentle exfoliant which brightens your skin instantly. This mask will give your skin baby-like softness and elasticity. It has a whopping 25% AHA and 2% BHA chemical exfoliants which help clear dead cells from your skin.

4. Shiseido

When K-beauty is talked about so much, you can not underestimate the power of Japanese Beauty and Skincare Brands. The Japanese brand Shiseido offers a wide range of skincare products which works wonder on the skin. With 140 years of the brand, they definitely know the skincare game and what they are doing with their formulas. The formulation of these skincare products is done with some greatest ingredients which are dermatologically tested.

Our Favorite Product

Sheshildo skincare brand

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion is one of the best sunscreens out there. This gel-like sunscreen with a formula which doesn’t feel heavy on the skin offers broad-spectrum protection of SPF 50+. It doesn’t leave any white cast and literally disappears from the skin. It is developed with a technology which makes it work better in heat and in water. A definitely must-must have on our list.

5. Ranavat

If you haven’t heard about Ranavat before, then we’ll take the honours of introducing one of the most amazing ayurvedic skincare brands we came across. The brand which is relatively new has formulated its products with ingredients which are known to have proven effectiveness. They are organic and made for almost every skin type.

Our Favourite Product

Ranavat’s Radiant Rani Brightening Saffron Serum is hands down our favourite product from the line. The formula is very lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. The serum has saffron and turmeric in it which are well-known ingredients in Ayurveda. Saffron helps in brightening the skin while turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Combinedly found in this serum, this combination offers literally the best of both worlds.

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6. Cetaphil

If we are talking about the best brands in skincare and we are not talking about Cetaphil, then clearly we don’t know anything about skincare. Cetaphil is one of the most gentle brands which suits almost every skin type, especially sensitive skin. For over 70 years and in almost 70 countries, the formula of this brand has been widely loved and trusted by dermatologists as well. This brand has been formulating one of the best formulas which doctors very even recommend.

Our Favorite Product

Cetaphil Skincare Brand

One of the finest products of Cetaphil is its Daily Facial Cleanser. It is one of the highly recommended products by dermatologists. The product is suitable for normal to oily skin and gives your face gentle deep cleanse.

7. CeraVe

It would be unfair not to name CeraVe on the list. A staple drugstore brand that has many products for all skin types is a cult favorite. The quality ingredients at a very budget-friendly price make CeraVe what it is. The ceramides present helps to replenish the ceramides present in the skin.

Our Favorite Product

The Daily Moisturing Lotion from CeraVe is one the most popular loved product of the brand by not just us but also the fan base. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky. The ceramides present helps replenish the skin and the presence of hyaluronic acid makes it a super fantastic dose of hydration.

8. SkinCeuticals

If you are looking for a dermatologist-recommended brand then SkinCeuticals is the brand you should be investing in. It prevents and corrects the sign of ageing so efficiently that you won’t be able to believe the magic!

Our Favourite Product

Undoubtedly our favourite product from SkinCeuticals has to be its C E Ferulic which is one of the most loved products of the brands. It improves the signs of ageing and absorbs easily into the skin. The formula is now clinically proven and works for all skin types.

9. Laniege

Korean Skincare is quite famous amongst the cult and if you want to try your hands on a good Korean skincare brand that fits well in your budget then it’s none other than Laneige. The effective formulas of the brands will bring a noticeable difference to your skin.

Our Favourite Product

If you want the best moisturizer and toner in just one product, then stop right here and grab this amazing Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer from Laneige. We have never come acrossa product that serves both purposes and works like a miracle at the same time. It has a super light formula which gives next-level hydration.

10. Dr Barbara Strum

If you are willing to give your skin luxurious yet effective skincare, then Dr Barbara Strum is the brand for you. This brand although on the pricer side offers some well-researched and effectively working formulas which you’ll can potentially fall in love with way sooner than we could expect.

Our Favourite Product

The product of Dr Barbara Strum that we liked is its Face Cream Rich. It has an active ingredient called purslane which soothes your skin. This cream will leave you with good hydration and glow.

11. Estee Lauder

An iconic brand which started in 1946, Estee Lauder is one of the finest brands in makeup and skincare. They surely know what they are offering and we just love it. It offers some great skincare products which can become your staples.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is one of the best products from Estee Lauder. The serum is best to make your skin look radiant, glowy and hydrated. It is absorbed in the skin very well, making it appear plush and plumpy, which is one thing we absolutely love about this product.

12. La Rochey-Posay

If you are looking for the active formula of the high-end brands at drugstore prices, than this French brand is for you. La Roche-Posay is one of the best brands out there and is especially good for people with skin conditions like eczema, rosacea etc.

