9 Hair Secrets For Improving Your Hair Health

Every girl has different-different hair goals but there is something that is undeniably common in all those lists.

Healthy hair!

Yes, no matter how short or long you want your, healthy hair is something we all dream of. Some people are blessed with fantastic genetics which gives them naturally gorgeous hair. While some need to take that extra care of their hair. But despite all that, hair care is very important for everyone otherwise it doesn’t take long for your hair to get upset!

Losing hair strands every day is very painful (not physically obviously…duh) but this pain is far more worse than physical pain and we all can unanimously agree on that.

Believe it or not, your hair care routine is the expansion of your skincare routine. If you want healthy, strong and shiny hair, a good hair care routine is very important. Although any routine sounds like a tedious job, but hey! we are talking about healthy hair here.

Here in this article, we are telling you all the secrets for healthy hair which you must bring to into your lifestyle for that dreamy hair you desire.

1. Focus On The Scalp

A healthy scalp is like a healthy field for plants to grow. If you take good care of your scalp, your hair quality and hair strength will eventually get better. First and the most important thing you need to do is to keep your scalp clean. Your scalp secretes oil naturally which starts to build up. The accumulation of that oils can clog your hair follicles and this can reduce the quality of hair. This can also lead to hair thinning and ultimately hair falling.

Aside from the build-up, the is dandruff, pollution and chemicals that can get trapped in your hair which needs to be rinsed off as quickly as possible. So keeping your scalp clean is primarily condition.

Secondly, a good scalp massage is always beneficial to you in many ways. It is not just relaxing but it also encourages blood circulation to the area, which helps deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. This lead to hair regrowth and fullness of hair. Studies also favour hair massaging as a good practice and leads to hair thickening and hair loss stabilization.

2. Avoid Chemicals

hair care

There are no secrets that some chemicals are very harmful to your hair. These chemicals can cause brittle hair and can even lead to hair fall. Thus, chemicals should be avoided from your hair products at all costs. Even though not all chemicals are dangerous but their use of them should be limited to avoid long-term side effects.

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3. Use A Hair Mask

If you use conditioner on your hair, you might want to consider using Hair Masks on your hair too! Yes, they do genuinely work on your hair like magic. They are formulated to strengthen your hair which reduces breakage, they give moisture and shine to your hair to make them appear healthy and hydrated. There are plenty of hair masks available in the market to choose from. Some of them are really good ones but if you don’t want to invest money in hair masks, you can try a DIY version of them at home. They are completely natural and work more or less the same way.

4. Say Hello To Natural Ingredients

We have seen people swearing by using natural ingredients for their hair products. Ayurveda has strongly advised using natural ingredients and the tradition of using natural ingredients by Indians is quite prominent. And let us tell you, it’s not gimmicky at all. Natural ingredients do work miraculously on your skin and hair and give you the nourishment that is required. And since it’s natural, you can expect no damage to your hair whatsoever. Some natural ingredients like Amla (Indian Gooseberry), curry leaves, saffron, and fenugreek seeds are actually very good for your hair.

In some countries, henna is used as a natural hair colour.

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5. Avoid Too Hot Showers

Just repeat after us. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. Hot water for your hair wash is your enemy. Hot water can dry your scalp and cause more damage than ever imagined. It is a common misconception that water helps dissolve build more easily and hence gives a better wash but that isn’t true. Hot water can severely damage your scalp and cause hair to fall. A dry scalp is also an open invitation to dandruff and irritation. If the water is too cold, consider using lukewarm water, NOT hot water.

6. Make Oil Your Best Friend

Make regular oiling of hair a ritual. While it is widely believed that oiling your hair could make them greasier but let us tell you a secret here. Oiling hair is actually more beneficial to you. It is a common tradition in Indian families to oil your hair. It is considered an ancient practice to make the hair stronger, shiner and healthier. Sometimes herb-infused oils are also used as an ayurvedic remedy for your hair. It can be coconut oil, castor oil, mustard oil, jasmine oil or olive oil each has its own benefits. Just to give you the massage it needs.

7. Avoid Heat When Possible

Heat is a big no-no for your hair. Frequent use of heat to style or blow dry your hair can cause severe damage to hair. It can make your hair weak and brittle and this could also lead to excessive hair loss. So try to avoid heat on your as much as possible.

To dry your hair, prefer natural methods like normal air drying and towel blotting. And for styling, you can go for the heatless curls and make your hair look voluminous and stylish with little to no damage.

8. Healthy Hair Diet

So far we have talked about everything we can do to our hair externally, but what about the internal health of the hair?

What you eat and what you don’t eat massively determines your hair health. Your hair needs proteins not just externally but all internally. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants which protects hair follicles so berries, oranges and Vitamin C-rich food should be included in the diet. The omega-3-rich diet also promotes hair growth that’s why fatty fishes are good for hair. Vitamin A is important for the growth of hair however, studies suggest consuming Vitamin A in excess can lead to hair fall.

9. Get Regular Trims

Damaged hair can’t grow, that’s a fact. So regular trims are important to get rid of split ends and to ensure that healthy hair gets the chance to grow. If left untreated for a long period of time, split ends can grow all their way up the shafts of your hair strands. This can cause even more breakage of your hair.

That’s why trim your hair regularly in 8-12 weeks depending, on how bad your spilt end situation is.

Our Final Thought

Hair health is absolutely important and that is why encourage you to adopt a good routine for your hair. Neglecting your hair and not giving them due care, can cause a lot of hair fall. Choose your hair products wisely and give that extra love and care to your hair.

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