19 Christmas Nail Ideas To Level Up Your Holiday Game

When everyone is gearning up for this holiday season, then why to miss your nails. Christmas nails can be a tricky one as you want to stay in the theme but the scope of being unique are slim. So, don’t worry, we got you covered in this. Here, are some amazing nail inspirations from the interent’s best to level up your holiday season game!

1. Red For Chritmas

WHat’s the first color that comes in your mind when thinking about Chritmas, no doubt it has to be red. This design by Emma Churms (@emzynails) from Atherstone has beautiful red for the Christmas and the glitter just adds the perfect bling for the season. The look has a perfect balance of bold and subtle which takes the brownie points from us. It looks gorgeous and can be supported by anyone without a second thought. Emma says, “I love the Christmas vibe it gives with the reflective glitter and the Christmas colour scheme- subtle Christmas nails”. For this looks Emma used Sugared almond acrylic by Glitterbels to sculpt the nails . Then reflective red polish and white gel for the details. This look is a hit for all around the year. About sharing her work on social media, Emma says, “social media is the best way to share your designs with others.Its like a compact portfolio of all your work in one place- it’s great to see other nail techs work and share ideas and tips with each other on there too.” And we totally adore seeing he work of many talented artist at one place.  


2. Christmas Tree on Nails

Christmas is incomplete without a lovely Christmas tree and Jodie Hammond (@jodiesbeaute) from Aldershot, England has bought it on your nails. The simple yet this beautiful nail inspiration is ‘all-about-christmas’. The beautiful detail of Christmas tree is subtle yet beautiful and elegant. Jodie says that “the simplicity combined with this beautiful green glitter. I couldn’t wait to share with everyone on social media. I think because it is so Christmassy, it’s the perfect design for others to take inspiration from and get creative with this festive period! It makes me smile and I hope it makes others too!” Jodie used The Gel Bottle products to create this look. About seeing inspirations, Jodie says, ” I find inspiration all over the place. I just let my mind go wild and create.”

3. Pink Christmas

Christmas is all about red and green but how about pink. This new pink Christmas look by Claudia Brooks (@nail.brat) screams Christmas to us. Its new, beautiful and a refreshing take on Christmas which we absolutely adore. This manicure is for everyone who loves to try new things for holiday season without going out of theme.

4. Christmas Swirls

Hands down swirls have been dominating manicures throughout the year and the Christmassy take on it by Hope Ivekich (@that.nailplace) is absolutely stunning. The little detail on thumbs makes this look stand out for us. Hope says, “the candy cane swirl, the lights, the gold, it just screams Christmas and I love it!” and we absolutely agree with her. All the products used are by The Gel Bottle Inc. ABout sharing on the social media, she says “Social media plays a huge part in my business, specifically Instagram. I’d say at least 50% of my business comes from there. Also I just love creating content! I enjoy making art that people love to look at and share with their friends.”

5. Rudolf Nails

It’s time for winter animals and Manu (@ma.ri_nail.polish) from Munich have bought us these cute Rudolf nails for the Christmas. The cute little winter theme gives a perfect Christmas vibe. Accoring to Manu, her inspiration behind these nails is Rudolf the reindeer. She used a various products for this look. She tell us “I used Picture Polish “Bridget an amazing warm red, from one of my favorite brands.” She told us about a strong nail community has created ‘nailfriend’. “It is is a great community of many nailpolish artists, and we are supporting each other in this journey”, she tells us.

6. Christmas Star

If you like to be a star and shine out from the group, this nail by Jenna Bowland (@jennabowland_nails_beauty) is for you. This nail look can be supported even when Christmas is over and New Year comes knocking on the door. Jenna says, “Working in this industry has enabled me to travel and see the world. I feel very lucky that I love my job and am so passionate about it.” About the looks she tells us, “I love the simplicity of the look but with a festive twist. As much as I love all the creative designs out there, simple nails are my favourite.” For this look she used various products, “I prepped using Navy Pro tools, OPI Take a Vow, Magpie Glitter-Jasmine, Brillbird white for the nail art, The Gel Bottle extreme shine top coat and finishing off with House of Oils Pumpkin spice cuticle oil.”

7. Merry And Bright

Another very subtly, Christmas apt nail look we found which we fell in love with. This Merry and Bright nail look by Omni Organics Salon (@omniorganicssalon) is absolutely gorgeous and very Christmasy. Thhe mix of many colors not just makes its perfect for CHristmas but also for the upcoming New Year. Hence, it is a perfect Holdiay look!

