19 Spooky Halloween Nail Ideas You Need!

It’s that time of the year when spooky is the vibe!

Yes, Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to get all geared up for the night. A lot goes into the preparation for Halloween. From decorating the houses to creating unique food, to deciding your whole costume and whatnot. But in this hustle, there is often a chance you can forget about your nails.

Well, we don’t want you to forget about your nails at all. To make your task of finding the right design for you, we have bought the great Halloween Nails inspirations for you.

Because we know, how essential a good manicure is!

1. The Trick Or Treat Nails

Halloween is incomplete without Trick or Treat and Grace (@nailss.by.gracie) all the way from Wales, UK has blessed us with the mandatory tradition of Halloween on the nails. These nails scream Halloween and we can’t help ourselves from obsessing over them. A very young and talented nail technician Grace who has been doing nails for just over a year now, tells us that these nails are inspired by the movie Trick ‘r Treat. “I watched the movie for the first time last year and immediately knew I had to do a set inspired by it! The thing I love most about this look has got to be the little patchwork bits, they’re just so cute!” Grace has some brilliant designs up her sleeves that she loves sharing with the world. “I decided to share my work on social media to inspire people and show that there are no limitations to nail art!” 

For this look, she used Xtensions from Nail Order and Ugly Ducking gels, as well as the Hella Cute Liner Brush from nailz_by_dev.

“I love sharing my work online, I’ve made so many like-minded friends through Instagram alone! I love having a little community to build each other up and support each other!” Grace told us.

2. The Frozen Brain Nails

Next up is the Frozen Brain Nail set by Amber (amber_nailart), who has kept the Halloween theme cute and minimal. Amber’s love for painting nails reflects beautifully in her manicures and even though she doesn’t like to talk much, she lets her talent speak. She has been sharing her incredible work on social media on her sister’s suggestion and we couldn’t thank her sister enough for it. The look was inspired by a challenge which we are sure Amber smashed. “It was a Halloween nail challenge theme of ice cream. I was trying to keep the feel of Halloween as well as incorporating ice cream. Personally, I like the whole design; there’s not one thing I like more. I love the orange drips with the spider and dots and I love the melting green ice cream bar. It’s a clean Halloween look.” And we couldn’t agree more on how beautiful and clean this look is. She used Zoya Nail Polishes to achieve this look.

3. Ghosts And Hearts

These handpainted ghosts and hearts by Carmen (@carms.nails) are a real Halloween vibe. All the way from California, the inspiration for these nails came from a fellow nail technician but with some personal touches and artwork, this nail look is nothing short of perfection. The beauty and finesse of these came from Carmen’s magical hands which can paint so well making us a big fan! She says “What I love most about this look is how clean my line work is. I’ve been working really hard to get better at hand painting.”

She used Valentino Beauty Pure products for this look. Recently graduated as a licensed nail technician, she adds “I’m always working on my craft & improving myself. I love sharing my work on IG & I’m starting to post more on TikTok. My clients love to see their sets shown off on my page”

4. Comic Cons Nail

You can’t say no to a comic con, can you? These comic con nails are perfect for Halloween and we loved every bit of it which we are sure you cannot say no to. This manicure set by Victoria Parra (@_vicki_nails_) based in South Florida, who loves to bring images comes to life was done at a client’s request who was attending a comic con in San Diego. “My personal favourite bit of this manicure is the Pop art. It was fun to outline all the tiny letters.” Victoria tells us.

For this, she used an acrylic nail and Beetles Gel Polish. Victoria likes to share her creations with music or some flare. “This photo, in particular, I had asked the client to get some photos of her nails at Comic-Con, They were the star of the show. They have such a comic book feel!” And we simply couldn’t agree more!

5. Ghost Portraits

A yearly portrait is a tradition for many and so is with ghosts. The yearly Halloween ghost portrait is such a Halloween vibe! This Ghost Portraits manicure by Fancy Phalangies is very unique idea to go for. They look utterly cute. The best part is these are hand painted so you can imagine the amount of hard work and talent that goes into painting these. Certainly a work of Picasso but on your nails!

