17 Delicious And Easy Ice Cream Recipes To Treat Yourself!

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It has been an exceptionally hot year. The summer seems to be endless but as the fall is approaching, the temperature is slightly coming down but that doesn’t stop us from having a good homemade ice cream.

Yes, homemade icecreams!

It may sound very daunting to make ice creams at home. The procedure and lots of steps could certainly put you off and the urge to go to the nearest store and get the biggest pint of ice cream is overwhelming but trust us, it’s not as intimidating as it may seem. A good and simple recipe is all that you need to make good homemade ice cream. And you don’t even need an ice cream machine for that!

We have bought you some of the most amazing ice cream recipes we had the immense pleasure of indulging on. These recipes are so easy that you might not want to go to the store ever again for ice cream. If you are vegan, if you don’t have an ice cream machine, or if you don’t consume gluten don’t worry, we found something for everybody!

And let us tell you in advance, these recipes can be very addicting and you might not want to stop making them!

1. Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

You just can not say no to a good dark chocolate ice cream, especially the one that has a very rich blend of chocolate and is proudly homemade. Yes, this amazingly made dark chocolate ice cream recipe by Bernice Baran (@baranbakery) is everything you expect from your dark chocolate ice cream. The richness and flavours of chocolate which are added in 3 forms- cocoa powder, dark chocolate and expresso blend well together and are everything your tastebuds want. If you are a dark chocolate fan just like us, then mark our words, you’ll fall in love with this recipe and would crave more of it.

2. Espresso Oreo Ice Cream

Everybody loves oreo without exception and oreo when combined with another favourite that is none other than our beloved coffee, leaves you with a heavenly combination. If you haven’t tried oreo espresso ice cream before then this is your sign. This ice cream recipe by Rachel (Sweet Kitchen Craving) is very creamy and made without churning. You wouldn’t want any other store-made, prepackaged ice cream after this one, trust us on this. It has an amazing blend of flavours which will leave indulged and wanting for more.

3. Cookie Dough Ice Cream

If we say that you do not need an ice cream machine to make cookie dough ice cream, then will you believe us? Take our words on this because this sweet cookie dough ice cream with choco chips and real cookie dough doesn’t require an ice cream machine. The simple no churn recipe by Kristen Maxwell (@yellowblissroad) is absolutely brilliant and something you can’t ignore without trying. The creamy texture and amazing taste of this ice cream will definitely get onto your list of favourites. And homemade cookie dough ice cream with so much goodness is everything you need to brag about.

4. Berry Magnum Ice Cream

Next up is a very delicious magnum ice cream with the twist of berries by Louisa (@_gluteny_). The freshness of berries when combined with chocolate leaves a very refreshing taste in your mouth. This is a gluten-free recipe and  Louisa tells us that “this recipe is perfect for summer refreshment. It not only tastes good but it also is very healthy. I love to show and highlight that a gluten-free and conscious diet does not have to be boring, but can be delicious and varied”. Indeed, the magnums tasted very delicious and are a must-try for everyone!

5. Strawberry Ice Cream

Another recipe which doesn’t require any ice cream machine and is super easy to make is this very delicious Strawberry Ice Cream recipe by Ieva (@Dar_Kasneli). This recipe requires only 4 ingredients. YES! just 2 ingredients to make this heavenly strawberry ice cream proudly at home. The texture and flavour of this ice cream loaded with fresh strawberries are so nice that you can binge on it. And if you add some fresh strawberries on top, you’ll completely swoon over it. Just like we did!

6. Peach Bourbon Ice Cream

We cannot get enough of this peach bourbon ice cream by Sarah Buckley (@frolicandfare) and we are even not exaggerating. There are so many different flavours in this one ice cream that it can literally teleport you to the heavens of tastebuds. This recipe can surprise you with so many layers of flavours that are absolutely stunning. Roasted peaches, warming bourbon and cinnamon make it taste like peach pie but as Sarah promises, it’s so much better!

7. Cherry Ice Cream

Refreshing and blissful, are the two correct words to describe the next recipe of Cherry Ice Cream by Kokarche (@kokarche). This recipe is fairly simple and quick, making it a perfect recipe for homemade ice cream. You can be an amateur cook or a pro, this recipe can be made by anyone. You do not need a listful of ingredients and the blend of cherries with greek yoghurt is just too good to be ignored. It’s refreshing and unique, which we believe you’ll love as much as we did.

