16 Last-Minute Halloween Recipes You Must Try!

The trick-and-treat season is here and we are all about making this Halloween spooky and tasty. Undoubtedly, Halloween is our favourite time of the year. The decorations, the treats, the costumes and the makeup, there is not a single thing about Halloween which don’t like. Although there are endless ideas of food to try this Halloween however, finding the right balance between taste and spook can be hard. Something you made can’t is tasty but not spooky enough just ruins the whole Halloween mood.

If you want to try something that is 100% Halloweeny and tasty, try these recipes we found for you. We tried and tested these recipes to make the job easier for you. They are the internet’s best of best Halloween recipes which you must try to take your Halloween game a level up!

1. Chocolate Orange Brownies

All eyes on you! 

The very special Chocolate Orange Brownie Recipe by Lauren (@atheletelunchbox) is everybody’s favourite of this season. And the little addition of eyes makes it perfect for the season. This Chocolate Orange Brownies Recipe is fairly simple and very delicious to make for this Halloween. These brownies are a perfect blend of taste and spook. The recipe for this brownie is one of the best we ever came across and something we strongly recommend trying. If you want to add a twist of spook to your normal brownies, then this recipe is a must-try for you!

2. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 

You cannot say no to the adorable looks and taste of these amazing Chocolate Sandwich Cookies by Madison (@thesqueakymixer). These sandwich cookies are easy to make with a brilliant taste that will become an instant hit. Trust us, if you taste one, you can’t stop yourself from another. And the Halloween-perfect spooky cookie cuts are easy to make, so don’t worry if you are not a pro, just like us. They are an absolute must-try!

3. Halloween Chocolate Bark 

If you are looking for something quick, easy yet super delicious then this Halloween Chocolate Bark by Kat (@thebakingexplorer) is the perfect recipe for you. It’s very tempting and hard to resist Chocolate bars which you can binge on before or even after Halloween. This absolute binge-worthy recipe is an absolute favourite of ours and something we strongly recommend trying!

4. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Gory is the vibe!

Who doesn’t like cupcakes especially when they are red velvet? And they are not your average cupcake, they have edible glass and fake blood to give them all the spook you need for this Halloween. The Red Velvet Cupcake recipe by Sawem Tounakti (@wemobakess) is not just delicious but a perfect treat for Halloween. The spluttered blood makes these extra Halloweeny. A must-try this Halloween season.

5. Oreo Pretzels

We heard you say simple and fun! We got you one!

Very fun, interesting and easy-to-make Halloween Treat Idea is by Kimberly (@charcuterie_n_things). The oreo pretzels by Kim are an absolute hit for Halloween. The tiny spiders you make with Oreos and pretzels will surely win many hearts. They look super adorably spooky and taste amazing. They are a perfect treat to make with your kids. They are a super easy and fun idea to try out this Halloween if you want to try something new, easy and tasty!

6. Biscotti Jack Skellington Cookies 

If you want to take your Halloween treat game up to a notch then you have to try these Biscotti Jack Skellington Cookies by Antonietta (@_thabakingiwtch). They are a superb choice for Halloween as they not only taste delicious but the Jack Skellington decoration gives it a perfect Halloweeny vibe to it. The hazelnut cream filling blends absolutely well with the cinnamon cookies. They are a must-try and something we highly recommend trying this season of Halloween. 

7. Pumpkin Spice Crunch

This recipe screams Halloween to us. The Pumpkin Spice Crunch by Tine Frost (@tine.prefers.chocolate) is one the most amazing recipe we could ever come to lacrosse this Halloween. They may look a little complicated to make but trust us they are not. Because if we could make it then anyone else could. And they taste absolutely delicious. They are very addicting and taste and something you will find reasons to make often even after the Halloween season. This a must-try recipe from us.

8. Halloween Plate Cut

This cute Halloweeny plate by Bianca (@biancalixandru) is one of our absolute favourites and we are totally obsessed with it. The bite-sized Halloween-worthy recipe is absolutely perfect for kids and everyone coming to your Halloween party. There is something for everybody on this plate and consists of spider eggs, mature witches and sandwiches decorated well to give them a complete Halloween vibe. It’s easy to make and absolutely brilliant idea to try this Halloween.

9. Skeleton Sticks

Halloweens are incomplete without skeletons and what if we bring the skeletons to your plate? This spooky scary Skeleton Sticks by MAMΓ‰ (@xoxomame) are perfect to match your Halloween mood. They are very easy to make and require just 3 ingredients. So if you want to try something new which doesn’t involve much hassle or would like to make something quick for the last minute or something that you can make with your kids, then this delicious recipe is for you!

10. Chocolate Caramel Bark

Chocolate and caramel are a match made in heaven. This chocolate caramel bark recipe by Babet (@oktoberdots) is one of the most delicious recipes we came across and an absolute must-try. The recipe has nuts in it which is a healthy touch given to this recipe and we stan than! The crunch of nuts compliments with chocolate and tastes absolutely brilliant. So if you are looking for something new, flavorful and a bit healthy, then this recipe is surely for you! 

11. Cinnamon Rolls

Every cinnamon roll lover raises her hand because Adrianna Ames (@oliveanddames) got a perfect recipe to make your simple boring looking cinnamon rolls a twist of spookiness. These Halloween-perfect cinnamon rolls are very easy to make and don’t take much time. The special bit of pumpkin butter on your rolls is very unique and has won our hearts. And if you are wondering how they taste, then let us tell you, they taste heavenly! So stop right there and try this brilliant twist of Halloween to your normal cinnamon rolls.

12. Dark Chocolate Dipped Apples

An apple for Halloween slays the game!

Out of many ways of using apples to make a delicious dessert, have you ever tried the most simplistic one? This Dark chocolate Dipped Apples by Ligia (@ligiasfreshbowl) do not need many ingredients and are super easy to make on Halloween. They taste absolutely brilliant and are something you should certainly try out if you are looking for a new recipe or something easy and quick for the last minute

13. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

They look cute, and adorable, and add a little bit of a spook to your Halloween. For a cute yet spooky Halloween, this Chocolate covered Strawberry by Sophia Assunta (@sophia.assunta) is a perfect treat. They are quick, easy and a delicious idea for your Halloween treats.

14. Goat Cheese Mummies

If you love cheese then you should definitely try these Goat Cheese Mummies by Korver Farms Charcuterie (@korvefarms). They are an absolute delight to the taste buds and a perfect treat to match your Halloween vibes. They are easy to make and involve no hassle at all. They’ll be ready even before you can think of it. With cheesy goodness, they are one of the must-try!

15. Rice Crispies

Who doesn’t enjoy munching on rice crispies? They are a perfect little binge-worthy snack which literally everyone loves without a doubt! But it’s Halloween season and simple can be boring. S its time to take your rise crispies game o another level and to help you with that, the amazing and simpler recipe by Kelsey Tavo (@kelseytavo) can come in handy. Try this brilliant version of Halloweeny rice crispies and believe us, you’ll fall in love with them!

16. Cheese and Chives Brooms

Another cheesy goodness is the recipe for Cheese and Chives Brooms by Sony Cook (@sony.cook) which we absolutely loved. These brooms will awaken your inner Harry Potter fangirl and taste absolutely magical. They are easy to make and super quick. They are a brilliant idea that you should try for Halloween.

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