The Rosaliac AR Intense Anti-Redness Serum from La Roche-Posay is one f the best products if you suffer from facial redness. The non-oily formula makes the skin appear healthy by diminishing the redness due to the presence of the ambophenol. And aside from that, it gives a long hour of hydration for that glowy look.

13. Dermologica

One of the most recommended brands by dermatologists, founded by an aesthetician Dermalogica has been around for more than 3 decades. This brand has great gentle formulas which make your skincare regime very mild. And, of course, there isn’t any doubt about the performance of the brand because it’s coming from an aesthetician herself!

Our Favourite Product

The Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a gentle soap-free gel which clears your skin without making it feel stripped. It washes away all the toxins and debris from your skin making your pores feel unclogged. It’s definitely one of our must-have products for you.

14. Olay

In 1952 we were blessed with one of the best skincare brands anyone could come across in the drugstore, none other than Olay. The brand has been in generations and every single product this brand has ever released has come up with great efficacy and perfection. No doubt…you’ll just love Olay!

Our Favourite Product

Olay Regenerist Face Cream Moisturizers is something you can blindly trust for your skin. It claims to hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 28 days. It has some active ingredients like peptides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid which gets the credit for the miracle.

15. Versed

Good products and an affordable price range are something we constantly look for and Versed is a brand which will always be on the top of our list for it. The clean, cruelty-free and vegan formula, definitely makes this brand one of our favourites.

Although it’s very difficult to choose one product from the line, we will go with The Instant Resurface Mask. It has very gently which exfoliates the skin with the combination 3- AHA, BHA and enzyme exfoliants. The mask gives a brighter, smoother and rejuvenated skin which you can get addicted to!

16. Tatcha

Another Japanese skincare brand which we absolutely love is none other than Tatcha will go crazy with its so effective and miraculous skincare range. The brand is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and rituals. Its range of cleansers, creams, and serums are centred around three ingredients: green tea, rice, and algae. It’s definitely a brand worth investing in.

Our Favourite Product

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream exactly does what it says. The lightweight formula doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and leaves you with hydrated and dewy glows which makes your skin look healthier.

17. Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s has been with us since 1851 so it’s useless to say that they know skincare probably more than us. The tried and tested formula of the brand has been evolving ever since making this brand one of the most iconic brands which have been running for generations

Our Favorutie Product

The Midnight Recovery concentrate Serum is our number one pick from Kiehls. This serum combines lavender oil, squalane, and evening primrose oil to repair your skin’s moisture barrier while you sleep. Trust us, when you’ll wake up you’ll be feeling fresher and well-rested.

18. Avène

If you have sensitive skin and looking for a product that soothes your skin, Avène is the brand you can trust for your skin. The mild formulas of this line are made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of sensitive skin. The core ingredient for the formulation of the products in this French brand is thermal spring water which is the secret behind its calming nature.

Our Favourite Product

Avène  Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream is the top product on our list when we talk about the favourites in this brand. The cream provides hydration as well as protection without irritating your sensitive skin. The cream also consists of zinc and copper which further helps to restore a healthy environment for the skin. So much for your sensitive skin indeed!

19. Sunday Riley

When you look at the ingredient list in your product and natural ingredients excite you then Sunday Riley is a brand you should be opting for. The natural ingredients in the product work wonder on the skin. The high-tech formula of its product is something we always look forward to.

Our Favourite Product

Picking up exfoliants can be tricky if you have sensitive skin but you can blindly trust Sunday Riley’s Good Gene Lactic Acid Based Serum that not only exfoliates but also brightens up the skin by clearing the dead skin. For baby soft softness and plumpness, you can make this product your go-to exfoliant.

20. Beauty Stat

Co-Founded by a beauty chemist, Beauty Stat is a brand you certainly don’t have to worry about the formulations. Even though the line doesn’t have many products, whatever they offer right now is definitely our favourite and worth giving a try!

Our Favourite Product

Beauty Stat Best Skincare Brand

Eye Cream with the benefits of Vitamin C got an instant thumbs up from us. The Universal C Eye perfector became an instant favourite of ours. It has a 5% concentration of pure and potent l-ascorbic acid combined with hyaluronic acid, CBD and EGCG, an antioxidant-rich compound derived from green tea. What else you could ask for from an eye cream!

21. Tata Harper

From growing ingredients on their own farms to developing formulas with the help of in-house chemists, this Tata Harper is the epitome of clean beauty. With natural ingredients, this brand has been making its name and quickly becoming a favourite of so many (including us)

Our Favourite Product

Tata Harper best skincare brand

Tata Harper Resurfacing mask is all you need for a glow radiant-looking skin. It has active ingredients which are sourced naturally and are good for the skin especially if you are breaking out. Also, there is a cool feature of tracking your bottle which tells you the exact date when your bottle was packaged…cool huh!

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