8. Matcha Avacado Ice Cream

Raise your hand if you love matcha as much as we do. If you do, then trust us you’ll fall in love with this Matcha Avocado Ice Cream by Ryall Graber (@ryallwellness). The unique flavours of the ice cream are its key and if you doubt that will matcha and avocado taste good together, then let us tell, it’s one of the best blends we came across. Super quick, super creamy and easy to make this ice cream is loaded with health, so it’s a win-win for all the ice-cream lovers. An ice-cream worth giving a shot!

9. Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream 

If you are a chocolate lover then you should try out this recipe of Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream to level up your simple chocolate icecream by Lisa (@familyfoodandchoas) This ice cream is not your average chocolate toffee ice cream, it comes with a chocolate sauce which we absolutely loved and took this ice cream to a whole another level of deliciousness. The creaminess from the ice cream when coupled with the crunchiness of toffee makes this ice cream a standout. This no-churn ice cream is definitely worth all the effort putting!

10. Coconut Jaggery Ice Cream

Another very unique combination of coconut and jaggery in ice cream made us speechless. This Nariyal and Gur (coconut and jaggery) ice cream recipe by Soumya Barik Gupta (@myhungryrambles) is definitely a must-try. This traditional recipe of Narkel Naru (Nariyal Laddoo or Coconut Jaggery fudge), extremely popular in East India, inspired the creation of this recipe. The new twist in making this ice cream just requires 4 ingredients and is super easy to make at home with little to no effort. It tastes so good that believe us, it is a perfect little dessert for you and your family.

11. Fruity Peach Ice Cream

If you love fruity ice cream which has the right balance of tanginess with sweetness then this very delicious and easy fruit ice cream recipe is for you by Azusa (@azusasasakiho). This recipe is made with yellow peaches which gives a kick of tanginess to the sweetness of ice cream. Made with just 5 ingredients, this ice cream can bring so much joy. The subtle tanginess is the highlight of this ice cream that made us fall in love with it. The light and creamy texture of this will certainly leave a rich taste in your mouth which is very addicting!

12. Mango Yoghurt Popsicles

Who doesn’t like a mango and a popsicle? This Mango yoghurt popsicle by Rita Mishra (@yumyummeals) is a fan favourite for all the delicious reasons. This easy-to-make mango yoghurt popsicle with a little bit of saffron is everything to fall in love with. You just need 4 ingredients to make these delicious and rich popsicles at home. The flavours of this popsicle are something you can’t forget once you taste them. They will leave you longing for more!

13. Raspberry Ice Cream

If you are looking for something different and refreshing for the ice cream, this Raspberry Ice Cream by Rachel J Blackmore (@racheljblackmore) is the one for you. And we can guarantee you’ll love every bit of it. This home-churned ice cream is easy to make and doesn’t require a long list of ingredients, which most of them you can find at your home. The delicious taste of raspberry and the creaminess of this ice cream are just stunning. Once it’s made, trust us you’ll find yourself indulged in the taste of it.

14. Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Hands down! This is one of the recipes that has the best use of Lotus Biscoff we could ever come across. This Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream by Shiro (@honeyletseat) has so many intense and rich flavours very nicely blended together. The creaminess of ice cream when meets the crunch of the cookies gives a very delicious and addicting experience. Mark our words, you wouldn’t like your cookies in any other way than this once you try them!

15. Creamy Fruity Popsicles

There are two reasons we love popsicles for. The first reason is that it has some unique magic to take you back to your childhood. And another reason we love them so much is because of this recipe by Hangry Freak (@hangryfreak). They are vegan popsicles and are made with just 4 ingredients. The freshness of fruits combined with the richness of coconut milk gives this popsicle the amazing flavours you’ll surely fall in love with. Very easy to make and a must try in our opinion!

16. Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s always so hard to say no to an ice cream sandwich! Ice cream sandwiches are such a great twist given to the simple ice creams that we cannot resist ourselves trying. By myforkstories (@myforkstories) these ice cream sandwiches may look a little tricky to make but believe us, they are not. Very simple to make, these sandwiches have a great taste and texture. If you are a fan of sandwiched ice cream, then you have to try these homemade ones!

17. Blackberry Crisp Ice Cream

When two very rich and creamy flavours combine together, leaves a very unique and powerful taste which is very hard to forget. This recipe is the Blackberry Crisp Ice Cream Recipe by Jillian Hatsumi (@jillianhatsumi) which is so delicious that we cannot forget the taste of it. The recipe is very simple and you don’t even need an ice cream machine for it. The unique thing about this ice cream is its streusel crumble which gives a lovely crunch to it. Everything in this recipe is proudly homemade and trust us, it is worth every second you spent making it!

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