18 Easy Plant-Based Recipes You Must Try!

A plant-based diet is gaining a lot of popularity. Nowadays, people are aware of things more than ever. There is a shift towards a healthier alternative in lifestyles. But that’s, not it. Today we are not just concerned about yourselves but also about the environment we have neglected for a long time. We are trying to make conscious decisions and respect our co-existing species. And the first step is switching to a plant-based diet.

There is a misconception among many people, especially meat lovers, that vegetarian or plant-based diets can be tedious and restrictive but let us break this to you.

It’s not.

You can pretty much eat everything you want in a vegetarian or plant-based version without even missing the meat. And we are not just saying it for the sake of saying it. We mean it!

Don’t believe us, well here we have listed some best plant-based recipes which we tried and tested for you. These recipes are only delicious but also easy to make. So if you are new to a plant-based diet and looking for how to start with it or if you are simply looking for a new plant-based recipe, this article is for you!

1. Miso & Hemp Butter Chickpeas Sandwich

If you like sandwiches as much as we do, then you’ll fall in love with the Miso & Hemp Butter Chickpea Sandwiches by Ting Xu (@alittlepositivityeveryday). Super easy to make with a super satisfying taste, these sandwiches are something we can undeniably eat at any time of the day. The creamy texture paired with the freshness and crunch of cucumbers and radish salad gives this sandwich a perfect balance of flavours and taste.

If you want a quick meal which is plant-based and tasty, then these sandwiches are a must-try!

2. BLT Ceaser Salad

Yes, you can get a plant-based version of BLT Ceaser Salad and it tastes absolutely delicious. This recipe by Maria (@thehealingemoji), is tweaked a little where the B of the BLT which traditionally stands for ‘bacon’ is replaced by ‘eggplant bacon’ and trust us you won’t miss your bacon at all in this recipe. This BLT Ceaser Salad is very rich in protein with a strong ingredient list which consists of oyster mushrooms and chickpea croutons. One of the most loved things about this Ceaser Salad is the different layers of flavours it has. With the creaminess of the avocado and the sweetness of dates and the acidity of tomatoes, this salad is refreshing and very satisfying!

3. Mushroom & Cashew Gong Bao

A good Chinese takeout is always a yes-yes, but how about a plant-based, homemade delicious Gong Bao? Yes, this very tempting Mushroom and Cashew Gong Bao by Suze (@gourmetglow) is a perfect recipe for everyone who loves a kick of spice with a hint of zing. One of our favourites, this recipe may look a little complicated and daunting to make, but trust us it’s not. It is absolutely worth making and goes very well with jasmine rice. You should try this recipe for once and we cannot emphasise this enough. Because once you’ll make it, you’ll always crave it!

4. Ratatouille

We had an explosion of flavours in our mouths with this amazing Ratatouille by Renee Anzalone (@loudandhealthy) which is an Italian vegetable stew. You may get intimidated by the long list of ingredients but trust us, it’s one of the easiest recipes you’ll come across. The best part of this recipe is that you do not have to be concerned too much about the ingredients. You can literally make it with anything you have! It not only tastes good but has so many healthy vegetables in it that you could not pass. Deliciousness and nutritional fulfilment, this recipe has it all.

5. Pomme Fourรฉe

Okay, hands down this recipe is perfect for everybody who loves fried food. Made with a combination of potatoes and mushrooms, this recipe of Pomme Fourรฉe by Nathan Josias (@outstandingvegan) is addictive. The crispy layer of potatoes blankets the mushrooms sauteed in onion, garlic and tomatoes giving them a very unique taste, flavour and texture. This recipe goes very well with tahini and lemon sauce. Very easy to make, this recipe will surely win all your hearts once you try it.

6. Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruits are one of the most underrated fruits but let us tell you, this jackfruit has such a wonderful taste that you cannot skip it. If you think you’ll miss your meat in plant-based diets, then jackfruits can be your new best friends. This Jackfruit Taco recipe by The Evening Spot has everything you need from your tacos. They are easy to make and will leave a very delicious taste in your mouth which will satisfy your palate to the fullest.

plant based recipe

7. Risottella

You may be confused by what we mean by this but trust us this hybrid between Paella and Risotta just blew our mind. This recipe by Lisa (@plantbasedjournaller) is very promising and has one of the best flavours. Paella, traditional saffron-flavoured rice with meat and Risotta which is an Italian creamy rice with meat, when meets bring this absolutely delicious and healthy Risottela for us. This plant-based recipe tastes exceptionally good and is easy to make. If you love Paella and Risotto, you’ll surely love Risotella too.

