9 Halloween Nail Inspo To Try This Season!

Halloween season is here and it’s time to spook up your manicure game. So if you are looking for some inspo for your Halloween manicure we’ve got you some of the internet’s best and unique nail inspo for you to try.

Check them out now!

1. Lil Ghosties

For a cute yet spooky combination, these cute lil ghosties by Lauren (spellbound.nailartistry) are a perfect manicure option for you to try. All the way from Sutherlands, England, Lauren, a self-taught nail tech, creates beautiful magic on the nails from her home-based salon. Speaking about the halloween season, she says, “Halloween nails are my absolute favourite to do! It’s a time of the year and people really want to go all out with fun nail art and get into the spooky spirit “ And we couldn’t agree more with her.

To achieve this look, she used the builder gels from Twenty which work great as a 2 in 1 base and colour along with Home of Nail Arts detail paint.

A definitely a manicure you must try!

2. Cute Spook

If you are looking for something that screams Halloween and looks cute at the same time then the manicure by Breasha thenailbomb_ is a great option for you. It has pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and pretty much all things Halloween in them. 

With over 10 years of experience in manicures, Breasha talks about her love for Halloween with us. “Halloween is my favourite time of year for nail art, so I love getting to do theme nails. And the matte texture and glow gives it the extra element. The fun iconic symbols of Halloween inspired this set!”

For this manicure, she used Synergy Hard gel by Young Nails for structure. Luxa glow gel polish. Young Nails Mission Control gel art paint. Breasha has been on social media sharing her creations for a while and she tells us how social media has evolved over the years but her priority is to keep her space positive and realistic, “I started sharing my creations on social media even before I got licensed to do nails because it was a fun artistic outlet for me! Once I got licensed, it became an excellent way to network and grow my clientele. Social media has evolved into its own beast now and not all of it is positive, but I do believe you get out what you put into it. So I always try and keep my content positive and realistic.”

3. Glow Scream Halloween

We cannot get over this spooky and screaming Halloween manicure by Laura ohmylorb who is a professional nail tech from Austin. And the best part is, these nails glow in the dark! We love how beautifully and thoughtfully this manicure is done to make it Halloween-y. 

To achieve this glow and create such beautiful nails, she used Kokoist gels, glow-in-the-dark powder, and holographic stars. Talking about social media she tells us how important it is for her to take pictures as a memory for all the wonderful nails she has created. “Since nails are such a temporary art form, taking a picture to save them is important to me. I love having a catalogue of all my designs so that clients can get a vibe of what nail art I’m capable of painting!”

Try them out now!

4. Slasher Nails

Hallowens are incomplete with some gore looks and this amazing slasher nail look is all about Halloween. This manicure by Nailedbyliv nailedbyliv___  is something you should try if you trying to keep it simple yet gearing up for the season!

5. Devils Says ‘Hi’

If you want to go all out with the theme of halloween without going for the most stereotypical things then you must try this manicure by Maria Quesada trueartistnails the founder of true nail artists. While talking about this look, she tells us, “It’s a fun funny take on a classic Halloween movie/look” To achieve this look she elaborates on her process and the products she used, “I painted along with @nailzbydev on her tik tok live and we painted this ghost face then I wanted to do the other fingers with a speech bubble with the famous WAZZZUUPP and I thought a pop art version would be cool and I haven’t seen it used in much Halloween art this season. “

Talking about her social media journey, she says, “I love sharing my art with the world I love the nail community! I first got into social media to gain clientele but now I’m a content creator and a brand ambassador so it’s definitely part of my job to post and create entertaining content!”

Take our words, it’s a must-have!

6. Pumpkin Nails

The spooky season is incomplete without some pumpkins and the most creative way of having pumpkin on your nails is done by catcreatesnails. The nails look absolutely gorgeous and are for everyone who wants to stay in the theme of Halloween but does not like being extra.

A definite must have!

7. Powepuff Nail

Okay! Hands down powerful girls have been our favourite since we were kids and anything to do with powerpuff girls is the opportunity to channel our inner blossom, bubbles and buttercup out. So here are these gorgeous powerpuff girl by Freya- Poppy sugar_rush_studios__  nails which are perfect for Halloween this season!

A must must have in our opinion!

8. Hippy Halloween

Another gorgeous manicure to go with the theme of halloween is none other than by Gerogrio gsbeautybase who is from South Wales, UK. With the experience of over 9 years as a nail tech, Georgio bought out Halloween with sophistication. Telling us about this manicure, she tells us “ Personally, my favourite thing about this look, it’s the burnt orange colour. It’s the absolute perfect burnt orange for a Halloween look. And there is so much to get inspired from!  My salon is always decorated for Halloween, so I’m always surrounded by inspiration if we need any! I posted this within the hour of taking the pics because I was OBSESSED! I’m glad everyone loves them as much as I do!”

To achieve this look, she used the products The Gel Bottle ‘Ignite’ along with ‘Cattail, Cocoa, and Almond’. These are natural nails created with BIAB shade 19. 

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