11 Unique Nail Inspirations You Must Try This Month!

Good-looking nails with a manicure that makes you stand out is a must but coming up with new ideas and inspirations can be quite a bit of a task. Don’t worry you dont have to scroll endlessly through social media to find one inspiration. Here we have compiled the best internet ideas for you to try this month!

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1. Swirly Florals

If you love flowery nails, then this swirls with cute little flowers manicure by Jessica Lauritzen is for you! With a special love for handpainted nail and cuticle work. This look came to light after brainstorming and pitching multiple ideas to the client. Jessica, an educator for Akzentz Professional, tells us that “my favourite thing about it is the retro vibe that it gives off” and we couldn’t agree more with her. 

For this look, she tells us the products she used. “I used Luminary clarity as the base, and all Luxio colours to create the fun colour scheme. I used Luxio Innocent, Luxio Smoulder, Luxio Instinct, Luxio Dauntless, and Akzentz gel and lastly my favourite matte from Ugly Duckling.”

If you are looking for something simplistic yet stylish then you should definitely try this manicure out!

2. Shine and Sparkle

Next up is a very beautiful minimalist yet super chic manicure by Byrony Howell. This look is perfect for every occasion. The sparkle adds extra glamour to the manicure which certainly makes it one of our top favourite looks for the season. It’s a must must try for everyone!

3. Gold Swirl

You might have seen simple swirl manicures but do you know a little hint of gold can do wonders in any manicure and this one by Manicurista Fernanda is a perfect example of that. It’s very simple to achieve yet it is enough to make you stand out. You can add a gold swirl to any manicure and elevate the look. Definitely a must-try!

4. Colorblast

If you are looking up to level up your manicure game, then this blast of colour manicure by Julia is a definite must-have this month. Julia has been doing her nails since was about 8 or 9 years old and she recently started sharing her work online. Telling us further about the look she says, ‘My favourite aspect of this look is how easy it is to create! It doesn’t require any special tools, just the bottle brush!’ Her inspiration behind this look was the polishes’ sheer jelly finish to create a watercolour-type look!

Julia tells us that she used Beaubble’s Peelable Nail Polishes in collaboration with Elsa Hosk for this manicure. 

Talking about her journey on social media, Julia says, ‘I share all my nail looks on social media in hopes of inspiring others to do their own manicures at home or to show their nail tech for inspiration!’ And needless to say, Julia got so many of us inspired!

5. Polka Dot Nails

Who doesn’t love polka-dot nails? Super cute-looking rainbow polka dot nails by The Daily Nail got us in awe. Polka dots are quite the talk of the town and to get them in your manicure is quite effortless and beautiful. Try them out now! 

6. 3D Summers

If you love colourful, vibrant summer nails then this manicure by Tamami Page is your vibe. Originally from Japan, Tamami now lives in Utah and does nails. Talking about this manicure she tells us, ‘I love the colour palette that I used here for this manicure. It just screams summer and I love it! 

To achieve this look she used all gel products. “ I used the base by Luminary, the colours are by DND, Beetles, Luxa, gems from Amazon, and the top coat is by Presto.” Telling about her journey as a manicurist on social media, she says, “ Sharing on social media is so fun, I can meet new people from all over the world. I love to create something cute and unique. I love when people find my work on my page and use them as their inspo!”

7. Star Charms

We were pretty mesmerised by this minimalistic and elegant manicure by KP. This manicure is for everyone who likes subtle but wants to try something new without going overboard. The star adds a lot of beauty to this sophisticated manicure and it’s everything we love about this look! Our forever favourite which can be done on any occasion.

8. Oceanic Nails

We absolutely love these oceanic nails Rebekah Pritchard from the UK. With the experience of 15 years and being a brand ambassador for Magpie Beauty, Rebekah has a pandora of ideas and loves doing everything nails. While talking about this look, she tells us, ‘ The ocean was my inspiration behind this set. What I love the most about this look are the layers and depth. If you look closely you can see the overlap in colours and I find it mesmerising.” 

She used the Magpie Beauty watercolour pallet to create this look. ‘The base is my go-to Get a Grip Pink and Give Me Strength Rosa combo.’ She completed the look with top it off which is their clear shiny no wipe top coat. Talking about her journey on social media, she tells us, ‘I have been sharing my designs on social media for a few years now and absolutely love seeing people’s reactions to my work.’

9. Foresty Nails

Another one of our favourite manicures for you is by none other than Cindy Paola Nails. The colour palette is just gorgeous and we simply fell in love with how the gold complimented the look. If you want to try something unique and make your nails stand out, then this look is something you must try! 

10. Summer Solstice

Another fabulous nail inspiration which we absolutely adore is by Andréa Barbet (m.o.n.a.j ). A french nail artist with minimalist design inspirations and a short nails lover, she proved amazing nail inspiration for all her fans. Talking about the manicure and the inspiration behind it, she says, “this nail art is inspired by summer’s sunset to celebrate the most beautiful day of the year : summer solstice. I love the simplicity and symbols behind this low-key look!”

And needless to say, we love it too!

11. Pink Summers

Another favourite of ours is this summer vacation nail manicure by Syd (nailsbysmf ) from Florida. WHile talking about this look, she tells us, ‘French tips will always be my favourite, so I love that this look is a twist on the classic. I was inspired by the summer feeling! It always feels like summer in Florida so I love to wear bright and fun colours year round.’

To create this look, she used nail products from Gelcare.

It’s a beautiful manicure and must definitely try it out!

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