How To Accessorize Your Look To Perfection

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Never underestimate the power of a good accessory. They can literally make or break a look. 

Accessories although essential are very tricky to style. They can be best friends or your worst enemy in a snap. If you chose the wrong one or if you go a little overboard with it, your look could come crashing down. It is very important to learn how to style your accessory to level up your fashion game. 

How the right accessory could be a daunting task but we are here for you! In this article we will cover everything you need to know about choosing the right accessories for your style and trust us, it’s not that difficult once you get a hang of it.

1. Understand The Look You Are Going For

The first thing you want to learn and understand is the look you are going for. If you want to make a low classic, modern, street style or something else. Once you have your look decoded, you can now move on to how to accessorise that look.

2. The Fit Of The Outfit Matters

Is it a well-tailored outfit or something baggy, you should know the outfit and the look you are willing to achieve with makes the styling accessory game a lot easier.

A belt on a baggy shirt dress or hoops earring on a tailored suit can add a lot of extra effects to your look of the day.

3. Go Bold With Colors

If you are not confident about founding the right accessory or it is just a day you dont want too much effort into the dressing, then the trick is definitely for you. 

Imagine, a monochrome look with contrasting coloured bags or shoes. The most effortless way of pairing accessories with your look is going bold with colours. You can mix and match shoes, bags or even scarfs with any outfits you want to carry. Just let the colours do their magic and they will be enough to get 10/10 on any look.

4. A Belt For Anything

belts as accessories

A simple belt can save your day any day. Always have multiple options for your belts, then can level up any look that you want to pull off. Belts accentuate your waist and give definition t your look. It can make any plain look stand out from the ordinary. Belts are so versatile that you can have them with anything.

If you want to go for oversized dressing, get a belt.

Or, if you want to go for a dress, get a belt.

If you want to give definition to your look, get a belt

Or maybe you want to level up your saree game, heck yes! Get a belt

4. Scarfs

Scarfs make a great accessory in both winters as well as summers. They are so versatile that you can never run out of ideas for styling a scarf. 

YOu can wrap it around your neck, or you can tie it on your waist as a belt, you can use it as a hair accessory or as a bracelet or you can make it an accessory of your accessory.

Didn’t get it?

Well tie a scarf on your bag and you’ll know what we mean.

They are a perfect accessory for everyone and even if you knew the accessorizing your outfit game, scarfs can become your best friend. 

5. Necklaces

A very common and one of the most loved accessories is necklaces. They come in so many shapes and sizes that there is a vast pool of options to choose from. You can not go wrong with necklaces if you do them right. 

The first thing you want to ensure while choosing the necklaces is the length of the necklace you want to go for. The right length is absolutely important as too short, or too long could kill your look instantly.

You can use simple chains or heavy necklaces to pet the look you are going for. You can even layer your necklaces which adds an extra edge to your look.

6. Bracelets

braceelts as accessories

Another option is bracelets. Bracelets are very simple and yet look very elegant on almost every look. You can choose how to style your bracelet again depending on the look you are willing to carry.

If you dont wear a wristwatch, bracelets are a great option for you. And even if you do wear wristwatches, you can still wear them. A simple chained or thin metal bracelet looks very elegant on almost every look and is one of the safest choices to go for.

Once you are comfortable with style bracelets, you can go for layering them.

7. Wrist Watches

Wrist watches

If you are running out of ideas, a trusted wristwatch will never let you down. Wrist watches make a great accessory choice for both men and women. There isn’t any rocket science behind styling your wrist watches. You can simply never go wrong with them.

The very simple watch can add so much definition to your look that you couldn’t even imagine.

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8. Rings

Rings. Everybody loves rings and they are a solid choice of accessories for everyone. Depending on the look you are going for you can oomph up your look. There are so many great ways of stying a ring that you can never run out of ideas.

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9. Sunglasses

woman in black dress wearing sunglasses on gold chain
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Ah…we love a good pair of sunglasses.

The boldness they carry can make any look stand out. The right pair of sunglasses with your outfit can make you look dreamy without doing much to it.

Sunglasses are also a very practical accessory as they protect your eyes from the sun. So do carry sunglasses with you all the time when you can go out!

10. Bags

bags as accessories

Bags are a necessity for women but how you style your outfits defines a lot about your styling game. A nice tote, sling bag or clutch, there are just so many options to choose from when it comes to a bag that you can never run out of ideas.

A classic bag is a safe game but you can always experiment with bold colours and prints in your bag.

11. Shoes

shoes as accessories

Yes, shoes make a great accessory too. Shoes are pretty much mandatory to wear (of course!) so why not style them to perfection? 

Shoes are a wonderful accessory. You can go for classic, bold or vibrant looks just with your shoes. They can be a highlight on any look. There are shoes for every look so no excuse for you for not trying and accessorizing good shoes.

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12. Hair Accessory

There are so many cute hair accessories now available. From headbands to baby clips to barrettes, there are just endless options and multiple ways to style them. 

A hair accessory if chosen right, can make any look cute or badass. The extra benefit f hair accessories are that they keep things in place and won’t let the fly around even after hours. They are definitely a good choice even for the newbies.

Our Final Thoughts

Fashion and style are very personal to each person. There is no hard and fast rule about them. You make your own rules and create a groundbreaking statement. Accessories whether of any kind can surely improvise your fashion and styling game a little, so do give your shot and experiment with stuff!

Because fashion is all about experimenting!

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