6 Best Period Tracking Apps You Need To Know About

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Our menstrual cycle is complex and there is no doubt about it. There are so many phases of the period cycle that we need to understand in order to know what is happening in our bodies. Whether you are planning your pregnancy, finding a reason for your sudden mood swings or simply wanting to know when you will have your menstruate, period tracking is important. However, it’s not that easy. 

It’s just one date!

People may argue that it is one simple date to remember but believe us, we understand how difficult this task is. It’s easy for your period to fluctuate and messing up the dates is very easy and sometimes even with consequences. But, to bless all the people who menstruate out there and struggle to keep up with their cycle, menstrual tracking apps got you covered.

Quite literally, a boon to all menstruating humans, period-tracking apps are a serious game changer and relief to the brain cells. They are hassle-free ways of remembering your periods and it is proving to be a massive help when it comes to understanding your body. 

To help you find the best period tracking apps, here is our list of top 6 favourite apps, which we love and can rely on!

period tracking apps

1. Clue

The app which is very to use and can literally do everything is Clue. Clue teaches you everything you need to know about your body and your periods- including PMS, migraines, heaviness of your flows and even how heavy your flow is going to be!

It is simple, easy-to-use modern interference which makes it one of our favourite period tracking apps. Clue also has abundant sexual and reproductive health content, including a podcast called Hormonal, which explores how hormones impact bodies and the world around us.

Price- The Clue app is free however to get access to its more advanced features, you can sign up for Clue Plus. The service offers you enhanced period predictions and a more detailed analysis of your cycle.

Get it from here: Free to download (in-app purchases available); iOS and Google Play

2. Flo

Another very very popular and widely loved period tracking app is Flo. With Flo, you can track your cycle and know when your bleeding will begin. To help you pinpoint the date of your cycle, the app includes over 70 symptoms which include bloating, period cramps, mood changes, and sleep quality—that you can pinpoint as part of your cycle. 

The best part about Flo is that this app has a community of others people who can chat about issues related to sexual and reproductive health. On top of that, there is some fun content like quizzes, informative articles and insights which helps you understand your body and reproductive cycle better. 

Lastly, there is another additional feature of Flo. It can also turn into a pregnancy tracker if and when you ever need it to!

Price- Flo is available in both free and paid versions. The basic features are free, while Flo Premium is optional and comes with many advanced features. In the Flo premium option, you will also receive a daily well-being plan, expert content, premium customer support, unlimited access to Flo Health Assistant, and video courses.

Get it from here: Free to download (in-app purchases available); iOS and Google Play

3. Eve By Glow

Extremely easy to use, Eve By Glow is next up on our list. Eve is an app that helps you keep the track of your period cycle as well as your entire sexual health, all in a fun emoji format. Eve has been very helpful to people who are planning their pregnancy or are not willing to get pregnant at all. It has features that help you track all your sexual encounters, whether or not you used protection, your sex drive, moods, period symptoms, and when you are ovulating.

Additionally, there’s also an active community where app users can ask questions and share stories.

Price- Eve by Glow is free to download and use. There is a premium version of it available too which gives you access to its extra premium content, comparative insights, a custom profile, premium support, and private messaging options.

Get it from here: Free to download (in-app purchases available); iOS and Google Play

4. Glow

If you want to keep track of your periods along with your sexual health, then Glow is the app for you. It’s an all-in-one app which can track your periods and ovulation. It can further track your sexual activities which plays a great role in family planning and if you want to plan pregnancy. Glow collects data on over 40+ health signals and gives customized predictions. It can also let you know what to expect on a certain day of your cycle making life very convenient.

Price- This app is free to use. To get access to its premium content, comparative insights, a custom profile, premium support, and private messaging options an upgrade is required.

Get it: Free to download (in-app purchases available); iOS and Google Play

5. Ovia Fertility

If you are planning a pregnancy, Ovia fertility is one the best app to go for. Ovia keeps track of your period in addition to that lets you know exactly when you are ovulating, cervical fluid, cervical position, basal body temperature, and other key factors that can affect fertility. So if you are looking to find your most fertile window, Ovia can help you with your ‘daily fertility score’.

Prices- You can use Ovia Fertility for free however a premium Ovia has features like personalized health support. 

Get it from here: Free to download (in-app purchases available); iOS and Google Play

6. Natural Cycles

Next up is Natural Cycles which is an FDA-approved birth control app. Although not a period tracking app primarily, this app easily doubles in its role as a birth control app as well as period tracking. The app was created to determine the most fertile point in a woman’s cycle, which is directly related to the ovulation period as well.  This app comes with a thermometer that allows you to take your basal body temperature. You can record your moods, habits, and symptoms and with all the information collected, this app gives a personalized prediction of your ovulation window. 

Prices- $89.99 per year including a thermometer.

Get it from here: iOS and Google Play

Our Final Thought

If you are looking for something that can take off the burden of remembering your menstrual date, it’s worth investing in period-tracking apps. There are so many benefits to it that you cannot ignore. We highly recommend trying out tracking apps to live a tension and stress-free life!

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