8. Grinch Nails

Let’s admit it, CHristmas is incomplete without Grinch. Where there is Santa Claus, there has to be Grinch and so why not get get the eveil and meany creature on the nails. This super cool manicure by Brie Anna Chamber (@get.nailed.by.brie) is something which found absolutely adorable (evil smirks) for this season. Brie tells us her favourite part of the look For the products used, she tell us “I used CND acrylic and all Valentino polishes besides the sparkle which is E-Nail Coture.”

9. Holiday Bling

Next up is this perfect holiday bling manicure set of Nigar Karimova (@vanillavenuee) which is perfect for Christmas as well as the New Years. According to Nigar, “this mainucre is a perfect combination of minimalism and chic.” Nigar is a blogger and got this manicure set professionally done. “I am a blogger and I love to share my knowledge and looks with my follower. If my ideas can be useful to someone, then it will only please me” Nigar told us.

10. Ho Ho Ho Nails

The another very Christmasy and gorgeous nail set by Borcsa Nails (@borcsanails ), a full time finance professional and nail technician for the love of nails and colors. is something we can’t get over with! The nail set looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous and fits well for winter and Christmas themes. “I think it does capture a little about the excitement for Santa, the glitters gave this look a very nice touch” she tells us about this look. About sharing her work on social media, she says “I always sent nail pics for my friends and really liked looking nail pics on platforms so I decided to share mine as well. I love the fact that in this way I can connect to people from all around the world who have the same passion as me.”

11. Red French Tips

We can’t tell you enough how much we love french tips and this red Christmas twist to it by Beauty By Lolly (@lolly_beautyby) has made us swoon over it. This spectacular design is for everyone who loves french tips and want to stay in the spirits of Christmas. A perfect combination of simplicity and chic, these french tips are a muct have.

12. Snowflakes

Another very gorgeous design for everyone who love simple yet elegant looks is by Saga (@studiobloomi) from Finland. The red along with a touch of a snowflake makes this manicure very Christmasy. She tells us, “I absolutely love doing snowflakes and wintery nail art when snow hits the ground here!” She further tells us about the inspiration of this look and says, ” The inspiration was Finnish winter. It gets really cold and dark here in winter so we wanted to combat that and bring some warmth with elements of Christmas!” This looks is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect mix of bold and beautiful.

13. The Meany One

For all the grinch fans, this is yet another option for you. This matte, stunning and meanyy grinch by Nails By Courtney (@nailsby_courtney1) is for everyone who love grinch. This hand drawn nails are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for everyone who are Team Grinch.

14. Cute Santa Nails

Ahhh, these nails are so cute and pretty that we can not unsee it and not want them. The cute Santa nails by Nails By Kate (@nailssbykate) is absolutely stunning and for everyone who wants to make their Christmas cute and chic. The color combination itself makes these nails stand out to us and we cannot stop ourselves from not having it. A must must have nails in our opinion if you want a perfect chritmas nails.

15. Christmas Presents

Who doesn’t like Christmas presents and La Zampa Nails (@la zampa) have bought the presents on the nails. These gorgeous pink Christmas nails resemble Christmas gifts and perfectly suitable for the holiday season. It has everything you need for the season. A Christmas tree, gifts, bling, you name it and it has it. Absolotely gorgeous and a serious must have!

16. The Gift Wrap

Another very beautiful Christmas Gift Nails by Nails by justyna (@nailsby_justyna). This a a perfect look for anyone who love simple, elegant and chic look. The bling is perfect for the holiday season and you cannot say no to this look. A stunning and gorgeous look can be worn by anyone and it perfect for the season.

17. Gold Bling

If you love gold, bling and love to add the Christmas theme, then this manicure by Martuella (@martuell.a) is absolutely brilliant. This nail look is so pretty that we cannot take our eyes off it. The nail look is not just perfect for the Christmas but will also look gorgeous for the New Year Eves. If you love the gold and bling, then this manicure is for you!

18. Glittery Grinch

We know how extra Grinch can be and this manicure by Dorota (@dorota.nailartist) is absolutely pretty (evil pretty)! The glitter makes these nails stand out. Dorota says, “Its the Sparkle for me! It is the time of the year we love the most and glitter is present in all christmas designs so glitter takes the cake away for me.” The grincy vibe of these nails is we all stan!

19. Christmas Green

If you are going green for the manicure this Christmas, then you should try this look by Paula (@pauletta.nails). These nails looks absolutely stunning and something that anyone could support for this holiday season. Its elegant, simplistic, yet pretty and sophisticated. We love this look and couldn’t stop ourselves from putting this up on our list!

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