Try 10 Popular Nails For The Summers Of 2023

With the summer season here, it’s time to have fun with your nails with vibrant and summery colours! So here we are to inspire you with some of the internet’s best manicure inspiration we found. Check them out now and book your appointments at the nail salons ASAP!

1. Dreamy Cloudy

A little glimpse of clouds gives a massive hope in the scorching heat and these dreamy cloud nails by Faime Bass are a perfect inspiration for your British summer manicure. Faime hails from Yorkshire and is a professional manicurist. Faime tells us “This mani was inspired by the British Summer skies that glow different shades of pink and purple and are filled with fluffy clouds. I often take inspiration from nature and my surroundings when creating nail looks and find myself constantly looking out for new things to paint! ” The chrome effect has been in trend since last year and Faime adds “The chrome colour shifts is something I love the most about this look. Depending on the time of day and type of lighting, the chrome shines a different shade. It’s like wearing multiple looks in one and never gets boring!”

For this manicure, she used the brand ‘Nail Stamping Queen’ in the shade ‘Grace’. Liquid chrome. For the clouds, she used a white art gel and finished with Extreme Shine Top Coat from The Gel Bottle Inc. She further adds “the nail industry has a really supportive community of other manicurists and nail artists on Instagram. Sharing my work on social media has allowed me to connect with other people who have the same passions and interests as myself and some have even become lifelong friends.” 

We adored this nail look by her and is perfect for anyone who wants a little touch of British summer on their nails.

2. Minimalist Summer

If the minimum is your vibe then you should definitely try these super minimalist nails by Valentina. With a passion for all things nails, Valentina tells us “Nature is a great source of inspiration, soft swirls and lines found in flowers, shells and clouds – safe to say the inspiration came from everywhere.” She further adds, “I love how it shows that neutral minimal nail art doesn’t always have to be on a nude nail”

She used Akzentz tinted built-in porcelain and French White by Gelcare for this manicure. Encouraged by her friends to show her work to the world, Valentina says “ I am so glad I did this and shared my journey online. I’ve always felt like a creative person but could never figure out how to channel it – nothing seemed right or natural to me until I started doing this.”

If you love simplistic and minimalistic designs but want to keep up with the trends, then you should definitely try this look.

3. Butterfly Nails

 Next up on our list are these gorgeous butterfly nails by Nicole Nails Designer. The lilac French tips with beautiful butterflies and gems are all you need for this summer on your nails. A definite must-try for this season!

4. Glasto Nails

Summers are all about going bold and experimenting. And for that, what is better than Glasto nails? These glasto nails by Jess are an absolute mood in this summer season.  This manicure magically elevates the mood. Try them out on your own and see the magic of them!

5. Rainbow Tips

We simply cannot unsee the beauty of this Rainbow tip manicure by the naillologist without falling in love with them. The 22 year old, an exceptionally talented nail artist who goes by the name the naillolosgist on Instagram has blessed us with an amazing look which became a mass favourite and went viral. She says “I love how such a simple idea has brought so many people joy. This is one of my most viral looks which I think is due to the rainbow representing so many beautiful things to so many people.”

Telling us further about the look she told us “I love colourful nails and had recently switched to a rounded nail from a square nail shape. I had been thinking about doing rainbow nails in some capacity for a while, and thought that this design would be a fun way to incorporate the rainbow into the classic ‘French tip’.”

To achieve this look she used gel nail polishes and brushes from Beetles Gel Polish.

Telling us about her journey as a manicurist, she tells us “For me, doing my nails is a lot more than just having pretty nails. It’s a therapeutic experience. I decided to start posting my nail designs anonymously in the hopes that it could bring some other people joy as it had brought to me. To my complete surprise, along the way, content creation has turned into my full-time job! I have been blown away with how supportive and loving the community that I have created has been.” 

6. Summer Water Marbles

Another exceptionally pretty nails which we came across were these summer water marbles by a super talented nail tech Linda, all the way from Germany. While telling us about the inspiration behind this look Linda tells us, “I’m constantly experimenting with nail art techniques to find new and easy ways to create beautiful and unique nail art looks. A year ago I was practising water marbling and came across videos on acrylic pouring. This painting technique inspired me to try pouring all the colours into the water at once and I really liked this different version of water marbling. The colourful gradients and abstract patterns are just perfect for summer manicures.”

She further tells us “Compared to the classic water marble, this technique is much easier – if you’re new to nail art or love abstract patterns, this look is definitely worth a try. The outcome is always a surprise, but that’s part of the fun.” 

This look is super easy to achieve with a few basic requirements like a base coat, some polishes in your favourite colours, a quick-drying top coat, q-tips and nail polish remover to clean the cuticle area, and a cup of room-temperature water.

Linda tells us about her social media journey and tells us how it began. “My family encouraged me to share my nail art on social media. At first, I wasn’t sure but glad I started my Instagram account. Social media motivated me to share my ideas and try more complicated designs. And I’m very thankful for all the inspiration I’ve gotten and for all the talented artists I’ve met.”

Definitely save this manicure for your summer manicure list!

7. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails don’t need a reason to be in trend and these absolutely gorgeous chrome nails by Tiffany from Vancouver is an everything you need this summer! Even though the inspiration came from the client, Tiffany created her own version from it which is nothing short of impressive. Tiffany tells us that “when creating this look I loved how I used a mix of a pink and silver chrome powder to create a baby pink look instead of a brighter pink.”  

She further tells us about this look and tells us the product she used. “I used medium Almond Apres Gel x tips, dgel matte top coat – first street clear gel – pink and silver chrome power, Akzentz shine on top coat 

This manicure is perfect for the summer if you are looking to stay minimalist but want to try something out of the box.

8. Pink and Orange Hues

Needless to say that pink and orange are summer constants and this manicure by Emily Zheng is our all-time summer favourite. This manicure looks absolutely gorgeous and compliments every dress and occasion. If you want to try something new without trying bold colors then this manicure is for you. It’s super easy to achieve and simply looks gorg!

9. Tips and Swirls

Without any second thought, you have to try this super amazing-looking nail look by Kasey. A young and super-talented nail technician who specializes in BIAB manicures tells us about this look and what inspired her. “A French is my go-to design, my clients go as far as to call me the queen of French! I just absolutely love this sage green pop we went for in this set.”

To get this looks she used The Gel Bottle BIAB in the shade NU05, Bamboo and Crest Sage.

“I have to give my client full credit for this set as she picked this out, and I’m very glad she did as I have done this design with so many colour combos since!” Kasey tells us further about this manicure. Sharing her work on social media has been a special journey and she says, “I absolutely love to share all my work on social platforms as this gives my clients inspiration for their next sets. It’s also amazing that there are so many technicians that continue to share and show support to my posts, I’m so grateful every day that this is my job.”

If you love French nails then totally try this look out now!

10. Pink Lemons

Nothing describes summer better than lemons and lemonades. Here is an amazing pink lemon manicure by Nails by Carrie which looks absolutely beautiful for the season. Simple and elegant this manicure is something you should definitely try this summer!


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