15 Brands With The Best Vegan Bags- 2022

With changing lifestyle habits and people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, we have seen a major shift in the choice people make. People are now looking for alternatives and brands are now giving them those alternatives. And same applies to the bags. We now have cruelty-free, environmentally friendly vegan bags that are hard to miss.

So if you are looking for a new addition to the bag closet and vegan bags are your vibe, then this article is for you. Find out the best of the best vegan bag brands that you cannot say no to.

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1. Alexandra K

The PETA-approved luxury animal-friendly and vegan brand for bags and accessories founded in 2014 Alexandra K have one of the finest quality vegan bags that are an absolute must-have. The beauty of this brand is that each bag is handcrafted and the material used in making these brands are apple, pineapple and corn leather and many other vegetable fabrics. Just look at this beauty!

2. Stella McCartney

A well-known face of sustainability and high-end fashion, Stella McCartney is a brand that has left a great mark on the fashion industry. One of our favourites, this brand has worked fantastically by working with biodegradable denim, 100% sustainable viscose, and no animal leather or skin or fur. The brand has a wonderful collection in its range which deserves a place in your closet and trust us you won’t regret your decision.

Image Courtesy- Stella McCartney

3. Simon Miller

Another fantastic brand Simon Miller has a versatile range of vegan bags in its collection. The style, the vibrant colours and the quality of the bags are out of the world. There isn’t a bag you can say no to from this brand. Absolutely love it!

Image Courtesy- Simon Miller

4. LaBante London

Vegan, ethical and sustainable, LaBante London is the next brand we can’t stop talking enough about! Founded in 2009 by Vanita Badlani, LaBante London produces its product with an ethos of ‘Fashion With Respect.’ The versatile and wide range of products from this brand at a very decent price range makes us fall in love with it.

Image Courtesy- LaBante London

5. Corkor

If you a looking for a bag that could make an impact, try Corkor bags. These handcrafted, PETA-certified vegan bags which are made up of cork fabric are 100% sustainable and ethical. The bags have a unique look to them and being handmade makes them very special.

Image Courtesy- Corkor

6. Glass Ladder & Co.

Launched in 2017, Glass Ladder & Co. is a small family business but nothing stops them from being one of the bests! Their bags are ethical, vegan and sustainable. They are not just PETA approved but also hold certificates by Farm Century as ‘Animal Free.’ Apart from all the fantastic features of the bags which includes a cup holder from Glass Ladder & Co, this brand also has another thing that we absolutely love- that is their product names. They have named their products after influential women and we love the thought behind it other than the bags themselves.

Image Courtesy- Glass Ladder & Co.

7. Luxtra London

Next up on our list is the brand by launched Jessica Kruger in 2018 is a 100% vegan brand turning pineapples, apples, cactus and mango into vegan leather. Luxtra is a PETA-approved brand which is sustainable and on the mission to promote responsible fashion. The collection has vibrant and beautiful colours which you won’t be able to resist.

Image Courtesy- Luxtra

8. Themoiré

This brand from Milan is next up on our list. Themoirè is an ethical and ecologically responsible brand which sources its vegan leather from apple waste or nopal cactus. The brand further uses recycled nylon, recycled cotton or Eco fur. It has some beautiful bags that can definitely be a statement piece in your collection!

Image Courtesy- Themoire

9. Thamon

The beautiful bags by Thamon made us a big fan of this brand. Founded on the three very strong pillars of sustainability, good design and quality, Thamon creates ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable handbags. The brand uses fallen leaves which are locally collected as their material and each bag is handcrafted. The beautiful print and the design will surely win your heart!

Image Courtesy- Thamon

10. AMARE 

Amare, a brand which aims to create awareness about endangered animals works beautifully not towards its goal but also towards great fashion. They use Cactus leather to create their wonderful range of bags which comes in many colours. The bag also comes with many cute animal logos which we absolutely adore.

Image Courtesy- Amare

11. Hozen

If you are looking for a bag that is out of the box and vegan, then look no further. Hozen, a brand founded in 2018 uses vegan leather along with upcycled, recycled and biodegradable materials to make its products. They have a unique and very versatile range of collections that will leave you spellbound. Not just that, we love how Hozen bags come with the card featuring the smiling face of the artisan who handcrafted that bag!

12. Matt & Nat

It wouldn’t be fair if we are talking about the best vegan bags and not mentioning Matt & Natt. One of the first brands which came up with the concept of vegan bags, Matt and Nat have proven that fashion can be ethical and cruelty-free. The brand uses a variety of premium quality vegan leather as a material to make their products. They have a very wide range of products in their collection which you’ll love as much as we do!

13. Gunas

This article is incomplete with Gunas on the list. This PETA-approved celebrity favorite brand has been talked about a lot! They use sustainable and ethical practices to handcraft the bags in South Korea. The premium luxury brand Gunas is definitely a fan favourite!

Image Courtesy- Gunas

14. Pixie Mood

Next up on our list is none other than Pixie Mood. Founded in 2010, Pixie Mood has been setting benchmarks with its designs and sustainability goals. The brand uses recycled vegan leather, recycled canvas, cork and much more to manufacture its products. Pixie Mood is a perfect blend of sustainability and fashion which we fell in love with.

15. Mali+Lili

Mali + Lili, a cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable brand is definitely made for your closet. The brand comes with many products to choose from depending on the needs. Mali + Lili is a PETA-approved brand which is trying to reduce waste by making purposeful choices. With beautiful bags which will suit your style, this brand holds a spot in your heart and our closet!

Our Final Verdict

Vegan bags are the current vibe! We need to make conscious choices now more than ever. Slay a vegan bag and live guilt free because fashion can be done sustainably too!

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