12 Manicures Inspirations You Can’t Resist- 2022

Everyone needs and wishes for a beautiful manicure, but it’s often confusing what to do next with your nails. If you struggle the same way we do on our manicure appointments, we have got you covered. We have bought you once again, the most amazing and beautiful manicures from talented artists yet again to choose from.

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Take our words, you won’t be able to pick one!

1. Swirls and French Tips

If you haven’t tried swirls and french tips yet, you are seriously missing out! The simplistic yet very modern design of swirls when mixed with classic french tips becomes everyone’s cuppa tea without a fail. This manicure By Leah is gorgeous and something you cannot go wrong with! If you haven’t experimented with your manicures yet, this is your sign!

2. Rainbow Nails

If you want to go multi-colour and are not sure which design to pick, rainbow nails are for you! This multi-colour manicure by Magnailz became one of our instant faves and a solid must-have look. They look so beautiful that trust us, you won’t be able to handle all the compliments coming your way!

3. Celestial Nails

If you love stars and moons, why not get them on your nails! Yes, incredibly talented cdanails have bought the entire galaxy on the nails and we just can’t stop swooning over them. This handpainted manicure will turn heads and will get all the attention they deserve.

4. Pastel Vibes

You can never go wrong with pastels especially when they look so pretty. The amazing design by Sara Sofia Beauty is perfect for anyone who is looking for a modern yet chic look for their nails. This is one of the designs which can quickly become your staple manicure look, take our words on that!

5. Black French Tips

French tips are a classic manicure but have you considered black french tips. Well, they are just not any black french tips, they are very sophisticated yet chic black french tips by Benditas Manos. Whether you are in a meeting or at a party, this manicure will surely catch everyone’s eye.

6. Little Hearts

If you want to keep your nail game simple, these cute little hearts can be your vibe. Everything about these nails by Maritza (mynailfielife) screams cuteness to us. These little fluorescent hearts can give any boring manicure a kick of stylishness without making it too extra. Just a right combo!

7. Gold Dust

Another one of our fave, this nail look with dusted gold just won our hearts. The beauty and the elegance of these nails by jennaiils cannot be ignored by any. They look so fantastic that you may fall in love with them instantly just as we did. The gold gives this manicure such a lux vibe that you can simply get addicted to them.

8. Ombre Effect

You cannot go wrong with ombre, can you? A very chic and elegant nail look by nailmasterdallas is all you need to make your nail stand out! The perfect subtleness of this look is what got us crazy about them. And we strongly believe, you’ll fall in love with them too!

9. Stellar Nails

These Gen Z stellar nails are actually very stellar if you want to up notch your manicure game. This extremely beautiful set of nails by bmb_nail is surely going to get all the love and compliments you are not even prepared for.

10. Fruity Nails

Next up is a very unique and refreshing look for your nails. A Fruity Manicure by JMoneyNails is such a refreshing vibe that we cannot overlook them. With bright colours and delish fruits, this can be your manicure of the month!

11. Specks & Sparkles

Never have we ever thought that the combination of blue, grey and gold would look so amazing but here we are! This super chic and elegant manicure by raixnails is definitely one of the must-haves if you want to have the best of both worlds!

12. Heart Lines

Yes, you read that right. Heart Lines! The next manicure on our list is by didi_nailart_diy and the super gorgeous rainbow heart lines just make these nails stand out for us. They look so pretty and marvellous that trust us you’ll get all the hearts you need on this manicure.

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