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Ever since childhood, one thing that has been prominently taught to us is healthy eating habits. What we eat determines our health, however, the modern lifestyle got so busy that cooking took a back seat and we started relying on ultra-processed food or some quick unhealthy meals which although satisfying to the tastebuds, leave out nutritional requirements unfulfilled.

And since this was a concerning matter, we decided to introduce an expert on this matter. We got an incredible opportunity to have a chat with a registered dietician in plant-based diets Lena who is brilliant at her job. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be bland and boring and Lena proves it. There are so many different options available which could make your food healthy as well as tasty and this is what we learnt from Lena in this interview.

Being originally from Britanny, France, Lena has always been passionate about cooking and baking and she proudly tells us about her journey with food. “I started when I was 10 with easy recipes. I used to love cooking them for my family and friends. Later on, I decided to further develop my skills and try to bake french entremet, family meals or traditional french recipes.” 

This is where her love for food began but was kept on hold when she started her career as a project manager in FMCG and tech companies. But as it is said that destiny takes you where you are meant to be, Lena decided to switch and go back to the career where she belonged. 

“Being a Dietitian was not the obvious choice for me as I started my career in investment banking, then moved to tech where I worked for 6 years but when I took a step back and realised that being a dietician is a perfect combination of my love for good food and the importance I put into nutrition. That’s when I decided to start a BSc in Dietetics. Once I graduated, I decided to switch careers to run my Private clinic appointment with clients.”

It’s fairly known, to say the least, that people are once again switching back to healthier lifestyles and in this prospect, a lot of people have switched to either veganism, plant-based diets or vegetarianism. However, these diets are not just limited to health. People have observed wider benefits of them which are not confined to only humans. Our planet, our environment and our co-existing species are benefitting from one small step taken by us.

Sharing a similar thought, Lena says “I have always been passionate about food and the impact of our food choices on our health of course. I also have a deep interest in the preservation of the environment, the planet and animals. I think we all have a fantastic opportunity to act for a more sustainable future by reducing our meat, and fish consumption and by choosing more sustainable products. “

She further adds “I was a vegetarian for about 7 years and I have been vegan for about two years now. Adopting a plant-based diet is probably one of the best choices I made in my life. The benefits to my health and energy level have been greatly positive. Despite what a lot of people think, everyone can eat less meat, and fish while still enjoying a delicious meal.” 

But believe it or not, the change is not easy. The food once we relied on for our essential body requirements is suddenly chucked out and feeling lost is completely natural and this is where Lena’s role as a dietician comes to light.  

She says “ I work with wonderful clients who want to eat more plants and become vegan or vegetarian. My role is to help them make positive and sustainable changes to their diets so they can gain more energy, feel confident, lose some weight and stop worrying about their nutrition intakes.” It is certainly not an easy job. Everybody has different goals and relationships with food however Lena finds herself determined with her mission of helping people. 

“I want people to eat more plants so they can be healthier, fitter and happier. Each time we are eating, we have a fantastic opportunity to make a great choice for our health but also for the planet, the environment and the animals. 

 I truly believe everyone can make some small changes in their diet by reducing their consumption of animal products. My mission is to democratise plant-based and healthy diet, and to make it appealing, delicious and accessible, even on a tight budget or for busy families.”

Despite so many goods about plant-based diets, there are some myths that float around the internet which claim that consuming a vegan or plant-based diet could make your body nutrient deficient but Lena debunked this very clearly for everyone. “Lucky for us, plants are offering everything we need to be healthy, fit and happy. However, if you are adopting a plant-based diet, you will have to start supplementation in B12 or choose fortified products to meet the daily requirements.” She told us.

She further adds her 4 tips which she is very confident about to keep your diet fit, healthy and nutritious. “First of all keep your diversified and balanced. Diversity is key to getting your daily requirements in macro and micronutrients but also not being bored with what you eat. 

The second step is to replace your food with meat alternatives. REPLACE being the key word. Personally, I’ve got a lot of clients who simply stopped eating meat, fish and eggs without replacing them with alternatives is is super important because, in the short term, you may feel tired, and sleep badly and in the medium term it could create health issues. As a plant-based dietitian, I would advise you to primarily choose natural products such as beans, cereals, lentils, quinoa, tofu, tempeh, and edamame; and to limit your consumption of processed foods. 

The next one is not to create restrictions. This might come as a surprise but trying to be healthy doesn’t mean that you are supposed to stop eating everything which is not labelled in your mind as “healthy”. Same thing if you are craving a meat burger from time to time, it is better to have one rather than creating this feeling of frustration with food. In the long term, frustrations will come over and this could lead you to stop your plant-based commitments because it is too hard. 

The last one is not obvious:  your mindset is key. Most of the time, this is underestimated by people when they are making changes in their lives. But it is probably the most important if you want to make a sustainable change in your life. Indeed, unlocking your mindset is essential to making a sustainable change. To do it, try to write down your goals, your commitment, the reasons why you want to make this change in your diet and what’s triggering it. In the future, I would advise you to come back to it, and read it again so you can keep your motivation level high.” 

Lena Tofu Meatball With Brown Rice
Lena’s Special Recipe- Tofu Meatball With Brown Rice

We asked Lena one of the most difficult questions, which is whether it’s health first or taste first for her and she gave us the most honest answer (which perhaps you might not see coming from a dietician).  “Taste of course, because there is no point eating tasteless healthy food,” Lena told us proudly and honestly. “ However, I do believe both should be combined! What brings flavours to cooking, in addition to the ingredients, are spices, herbs, sauces… So you can easily play with these to develop delicious flavours for healthy meals.” She further added.  

This is so much evident from her recipes which we had the utmost pleasure of trying which led us to ask what’s her process of developing these mind-boggling creations and without any hesitations she told us about her process. “The recipe’s idea mostly comes from me being hungry and wanting to eat something. But it could also be related to the weather or something I saw on social.  

Once I have an idea,  I start to think about what ingredients I need to create the texture I have in mind with plant-based ingredients. I also love adapting non-vegan desserts/meals into vegan ones. 

Finally, comes the testing part. Following the degustation, I write a few notes for myself regarding potential improvements to the recipe. Then, if the recipe is good enough, I share it with my audience on social media or via my newsletter.” But you’ll be surprised to know that her favourite thing in the world is not one of her recipes, but dark chocolate!

She is a proud author of an e-book which contains everything you need to know about plant-based diets and has 30 amazing recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. 

Lena offers private consultations to her clients to fulfil her goals and is also available on social media. “I am offering private clinics to help individuals reach their goals. My mission is to facilitate changes by offering personalised support based on your needs, goals, past relationships with food and beliefs. I’m also sharing a lot of tips, and plant-based recipes on social media to help people discover plant-based diets and try vegan alternatives.” She tells us. 

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