6. Halloween Mix

Okay, Halloween comes once a year and so many choices out there will leave you confused about which one to choose. Well, what if we tell you that you don’t have to choose anymore and you can have them all? Yes, this manicure is a mix of everything Halloweeny you can imagine on your nails. This amazing manicure by Ojainailsxo has pumpkins, ghosts, stars, spiders and everything you could ask for! Even though they have so much yet they look quite minimalistic. So, if you are confused about what to go for, then this is the one!

7. Twinkling Stars

Next up, is a manicure by Amber (@popnailsnorwich) which is something you can rock even if it isn’t Halloween. This is a perfect set if you gravitate towards simplistic designs and do not want to go bold yet stay in the theme. Even when Halloween’s over, you have a wonderful set of nails which will never feel dated. Absolutely gorgeous and we love it! A must-try for everyone who loves a mix of simplicity, elegance and Halloweeny.

8. Hey Boo!

Aren’t these nails super adorable in a spooky way? This nail set by Ash (@ashxmcgrath) is one of the friendly ghosties sets which is super cute and adorable for Halloween. Ash who has been doing nails since 2020 has created this manicure which is perfect for Halloween. The inspiration for this manicure came from the thing least expected and Ash laughed to tell us “I think I was inspired by a shopping bag for this!”. A bit unusual but that is proof that talented people can seek inspiration from literally anything!

Adding on her love for Halloween she says, “my page really took off with my first ever 31 days of Halloween Nails. That’s why Halloweens are very special to me. I try to create as many unique manicures for Halloween as possible. I love it when people and other nail technicians get inspired by my work and recreate it.” The cute little ghosts and stars make this look like one of Halloween’s must-haves.

9.  Jack Skellington Nails

If you love Jack Skellington, then this manicure by Cierra’s Nails (@cierrasnails) is for you. Ceirra loved Halloween as a kid and when she became a professional nail technician, she combines her love for Halloween with her love of painting nails to bless us with gorgeously spooky designs. “Halloween is my favourite time of year. It always has been, ever since I was a little girl. I really channel that in my nail art. I try to put a Halloween-themed twist on nails all throughout the year to keep the spirit of the season going and to just have a cute twist on a different seasonal design.”

The inspiration for this nail came 6 months before Halloween, can you believe that? “The inspiration behind this design is that it was Easter weekend and I always love to celebrate Halloween in April, as well as October because April is 6 months to Halloween. So from there, I just thought of Easter eggs and I usually always do Scream-themed nails, so I decided to do Jack Skellington instead this time.”

We loved the design and the dedication, Cierra has put into it. A perfect set for Halloween.

10. Gastropod Nails

Next up is a beautiful handpainted nail by Aimee (@spellboundxnails) who has done a commendable job with these nails. Aimee knows how to fulfil her client’s request to the best and this manicure is the epitome of that. “My client put together a mood board of artwork she’d found from artist Tkcreates. I love the sketchy vibe of this set. I love using illustrations as inspiration. My absolute favourite things to paint are cartoon characters & anything spooky or horror related, so when this client request came, I jumped onto the opportunity.”

For this manicure, she has used gel polishes from The Gel Bottle and the liner gels from nailzbyDev. Sharing on social media her impeccable talent, Aimee likes to document her journey as a nail technician and work with the most amazing client base!

11. Bat Nails

These Bat nails by Anna (@sinnister_nails) are freckin’ cute and perfect for Halloween. The nail set looks absolutely gorgeous if you want bats for Halloween. The inspiration for these cute nail sets came from Anna’s sister Elida. Anna tells us “One day my sister Elida just gave me the theme of bats and I rolled with it. And this is where how the idea of these nails came to light. What I like most about this set in particular are the bat stamps. Sometimes stamping can get finicky so I’m glad they worked. Plus they’re subtle Halloween theme and I love Halloween in general.” Denver-based Anna is an experienced nail technician who can do wonders with her work on your nails.