8. Lettuce Tacos

If you want healthy tacos, these lettuce tacos by Chanel (vegan.chanel) are for you. They have a very special kind of plant-based meat in them, which is walnut meat. Very different but certainly very delicious. Super easy to make, these tacos can be easily made in 10 minutes, yeah, we are not exaggerating that! You’ll mostly find all the ingredients of this recipe at home. It just takes only 8 things to create these magical tacos which will surely become your staple.

9. Pizzadilla

Pizza when meets quesadilla brings this fantastic Pizzadilla which we are a big fan of. This recipe by Christie (@veggiechristie) is a great plant-based recipe when you dont know whether it’s pizza day or quesadilla day. It’s a hassle-free recipe which doesn’t require too much work and effort. And taste, well it’s something out of the world. We loved it and we are sure you’ll love it too because who can say no to a pizza or a quesadilla? A must, must try in our opinion!

10. Spicy Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Who would have thought that cauliflower would make such great buffalo wings? Well, it’s time to get surprised in a very pleasant way by these very amazing Spicy Baked Buffalo Wings by Krissie (@fancyplantfoodie). The best part of this recipe is that it is super healthy because it is baked not fried. The other best part of these heavenly wings is that they are super easy to make and the taste of it is guaranteed. Try them yourself and we are sure you’ll love them as much as we did!

11. Nachos

If you love nachos, then this recipe for plant-based Nachos by Dayna (@naturallyherbalmama) is for you. This recipe has the most simple ingredient list and you can literally find all of them at home. They are plant-based and vegan so you can definitely try them. They are binge-worthy and can be made for any occasion. And trust us, you wouldn’t want nachos any other way after this! Try it on your own!

12. Peanut Butter Pad Thai Noodles

Okay, we need to talk about these Pad Thai Noodles by Elli Yamanaka (@ellielikes.cooking) This is not your traditional Pad Thai Noodles, Ellie has given these noodles such a great twist that we couldn’t help ourselves from loving them. These noodles are rich in protein coming from tofu and peanuts, so you don’t have to worry about your protein intake with these noodles whatsoever. We love every bit of these noodles and we can ramble about it more. So, you have to definitely try them to understand what we are actually talking about! Trust us, once you make it, you’ll look for a reason to make it!

13. Tahini Cauliflower & Potato Bake

This baked goodness is definitely one of our favourites. This recipe of Tahini Cauliflower & Potato Bake by normasfooddiary is absolutely delicious. This recipe is easy to make and may require some time but every second spent in making it is absolutely worth it. The flavour of tahini in the cauliflower and potatoes is so rich that you cannot miss it. It tastes super delicious and will make you love cauliflower all over again.

14. Mushroom Sate

This fabulous Mushroom Sate on skewers by Taliah (@_sheliveswell) is heavenly. Mushroom is a rich source of protein and tastes absolutely brilliant if you make them with this recipe. Sates may look a little daunting to make, but trust us this is one of the easiest ways of making your mushroom which doesn’t even need much time to cook. It’s very delicious and perfect for every occasion. Absolutely lovingly delicious!

15. Spinach With Chickpea Curry Salad

Okay, this is an absolute cheat meal but it is so delicious that we love making it over and over again. And trust us, you’ll too make some extra chickpea curry just to make this salad with its leftover. This spinach chickpea salad by Alina (@plantbasedalina) which has the goodness of sweet potatoes, chickpeas and spinach is the form of one of the best salads you’ll come across. The flavours of all the ingredients used combine so magically that you’ll fall in love with them. It’s one of the recipes which makes you lick the bowl in the end.

16. Tomato Ramen With Roasted Eggplant

Everybody loves Ramen but this Ramen which is made with tomato soup and roasted eggplants is absolutely delicious. This recipe of Tomato Ramen with roasted eggplants by Rachele(@pebblesandtoast) is made with a very simplistic approach. Very easy to make, this recipe has some great flavours which mix and blend well together so well that you’ll wonder why you never tried it before. Every ramen lover has to try this recipe!

17. Kitchen Scrap Soup

No matter what the season is, we love a good soup and this kitchen scrap soup by Makena.makes is one of our favourite soups. Easy to make, this soup can be made in just a few minutes. You don’t need many ingredients for this. It’s super simple to make, very flavourful and very satisfying. Its sweetness from pumpkin with the slight zing of ginger and lime combined with zucchini noodles gives this soup a very unique and delicious taste. This soup is a super healthy option which makes it make a must-try.

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18. Halloumi Tacos

You have to officially declare it a Taco Tuesday for the week once you try this recipe of Halloumi Tacos by Bare_Rootz. Super easy to make with just a few ingredients, this recipe is one of our favourites. This Halloumi cheese is made from cashew and has some unique richness to it. It will be a blast of flavours and textures in your mouth once you take a bite of this taco. It’s a very refreshing recipe with brilliant textures that you’ll love to make again!

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