Internet’s Best Re-Creation Of The Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails

If you don’t know about Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nail trend, then we are sorry to say this but you are probably living under a rock.

Hailey Bieber has managed to take over the internet by storm once again for all fabulous reasons. After the launch of her Rhode Skin, she is once again trending for her go-to manicure the glaze donot or chrome nails, whatever you want to call it. The Glazed Donut nails on Hailey were created by Zola Ganzorigt and have taken the internet by the storm and have been trending ever since and we are all here for it.

Since this trend has been a massive hit and many people are trying it, we have come across many of versions of the glazed donut nail look. People are unleashing their creative side and giving this look a different twist. So here we decided to share with you the best-recreated version of this look we found on the internet.

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1. Minea Bergström

First up is a very incredibly talented nail artist from Finland Minea Bergström who created her version of the chrome nails which we absolutely adore. With over three years of experience, she says “I love this look, I think it looks elegant and simple, sometimes simplicity is the best! It’s also easy to do!”

2. Nails By Nona Philippa

The next up on our list comes all the way from England by a very talented nail artist NonaPhilippa with almost 9 years of solid experience in the nail industry. She says ” I’ve always loved Chrome nails as they give such different and amazing effects, I remember when Unicorn/Mermaid chromes first came out years ago and it’s amazing to see how they differ on top of different colours.” After convincing her best friend, she tried the Chrome nails using all Magpie Beauty products. She adds ‘I think the “glazed doughnut” trend is really simple but very pretty and elegant, it’s nice to see Chrome making a comeback (not that it ever went anywhere!)’. This is how the manicure turned out and we can’t stop looking at it!

3. Adoring Mély

The super cute, super adorable version of the glazed donut manicure by a 25-year-old Belgian nail artist, Adoring Mely, found her hobby in doing nails while studying at the same time. She says “I always liked chrome and pearly nails and everyone always said it was too ‘old’ for me, but since Hailey Bieber’s nail artist posted this it went viral and it is now proven, that manicures are never age-restricted.” Finding the perfect shade was certainly difficult but once found, the thrilling part came which was actually doing these nails. “It’s fairly simple to do this manicure. ” I first did the “Dolly” Biab from The Gel Bottle, then I did an extremely shiny top coat from The Gel Bottle as well, then I wiped the pearly chrome dust from the Urban Nails and finished the manicure with a top coat.”

4. Melou’s Nails

If you doubt that chrome nails wouldn’t look beautiful on short nails, then Melou’s Nails is here to prove you wrong. The incredibly talented nail artist from the UK says “I love this look as it’s so effortless and extremely classy and elegant. Someone who loves nude would love to jazz up their mani with this powder. It’s so eye-catching.” She too used all the Magpie products to create this amazing manicure. Take a look at them!

5. Beauty And More

The beautyandmore all the way from Germany has created their own version of the ‘glazed donut’ nails which we couldn’t stop loving. The manicure looks so beautiful that trust us, you’ll surely win many compliments for it.

6. Nicky aka Nixsnails

If you are still isn’t convinced with the beauty of the glazed donut nails, look at this amazing version of it done by Nicky, an NW London-based nail technician. She says “I love the glazed look as it’s so classy, elegant and it goes with any outfit/style. This trend is timeless and will evolve with the seasons. Darker chrome colours will come in during Autumn and Winter.” After her sister-in-law’s request, Nicky tried the look and needless to say it turned out magnificent!

7. Hayley Jane Beauty Bar

The Australia-based nail technician, Hayley Jane created her version of the chrome nails and we couldn’t help ourselves from swooning over them. They look absolutely chic and elegant on her client which is the vibe of this manicure.

8. Melissa

A fashionista mom Melissa from New Jersey has taken the definition of fashion with her manicure game. Melissa says “Getting my nails done every 3 weeks brings me so much joy. Choosing the colour or design brings out my creative side. I love the Hailey Bieber’s glazed nail trend. It can be a casual or dressy nail option and I think it’ll be around for a while.” She gets her nail professionally done and adds “I love the addition of chrome powder which takes your basic nude polish to the next level. High shine!” And trust us, we have fallen in love with it.

9. Dvine Studios

Next up is all the way from India from the very talented Shikha from Dvine Studio. With 7 years of experience, Shikha says “When Hailey Bieber manicure hit the storm, we instantly recognised this look and realised these are chrome nails, and we have been doing this for five years. I got my first set of white chrome nails in 2017, so it was time I do it again!” She used Bluesky products for the manicure and further adds “This look is simple, elegant and timeless. It looks great for a day look or a night look. People belonging to any age group can effortlessly wear this look.” And needless to say, it came out fantastic!

10. Studio Kynsivilla

Another talented nail artist from Finland, who got us loving this nail trend is Studio Kynsivilla who started her nail technician’s journey at the age of mere 19. She says “I love this look, it combines elegance and glamour perfectly. I love this trend, have to do the same nails for myself!” She used  I have used Soft Touch from Valentino Beauty Pure and chrome is White Ice from Jet Set Beauty for this look and it just won her heart.

11. Infinity Beauty Zurich

One of our super faves versions is from Infinity Beauty which is founded in 2019 with the first salon in Germany & expanded to Switzerland at the beginning of 2022. They say “Hailey’s glazed donut” nail design is very suitable for anything that a woman can put on herself. That is the main reason why we really like this design & what makes it a new school timeless sort of design.” They also add “In these days, we can see a lot of influence of famous icons in the beauty sector. New techniques & designs can be found every day, but what these influences special is that a lot of old schools things are coming back and crushing the world again!”

They shared their secret and told us that they use The products used for this particular nail set were: Milky Acrylic powder/Gel, O.P.I tin man can chrome pigment to achieve this look which is a total stunner.

12. Brandis | BDazzldNails

Another version is created by Brandis who loves everything nail related. About the Hailey Bieber nail trend, she tells us “I love how clean and fresh it looks. It takes a basic nude (essentially) and takes it a level up without being flashy.” For this manicure, she used a variety of products from the brands including Revel Nails, the painted desert and Luxie Nails. She adds “I love that such a beautiful, simple and ACHIEVABLE look became so popular. It’s easy and beautiful. “

13. MS23

Next up is another fantastic design by MS23 that is something we can’t stop thinking about. The version created by her is absolutely gorgeous and we cannot stop talking about it enough. She says “This trend of Hailey Bieber nails is elegant, goes well with everything, it is something with just a little bit.” She further adds “This will be a long-term trend, as so many people have that but it was just become a phenomenon recently by celebrities pushing”

14. Jana Nails

A very young and talented nail technician Jana from Germany recently started her journey as a nail technician. About the Hailey Bieber nail trend, she says “the look is simple but still totally special. I think the design fits every season and every occasion. A timeless look”. The process of doing this manicure might sound intimidating but it’s very simple. ” I first used a milky white for the design. I then applied a no-wipe top coat. After hardening, I worked the pigment into the still warm nails with my finger.” And we must say, it looks amazing!

15. Deborah Tasker

Another very beautiful recreation of the trending Hailey Bieber nails is done by a very talented nail technician Deborah Tasker from Swindon. Absolutely gorgeous set of manicures goes by ‘Caramel Glazed Nails’ which we absolutely adore.

16. Renata Stolarska

Another super incredibly talented nail artist from Poland, Renata Stolarska, has created a very lovely version of her glazed donut nails using Indigo Nails which won our heart. It looks so elegant and stylish that you can slay it on every occasion.

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