For this nail look, she used Aprés GelX extension, gel polishes from The Gel Bottle Inc., and stamps from MoYou London. Anna adds “Honestly any time someone gives me an opportunity to do a spooky set I get super excited. I’ve always been into the dark, spooky, gore stuff.” And we love everything Anna creates with her imagination!

12. Cat Nails

Next up is the Cat Nails by Shawnie (@shawniedoesnails) which just scream Halloween. A very young and talented Shawnie from Pittsburgh has been doing nails for 14 years! She says “A client bought an inspiration picture for this manicure to which I gave my own twist with details and colours. What I love about this set of nails are the details. I feel like to more you look at it the more little things you’ll find & see.”

For this Halloween manicure, she used kokoist & thegelbottle. She further adds “I randomly decided to share this picture of my creation on socials media because I just thought it was so cute and I’m glad I did because many people loved it.” And just like those many people, we loved it too!

13. Simpson Nails

If you love Simpson, this is your sign to get Simpsons on your nails for Halloween. This utterly beautiful handpainted nail set is done by Kiyomi (@nail_kandyy) , a licensed nail technician in Hixson. “One day I saw a trippy Alice in wonderland nail set on TikTok and one of the designs gave me the inspiration for a trippy Simpsons look and this is when I decided to do this look. I love the characters mainly because you don’t see too much detailed nail art and I wanted to show it can be done.”

For this look, she used Saviland Gel Paint Kit & Young Nails Detailer Brush along with Ugly Ducking Detailer brush. Kiyomin adds “I’ve always loved art, and have finally got to show it in the best ways. I love on social media that you can express yourself and what you love doing and find others who can connect with you in the interests.”

14. French Manicure With Twinkling Stars

Nothing beats a good french manicure but this one is different! These french manicure with twinkling stars is something we found super adorable! You can call us a sucker for french manicures but hey! look at them! These nails by Ai Iwasaki (@nailsbyai__), who has been doing nails for over 18 years says “I wanted to show to people who want to have Halloween Nails but not too much going on. Even a simple Halloween is possible. You can follow the trend without going too overboard with it. It is a simple design but still feels like something fun. This design inspired quite a Halloween night sky.”

They look so Halloween-appropriate and perfect for people on thrive on the minimalistic design yet stay in themes. We just adore them!

15. Skeleton Nails

Halloween is impossible without skeletons and if you can get those skeletons on your nails, it’s a cherry on top! This amazing Halloween Manicure by Sam (@beautytendnails) features bones and skeletons which look spookily adorable. Topped up on a very unique version of french skeletons, these nails look super creepily gorgeous. The minimalistic approach toward these nails has become one of the fan favourites!

16. Halloween Nights

Another one of the most simplistic yet very Halloween-y nails we came across is by Annie (@msannie.nails). This manicure has everything you want for Halloween. The bats, the pumpkins, the ghosts, stars …quite literally everything you want for your Halloween. It’s a must-have if you are looking for something cute, simple, elegant and Halloweeny. This manicure will surely be an eye catcher for the night!

17. Cute To Spook

Ever seen the cutest little ghost saying Boo…These manicures by Delia (@iamdeliasnails) are something to love and gush over this Halloween. If you are looking for a mix of cute and spook, then this is manicure is for you. The handpainted nails have excellent details with gold and calligraphy which makes them stand out amongst the Halloween nails. It’s super spookily gorgeous and a must-try!

18. Cute Pumpkinology Nails

Halloween means pumpkins. Any Halloween is incomplete with some sort of pumpkin, so why not get that pumpkin on your nails too? These cute pumpkin nails by Cindy Tran (@nailedbycindytran) are something so Halloweeny that you cannot say no to them. And the cute little ghost details are so adorable! We love these nails. They are cute, beautiful and absolutely perfect for the bougie vibe.

19. The Spidey Halloween

Last but not least is this spidey Halloween manicure by Tiffani (@tiffanis_nails). It is super adorable yet a perfect match for Halloween. These are perfect fall nails that go very well with the theme of Halloween. The slight hint of bling is all we are rooting for on Halloween nights. A lovely set which is definitely a must-try on our list!

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