What Is K-Beauty? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The world is literally taken over by everything South Korean. Whether it is Korean music K-pop or Korean drama or Korean food, we are head over heels for the culture. But there is one other thing that we absolutely adore that is coming all the way from South Korea none other than the K-Beauty products.  

The Korean beauty industry has been around for years and has made a significant impact all over the world with its fantastic products which deliver what they promise. Beauty products whether in makeup or skincare have quite effective products which will make you love them.

The skincare routine is a ritual and if you are someone who loves to take care and pamper their skin as much as we do, really need to know about K-beauty skincare because once you try it, you’ll love it too!

What Is K-Beauty?

Korean beauty products are primarily originated and manufactured in Korea; they are generally created with Korean beauty philosophy in mind. 

The philosophy of K- beauty products puts a very strong emphasis on the usage of the ingredients and understanding your skin and using all your products accordingly. Instead of using harsh ingredients, that strip the skin’s natural barrier, Korean beauty philosophy focuses on cleaning, hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin’s natural ecosystem. It is all about gently nurturing the skin towards your desired results whatever they may be with consistency and highly personalized skin care. To put it in other words, K-beauty strongly believes in focusing on prevention and protection rather than the use of products to undo the damage. Korean beauty is all about customisation because there is a strong exercise that everyone’s skin is unique and with unique skin comes unique needs.

Another thing with Korean beauty products is consistency and dedication. The routine involves long steps which make look attractive in the start but practising them every day is the key to getting the results.

What Are The Steps In K-Beauty Skincare

As we have mentioned that Korean skincare beauty is very much customisable,  you can easily pick and chose 5,7, 10 and 12 skincare routine steps that you can follow depending on your skin requirements and the time you can dedicate to your skincare.

You can also do all the steps every day or you can have a basic routine and choose to do some of the stats weekly or biweekly depending on what suits you and your skin the best.

Here are all the 12 steps mentioned in the Korean skincare routine in the order you should be performing them. 

K Beauty

1. Double Cleaning- Oil-based cleanser

Double cleansing is a staple in Korean skincare. In the very first step of double cleansing in the Korean skincare routine, an oil-based cleanser is used. 

The oil face impurities on your skin don’t be effectively removed just by the water-based cleanser so keeping this crucial thing in mind in the Korean skincare routine the first step is oil face cleansing. The reason behind this is very simple science- oil and water repel each other. That is why an oil-based cleanser is used.

Sebum from your body, oil-based makeup, and applied oils on the skin can be very well removed with an oil-based cleanser without being harsh on the skin. 

2. Double Cleaning- Water-based cleanser

This step will remove any remaining impurities from your skin. The foaming liquid soap or face wash works well to clean your face which is water soluble like sweat, dirt or makeup products.

The double cleansing ensures deep cleansing of your skin. It makes your face absolutely clean and no sign of dirt remains on it in any form.

3. Exfoliant

Exfoliators helps removes the dead skin cells that form a layer on your skin causing a buildup. Exfoliators have some kind of exfoliants in them that gently helps in removing that layer. It can be either a natural exfoliant or a chemical ingredient or a tool like a brush or a scrubber. These products help remove dead skin cells and buildup. 

You can exfoliate daily or you can opt to do it once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

4. Toner

With the above 3 steps, you have intensively cleaned your skin and in the process, you have also played with your skin’s pH. This needs to be restored and for this toning comes to light. Toners provide hydration to your skin and help restore the balance of your skin’s pH.

5. Essence

We do not use essence much in our skincare but they are a wonderful product and should be included in your regime. Essences are a hybrid product of toner and serums. They are water-based products that contain high concentrations of active ingredients to provide hydration, protection and overall health to the skin. To restore the lost hydration of skin cells from the above steps, the essence works like a miracle.

6. Treatment

Don’t get scared by the word treatments in your skincare in skincare routine. It is one of the essential steps in Korean skincare. Treatment is a problem-specific solution given to your skin. Just like serums. They contain highly concentrated ingredients which help to treat conditions like wrinkles or acne.

7. Sheet mask

Sheet masks are very trending these days, thanks to the rise of K-beauty. They are sheets of serum-soaked paper that you lay on your face for about 20 minutes. They can be target specific or simply for hydration. 

Sheet masks can be dont once or twice a week when you feel the need of your skin to be pampered.

8. Eye cream

Under the eyes is one of the most delicate areas of the eyes which is why extra caution is important. Products like eye gels or creams are specially made to target the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes while helping with darkness, puffiness, and fine lines.

9. Moisturizer

We all need a moisturizer without a doubt. Moisturizer acts as a sealant to ensure everything layer of product underneath soaks well into your skin and gives you as maximum benefits as possible.

10. SPF

If it’s daytime routine, sunscreens are mandatory without a miss and we have pretty much established that. One of the most important steps of the routine is the application of an ample amount of SPF to protect you from UV rays and the damage of the sun. The makeup products too contain some amount of SPF in them but having a good layer of strong SPF like 30 or 50 is a must in any skincare routine. 

11. Mist

“Glass skin” is the ideal skin of Korean beauty and in order to achieve that you need this routine. To take you one step closer to the ultimate goal of skincare, mists are important. Misting regularly at a regular period of time will help maintain and reactivate the products you use.

12. Facials

All this effort you have put into your skin needs to be maintained and for this weekly facials are common in the K-beauty routine. This takes your skincare game a level up.

The time duration to book a facial varies. You can have it once a week or once in two weeks depending on your skin and its requirements. 

Things To Keep In Mind

  • K-Beauty regime is all about deviation and commitment, so if you are up for it, then only invest your time and energy in it.
  • Always invest in a good product and read the ingredient list carefully.
  • Lastly, take care of your skin externally and internally by eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

Our Final Verdict

K-beauty skincare game might look intimating to you but it’s truly worth trying. Skincare is important because your skin goes through a lot and the k-beauty skincare regime is a gentle yet extensive way of taking care of your skin. The steps involve everything your skin could possibly need and the fact that it is customizable makes it our favourite.

Just chose the steps your skin needs and you feel comfortable doing and start your journey of K-beauty and trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

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